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Comment Strange comparison (Score 1) 476

Rather like apples and oysters, these two. Both do CAS but in very different ways. It seems like test parameters could easily be skewed to give one an advantage. Also, the A-10 has the home team advantage because of more mature tactics/doctrine. In any event, it seems silly to choose one over the other as they have such different roles.

Then again, the USAF is looking for any excuse to kill the A-10. Sadly, the A-10 is dying because it bridges the Air Force and Army and neither side wants to pay for it; each claims it belongs in the other's bailiwick. The Warthog is too good a plane to lose to infighting; they should just bring back the Army Air Corps and be done with it.

Comment About that (Score 5, Insightful) 286

a user who admits to having had an affair after meeting a woman on the site and who is now worried about the fallout, which he said could endanger his happily married life with his wife and kids.

I think you accomplished that all on your own, sir.

P.S. With so much personal info floating around the Internet, what's to stop scammers from creating fake profiles and going after anybody?

Comment Re:Pricey (Score 1) 109

Why not just save several thousands dollars and walk the cord over and plugin yourself

Yeah, yeah, bulky cables blah blah. The real reason is there were robotic gas/hydrogen/fusion stations in BTTF2, so get with the program we have to build it because 2015 is a theme year

Now if you'll excuse me, the Ayatollah wants to take my order.

Comment Re:Just in time (Score 5, Informative) 68

The article is bunk; the Lexus hoverboard works not via opposing magnets but the Meissner effect (a superconductor excluding magnetic fields). Orientation isn't important; you could flip it upside down, turn the board on its side, flip the *track* upside down (if the field is strong enough), and it will hang in place in exactly the way your brain says it shouldn't.

However, the main flaw with this and the Hendo hoverboard is control; you're essentially riding an air-hockey puck. You can't effectively steer by leaning, and good luck kicking off without sending yourself spinning.

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