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Comment: Re:Reasonably, how long would a solar eclipse last (Score 1) 65

Probably between one and several hours. Half the moon might have an extra long night every month, but the planet would retain enough heat that it shouldn't threaten the biosphere.

Well, except for the hordes of flying monsters thirsty for blood that emerge every eclipse...

Comment: Re:Shaped like speaker cable (Score 5, Informative) 191

by ChipMonk (#47659193) Attached to: Reversible Type-C USB Connector Ready For Production
It has to do with exactly *how* the connections are made as the plug is inserted. Ground/common so static can dissipate, then data/signal, then power last. Each line connects only to its corresponding line in the other piece. A 3.5mm plug doesn't provide that kind of "signal safety"; at some point, it's possible the power on one side would touch the ground on the other, and put a charge into the device before it was fully plugged-in.

Comment: how dark can it be on the ISS? (Score 0) 106

by ChipMonk (#47633707) Attached to: Study Finds That Astronauts Are Severely Sleep Deprived
If it isn't really dark, with all the indicator lights extinguished, how well can one expect to sleep? Even a single blue power light on a PC is enough to interfere with REM. And, if the windows aren't totally blacked, having a sunrise-sunset every 45 minutes can't help, either.

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