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Comment: Re:kessel run (Score 1) 92 92

For once he was cleverer than we give him credit for:


Fast ship? You've never heard of the
Millennium Falcon?

Should I have?

It's the ship that made the Kessel
run in less than twelve parsecs!

Ben reacts to Solo's stupid attempt to impress them with
obvious misinformation.

Comment: Re:Uh oh...Batman becomes real? (Score 1) 40 40

Unless you're sleeping in a dormitory they don't need directionality; the phone can assume any fluctuation (doppler/impluse response/etc) comes from your movement.

The phone's tiny speaker and mic can probably reach 20-24khz, which is *barely* ultrasonic but outside most human hearing. Your pets may no longer want to sleep with you, however.

Comment: Not the whole story (Score 5, Interesting) 204 204

Geekbench's own numbers put the iPad Air at 4528, only 10% off the i5. Which is astounding, because five years ago Intel's ULV CPUs were hitting 2000-2500 on the same benchmark while Apple's new A4 was 200.

The flagship ARM CPUs cost a tenth as much as Intel's chips, consume a fraction of the power, and have been roughly doubling performance every year while Intel has virtually plateaued*. If that trend continues, by the end of this year they'll have surpassed Intel on virtually every metric.

Of course, AMD reached pole position a decade ago until Intel's Core 2 decisively took back the lead. Intel may repeat history with Skylake; if not, the computer world could get a lot more interesting over the next few years.

(*on clock speed and IPC they're been scarcely improving 10% a year; IPW is increasing somewhat faster but still well behind ARM designs)

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