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Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score 1) 191

I do have the 'bad feeling' about the outcome. Then again, foreign markets will buffer their crash.

I'd be even more worried if I believed the average Chinese citizen had much money in their markets or banks. I know enough Chinese people to bet they've got as much of their net as hidden as possible, in tangible assets, preferably farmland. Maybe it's a stereotype...They bought up all the rental houses in Sacto 2-3 years ago. (Farming fat kids?)

Comment Re:Do the hard (and right thing) (Score 1) 293

people will want to live in place where they can get around fast and will not need a car

Speak for yourself: I have never wanted any such thing! Getting around without a car was what I did when I was a broke teen. How horrible. I want to live someplace I can get around fast in a car (ideally over 200 MPH).

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 2) 293

Why would you imagine a corporation "hoards" money? Corporations mostly spend any money they get on growth growth growth GROWTH AT ANY COST. During downturns the smarter companies may keep a little back to help survive, and buy up the ones who don't, but that beats random hire-then-layoff.

Minimum-wage employees almost always work in low-margin businesses, so when wages go up either prices go up, the business goes under, or the business automates. When prices go up, that's usually a very regressive tax, given shopping habits of the rich and poor, but that obviously looks like "economic growth" since, hey, prices went up.

Comment Best way to lose soul is to drive out source (Score 1) 293

Where does Seattle think the "soul" of a city comes from?

It comes somewhat from architecture, though that is just shape.

The main area where the soul of a place is from, lies in the businesses that are located there - and I'm specifically talking about the smaller local shops that provide maximum "flavor" to an area.

Those are EXACTLY the places driven to close by a minimum wage hike. They can no longer afford to pay workers, many of whom might have been teens - why should TEENS get $20/hour? They don't need to live on what they earn, they just need to earn a bit of money.

Seattle by passing the minimum wage hike has ensured they will become a soulless husk much faster than SF ever did (though one could argue the soul of SF is now embodied in urine, which will persist).

Many small quaint businesses in Seattle will close, replaced by Starbucks (the one place where I guess that is fine).

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 191

Google's self-driving cars are already being programmed to cheat a little on traffic laws - there was a /. story about that recently. I think autonomous cars will end up forcing changes in traffic laws in bigger ways, perhaps the first real re-think since cars became common. For example, once self-driving cars dominate, why have a government-imposed speed limit? The software will eventually become quite accurate in picking the max safe speed given 100 independent variables.

But bicyclists obeying the rules? Now you're off in fantasy land.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 0) 399

35x nearly-0 can still be nearly-0. It's not like cities that don't have smog today will start having it (especially given the emissions are already happening, and no one seemed to notice). OTOH, if you live in one of the handful of cities that still have a smog problem, not fixing this would certainly be a dick move.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 4, Insightful) 399

The hardware fix may well be a urea injector, like previous models used. That wouldn't have any material effect on performance or fuel economy. If the cost of adding it is paid by VW, there's no reason not to.

When the fix is mostly hardware modification, it's hard to blame the problem solely on software engineers!

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