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Comment Re:Relevance? (Score 2) 158

What a lot of people fail to recognize about PHP when they rag on it is its immense framework support.

The problem is, the frameworks are awful too.

Having said that Node.js has taken over the relevancy of languages such as Ruby in later years (or competitors to PHP).

Yes, Node.js is a competitor to PHP in sheer misguided awfulness, and a bloody-minded insistence on doing everything in the worst possible way. But that is not, for most of us here, a reason to use it.

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 1) 117

But a person with either good vision or properly corrected vision has significantly better than 20/20 acuity.

What's more, we're sensitive to certain visual artifacts below the nominal limit of acuity, in some cases significantly below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

There's certainly a point of diminishing returns, but there's no hard line beyond which no improvements matter. (Or rather, there is, but it's far beyond the "retina" limit defined by Apple's marketing or 19th century opthalmologists.)

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 1) 117

Magazines print photos at an effective 300 dpi. Text is printed at a much higher resolution - 1200 dpi or more - because text at 300 dpi looks lousy.

So this phone is complete overkill for photos, but about right for text. At this resolution we might finally do away with font hinting and anti-aliasing.

Comment Re:Careful what you wish for... (Score 1) 686

It does not surprise me in the least to see that on a site that leans as hard to the right as slashdot, Hillary Clinton is winning this poll by a wide margin.

Slashdot? Lean to the right? Ahahahahaha!

The candidate who is gaining the most traction against her right now is Bernie Sanders.

Who is at least honest. A bumbling idiot, but an honest and well-meaning one. Hillary Clinton is intelligent, but has no other redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Even more so, if a socialist starts to get attention, then Americans might start to understand what socialism actually is

Socialism is ... running out of other people's toilet paper.

Look, unlike Bernie Sanders, we're not complete idiots. We know that socialism doesn't work, can't work, has never worked, and will never work. It's been tried. It failed. Move on already.

Comment Re:The embargo is not why they are poor (Score 1) 138

Having a government try to completely control an economy right down to owning all the businesses and land and deciding on everyone's employment and housing does lead to certain economic inefficiencies.

Catastrophic and insoluble ones, yes. J. B. S. Haldane (himself a communist) pointed that out as far back as 1926.

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