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by sillybilly (#47905509) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery

Because renewable energy lacks a good carrier - such as gasoline, diesel, propane, sugar, fat, li-ion battery. Usually the way they get the energy required to pump oil out of the ground, is by burning some oil to run the equipment, and you talk about the concept of net energy gain. In case it takes 90% of a barrel of oil worth of pumping to squeeze out 100% of one barrel from the ground, your net energy gain is 10%, and it may not be worth it. However, with renewables, which are kinda like free in the desert, and you don't have a good way to transport it away from there, but you can use them exclusively to run your equipment and do the net energy of extraction at 100%.

Renewable energy would be great if you had a good carrier for it. They talk about the hydrogen economy, but it's not gonna fly far. I talk about the ammonia economy - tag the hydrogen onto nitrogen, that's plentiful, easy to come by, unlike the only 0.03% CO2 in the atmosphere, from which to extract the carbon and turn it to hydrocarbon - you have to process a humongous amount of air to get any carbon out of it, that you could turn into hydrocarbons as the renewable energy carrier.

By the way my karma instantly went bad, things that were modded +3 Funny, got modded -1 offtopic or -1 troll, so they only let me post 10 posts per day under this ID, and I'd have to go Anonymous Coward for more. I like to have people that read one of my postings, dig through my other postings too.

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by SuperKendall (#47903291) Attached to: Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports

I've kept a number of different iPhones in pockets with keys for years, zero scratches. I've not seen an iPhone screen witch scratches (cracks if it's dropped, yes, but not scratches).

Also, they HAVE used Gorilla Glass. In fact I'd imagine the newer ones ALSO use Gorilla Glass, they just aren't saying that (which they did not in the past also).

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It would take me a whole year to just read through them 450,000 patent titles, let alone comprehend their meaning, let alone read their text, let alone comprehend their intent, let alone debate in my mind of the validity of any claims. Anything you do in this world might infringe on someone's patent, in fact they can submarine patents under that flood of patents, it's easy to hide something new that wasn't there before, pretending it was issued years ago, right when you do something brand new that has never been done before, and they wanna come harass you to stop doing it. Even if their patent does not apply, they can take you to court and then it's a game of who's got the deeper pockets to fight a patent battle, not a game of who's right who's wrong. I say fuck patents completely, abolish the patent system, it has degenerated into absolute waste of everybody's time and money. Go back to the nomadic intellectual property ways of 1500, and keep trade secrets if you feel like you need to. Which you can do even today anyway, with patents.

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I bought that stupid house at a public auction. It was good enough for me, even if the city thinks it's not appropriate for me, and knocked it down for me, it did not live up to their standards of luxury. If anybody had a problem with me buying it at too low a price, they were welcome to show up at the auction and pay more, but other than that I care not about level of luxury as long as it's a roof over my head that keeps the rain out, and my most important luxury item is keeping my own bank account balance above zero, unlike the government that has run rampant with destruction, dragging other people into debt by charging them for that destruction, and unable to keep their own bank account balance above zero. Fuck the government, take the money from one guy, kill him with it, give it to another welfare recipient to breed out of control and vote you down at elections. Time for some tea bagger party motherfuckers that cut the government cancer out of everyday people's life.

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Except I cannot purchase a money order at an ATM, without talking to a teller. And my landlord has the habit of sitting on checks for a whole fucking year, before it hits my bank account, and plays this cat and mouse game or memory, see how much you can remember, what checks you wrote out 6 months ago. So I get a money order, it instantly gets deducted, and I send it off to him in the mail, just like it says in the rental contract, which specifies mailed payments, not paypal or anything like that. And I told him if he don't get the money orders, and fails to inform me, it's on him, I'm not writing them out again for a whole year, unlike when he sits on un-cashed checks, and hammers my account after a year. It also says in the contract I can't touch the furnace, can't modify things in the house, landlord cuts the grass but does not shovel snow, and he has not increased the rent for 7 years, unlike in a lot of other places you move into with yearly leases and yearly increases. He was still happy when I told him the city knocked my junk house down with an excavator, he said it's amazing how quickly they get that stuff done. Yeah, it's fucking amazing how I have to keep paying him rent, it must be very amazing to him.

