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Comment Mocking headline not fooling anyone (Score 1) 640

Lovely 'mocking' headline to this story. I still use Windows 7. I have a laptop with 8 on it and I hate it. Windows 8 is a horrific mess. My main computer still runs and will continue to run Windows 7. I will build a computer this year and put Windows 7 on it. Microsoft knows it's Windows 8 is a dud and is racing to bring out the next operating system and meanwhile they have trolls like the submitter planting snide comments like this one as if we'll all be magically changed from a reality based view of Windows 8 to the fantasy view as the computer heaven it's advertised as.

Comment Looks like the Samsung model - works with iOS (Score 4, Interesting) 135

I liked the look and function of the recent Samsung model with the same rectangular screen and found that attractive but wouldn't get it since it didn't work with iOS and my iPhone. This one one looks like it takes care of that problem. Microsoft making something that works with iPhone out of the gate is a selling point and would seriously get me thinking to buy one. I run with my iPhone in my hand and keep track of my distance, speed and progress with the Nike+ on my iPhone and from what I've seen this unit. although it doesn't look like it has Nike+ working with it does look closer than anything else. Hey now, eventually there will be something that makes a fitness band/watch/smartwatch a must buy.

Comment Re:Hello Americans (Score 1) 340

A lot of us living here don't care about it either. At least the fireworks and traffic and picnics in the heat stuff. It's really something to avoid and to keep the pets from getting frightened over. Of course, I watched 1776 and Yankee Doodle Dandy as is my own tradition. :) Care about that part.

Comment I like the movie 'Star Wars' -not this renamed BS (Score 1) 457

You know, I didn't like it when the told me that Pluto wasn't a planet. I sure as heck didn't like when they said 'oops' there isn't any 'Brontosaurus' after I was taught about them from Kindergarten on forward that there was one and I sure as heck am not going to acknowledge the new name they gave to the original movie. Not only do they rename the darn thing but they also alter it with more cgi explosions and whatnot. You know the movie I liked was not on that list. The first movie, the one summer my brother and I and various friends spent scrounging up funds to get on the bus to go across town to go stand in line to see Star Wars as often as we could. Now everyone get off my lawn and don't touch my Brontosaurus lawn ornament.

Comment Re:9.1 (Score 1) 1009

The scientific study comes from the lack of sales. And I for one tried it and hate it completely. I got it on a laptop and had to find one of those after market things to make it usable. Maybe it works on a pad but it sure as heck doesn't work well on a desktop. And every single person I know hates the damn thing. And the computer I build this summer will have Windows 7 on it.

Comment Re:Drudge and other U.S. bloggers are next (Score 1) 349

Not that it matters any longer but the right to bear arms was related to the right of collective defense via the militia. You know, complete sentences and historical fact being what they are. Not that it matters, rational discussion has long since left the building on this and other subjects.

Comment Re:Oh waaa (Score 2) 166

What the heck does that mean? What are these 'Popular Science Rags' you're talking about? So anything that helps folks explore the wonder and intelligence of science is a 'rag' unless it does what? Unless it's incomprehensible to anyone but you? How is that helping anyone? It's hard enough getting some folks to even accept science and your attitude certainly doesn't help.

Comment I agree - what's the reason for this snobbery? (Score 1) 166

You know, some things are complicated - no kidding. But the ability to teach those things, even complicated concepts, means you should be able to translate that information to something your students can learn. In other words, if you can't explain it, you can't teach then you really don't understand it yourself. That could be the reason for these snarky comments.

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot, (Score 1) 166

Wow, even nerds and geeks can be bullies. Great. There is no call to make fun of someone for wanting to learn and someone who wants that learning in an interesting and digestible way. The main thing is a desire to learn. I'm also interested in seeing if there are other avenues for this sort of learning - so that makes me 'stupid' right? You're so smart.

Comment I blame Low Standards at Law Schools (Score 2) 327

Clearly the idiots in charge of this little corner of Soviet Russia don't clearly understand the law or the American Constitution. Bad Con Law Professors or a very lax grading curve for these Prosecutors and Judges. Just sad the state of legal education if they've let idiots like these be in charge of anything more important than dog licensing.

Comment I'd Put My List Ahead of Your List (Score 1) 272

Why does anyone want to put 'their' list of favorite Star Trek shows up? I either think you're a genius and as brilliant as me if you have the same likes and dislikes or I know you're a moron who has no clue as to the difference between good and bad television but either way you've watched too much reality TV where some idiot is thinking their opinion on anything from your dancing or your cooking, looks, makeup, or cake means anything other than to identify them as pretentious d bag and you as well.

Comment About Time (Score 0) 844

Dude is guilty, dude needs to stand trial and stay in prison if found guilty. Divulging secrets when you are in a position of trust is a serious matter, Manning did put lives in danger, might have directly had people murdered because of his actions. And if that is the case he needs to face the death penalty for his crimes. He very well may have decided to impose his own version of morality by his actions, the problem for him is that the world does not revolve around him and his decisions and actions will face the rules made for the rest of us.

Comment Calling it 'Multiverse Propaganda' is propaganda (Score 1) 387

Saying 'Multiverse Propaganda' is putting a judgment into the description thereby attempting to label the Theory you don't agree with as propaganda. This is Slashdot, not the Rush Limbaugh Comedy Show - most readers here can see that obvious bias and unsubstantiated claptrap on the face of it. It does not advance your argument nor does the 'more theory than fact' quip. It's a Theory dude, sorry if this theory is catching the imagination of people and is getting attention but that's how life goes. All that 'Black Hole' stuff was a theory as well and I do remember the folks whose brains had ossified objecting on much the same lines as you objecting. Very sad, especially when most folks will leave it as theory until something is proven one way or the other so all the ranting and slanted arguments on Slashdot you wish to engage in are pretty much a waste of time.

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