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Comment Build... or upgrade... or HP (Score 2) 321

There's nothing like getting exactly the parts you want, though that also comes with the risk of incompatibility. Also, as you upgrade you can potentially save money by reusing parts like the case, PSU, heatsink + fans, drives, cables and possibly even the Windows license.

However, if you're starting fresh and want to make things a little easier, consider that the graphics card is the only major difference between a gaming and non-gaming PC. Buying a decent desktop and adding upgrades (video card, decent PSU, possibly a SSD) will often be cheaper and more reliable than assembling everything from scratch.

If you're not experienced assembling and troubleshooting PCs at all, consider one of the frequent 'HP Envy Phoenix' deals. For the past six months they've been selling very decent gaming rigs for below the cost of components; for instance, a couple weeks ago they were offering a system complete with i7-4790K and GTX 980Ti for ~$970, which is about what you'd pay for those two parts alone. Check Slickdeals or your favorite deal site for more information.

Comment Re:Hopefully this is temporary (Score 1) 195

Yeah, the new update supports activation directly from Windows 7/8 keys instead of needing to be installed on top of an existing 7/8 to activate the first time. Word is there's a problem with some PCs that have Win8 keys stored in the BIOS; the new installer is reading the key but then activating Windows 10 Embedded/IoT instead of the correct edition.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted about this (Score 2) 104

It will definitely be interesting to see the state of PCs in five years, with Google pushing Android everywhere now. Android has enough of a software library to be usable for a lot of people, even a decent selection of games; lacking the Wintel tax, dirt cheap boxes could finally fulfill the Chromebook's goal of stealing the low-end home PC market from Microsoft.

The business market isn't quite as sewn up by Microsoft as it used to be, with the BYOD and cloud movements pushing a lot of applications off the desktop. IBM is moving to Macs and Office is now available for almost any platform; soon we'll reach the point where rank-and-file office users can use pretty much cheap box with a mouse and keyboard.

On the other hand, Microsoft is repositioning themselves toward the profitable high end with the recent rise of premium 'Ultrabooks'; historically this market has been Apple's domain, but Apple seems to have grown complacent in their profits and their PC lines are overpriced and lagging on updates. Still, with $200B in cash Apple could do pretty much anything they wanted if they felt the need.

Again, the next five years will be interesting.

Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised by this? (Score 1) 144

Not necessarily more work. I would presume Siri, like Watson, is divided into many algorithms that answer different types of questions. Apple probably set up a new "Apple Music" algorithm that handles every aspect of finding and playing music, and it was easier to block non-subscribers' access entirely than to dig into the decision trees and individually block every action related to playing a song.

Now that people are making a fuss, they'll probably go back and rework things.

Comment Re:...hours? (Score 0) 167

If an accident happens, the AP1000 will shut itself down without needing any human intervention (or even electrical power) within the first 72 hours. What’s more, only a small amount of water transfer (about ten garden hoses worth) is necessary after that to keep the reactor stable.

I guess it helps when I RTFA.

Still, supplying "ten hoses' worth" may not be so easy in the case of a contaminated site and/or natural disaster.

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