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Obama accomplished something. He got elected as a colored person, and got reelected too. He also brought some troops home. And he cares, true he may care more about blacks than whites and discriminates that way, but in general he cares about everybody, even is he's clumsy in the way he goes about it. It's not easy to do the right thing at the top when you don't know what the right thing is and nobody knows. I mean you may think you know, and even be certain about it, and then you need to review why the Oracle at Delphi told Socrates he was the wisest man alive.

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by sillybilly (#47901291) Attached to: Congress Can't Make Asteroid Mining Legal (But It's Trying, Anyway)

I signed a land purchase contract that explicitly transferred mineral rights, and I did not really care, I mean I do, but what I really needed was a tranquil living space. At the county they hold the documents they don't make public the records, and you have to walk into their office, through a metal detector, and any hard copy or printed proof you want to take away they make you pay for it. It's not possible to research the history of a piece of land without going bankrupt over the fees if the history is littered through and through with documents, going back all the way to the Native Americans. In a lot of countries whoever owns title owns the land, and if they own it by mistake, and someone else should have it, that someone else can get monetary compensation from the government, but they do not reverse title. In the US you buy what's called "Title Insurance" which is a major ripoff, but at least it's a one time fee only for a one time service, that is, someone at the private title insurance agency digs through the land records, and if they don't luck out in finding anything nasty, they will insure the title, as a gamble, on your named amount. There is always a chance that a record was missed, especially when they play hide and seek with you on the computers, so even if you sit at the county office, and thoroughly examine all the records, and even pay the staff there to do the search for you, with consideration, there is a way to submarine a fake, ancient document, from say 1834, that voids the validity of all the rest of the title transfer deeds ever since then, and under this system of land purchases with hide and seek, nonpublic county land records, all you're purchasing is pretty much air. And if you purchase title insurance in a given amount from an insurance corporation, nothing guarantees that that corporation won't take your money, pocket it, then simply go out of business and restart as a new one. Kinda like lifetime dialup ISP's in the 90's were. For $99 one time fee, we give you a lifetime dialup internet acccess. You know how that pyramid scheme works? They take your 99 dollars, give you internet for a couple months, pay the CEO millions in salaries, take up all kinds of business loans from banks, then simply go bankrupt, out of business, and restart a new business. Wash, rinse, repeat, take your money and run with it, is what land title insurance companies are too. So all you're buying when you buy a title to a land is air, hocus pocus. What else can you do though? How can you find yourself a place to live in peace, as the nearest communist public lands, that are nobody's private property, called state parks or natural reservations, maybe half a state across from you, where you can go and just be with any right, other than that everything else is private property, and you don't have the right to be present there, including you don't have the right to sleep in your car at a 24x7 Walmart parking lot, if Walmart says so on a displayed banner right under the parking lot cameras.

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by sillybilly (#47900649) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros

Dude, every single version of windows is built to be a security hole on purpose, just so we can sell you a new version that's "more secure" tomorrow. Upgrade upgrade upgrade. Money makes the world go round. Why would they make a perfect operating system with no security issues? People would never buy it again and again. That'd be like making a car that lasts forever - the car business would be out of work. We gotta make crap on purpose, so we can keep selling it, and keep busy making it. Without a job how are you gonna pay rent? If you make a perfect car that lasts forever, when you're 20, what will you make when you're 50, if nobody buys it, cuz their old car is still good? And then what do you with all your free time? The biggest devastation to the native americans was the Sun Dogs - horses. With horses they could hunt and gather their whole year's worth of food supply in like 3 weeks - something that used to take up all their time before - and had the rest of the 52 weeks to piss around and get bored. What they ended up doing is fighting each other's tribes, like heroes, usually the women drove the men to do it, they always wanted more stuff, wanted what the other tribe had, and the men followed their wishes, or button pushes.

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