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Comment Re:Only in the US then? (Score 0) 222

Amazon's problem is that Apple and Google want a cut of in-app digital purchases. Amazon has refused so far, going so far as to violate the ToS and have their apps removed from the App Store and Play Store.

This move is just a new attempt to negotiate lower IAP royalties. If that fails, it's possible Amazon may release an AppleTV app with the same restrictions as their current iOS app, which can play but not purchase videos. Worst case, AirPlay from a iOS device still works fine with no loss in image quality.

Comment Re:Unauthorized Teardown (Score 1) 366

It wasn't that they tore the thing apart, it's that they published said teardown on their web site.

In exchange for pre-release hardware you have to sit on any reviews, teardowns, unboxing videos or other public commentary until the release date. That's just how it works.

iFixit admits they violated their agreement with Apple. Apple didn't sue them or anything particularly nasty, they simply disabled their developer account which unfortunately was also the account iFixit used for their app.

Now iFixit will probably apologize to Apple until they get they get their account reinstated, and hopefully a few people will have learned that NDAs actually mean something.

Comment Re:But Star Trek! (Score 4, Interesting) 41

I don't know, Star Trek suggests to me that starships typically have a crew of around seven people:
* Captain
* First Officer
* Helmsman
* Chief Engineer
* Science Officer
* Doctor
* Security Officer

...and also a bunch of passengers who walk around the ship carrying tablets, pressing buttons, and getting themselves killed in interesting ways.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 2, Insightful) 229

1. You can buy a new Mac plus iPhone for half that. Replace the iPhone with an iPod Touch or iPad to save a few hundred more. Used devices also work fine.

2. With minor tweaking you can get OS X running in a VM, use XCode's iOS simulator to do most of your development testing, and invite friend(s) with iOS devices to do on-device beta testing.

3. Then again, if you have no interest in owning or using an Apple product, it's probably best you don't develop for the platform.

4. http://www.penny-arcade.com/co...

Comment Re:On the other hand... (Score 3, Insightful) 70

There are several potential reasons for high average speeds, including:

* The country has built an excellent LTE network.

* The network is underutilized because LTE phones or plans are expensive or not yet widely adopted.

* The network has limited coverage; a country with fast LTE in cities and 2G in sparser districts will counterintuitively have a higher average LTE speed than another country with fast LTE in cities and slower LTE in the back country.

* The country is as a whole densely populated with few rural areas pulling down the average speed.

In short, 'average LTE speed' is a rather useless datum without the necessary context.

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