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Comment: Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (Score 1) 1168

Actually, I do, which is why I find the screenshot questionable - the only way to get such as screen in that exact format would be to deliberately try and hide your tracks (logging out, clearing the search bar before taking the screenshot, etc). Deliberation implies intent.

Or someone that opened the profile of the person sending the tweets (no search needed) who opened a "private window" to see it without revealing their personal info. Yes, it takes "forethought" but took me about 2 seconds to do (two clicks, once you are looking at an "offending" tweet).

Comment: Re:Extraordinary rendition (Score 1) 204

by dgatwood (#47786709) Attached to: US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process

That's a pretty scary abuse of power. By Canada. Diverting the plane to Canada was okay, because the U.S. has jurisdiction over what air traffic may enter its airspace. However, the Canadian government had no legitimate legal right to arrest any person so diverted, because as a passenger on an international flight, he did not legally enter Canada, and a landing forced by the inability to reach your destination due to circumstances beyond the pilot's control constitutes an emergency landing, which is subject to various legal protections in all civilized countries.

Unfortunately, I've read that the Canadian government did a lot of that sort of thing for international passengers diverted on 9/11, too. Apparently Canada has little respect for international law regarding air travel—specifically, Articles 5 and 25 of the Chicago Convention (of which Canada was originally a signatory, but later withdrew from).

What the U.S. did was rather bizarre, but legal. What Canada did was unconscionable. Want to ensure that this never happens again? Write your MPs and demand that Canada re-sign the International Air Services Transit Agreement (IASTA).

Comment: Re:Loose Lips Sinik Ships (Score 1) 204

by dgatwood (#47786137) Attached to: US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process

The criteria themselves should not be secret. The details of what actions meet the criteria might be. Of course, once a person is dead, there's likely no reason to keep that person's details secret. So they should disclose the way that the guy who was fighting against us in Iraq got on the no-fly list. Wait, what? He wasn't on the list? Seriously? Then what the f*** good is it?

Comment: Re:Amazon riding rough over industry? One recourse (Score -1, Troll) 74

by SuperKendall (#47786125) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Hey retard, are you making a career of utterly missing a point or what? Yes the kindle is on multiple platforms, DUH DUH DUH.

What that does not help you with at all is that time ten years hence when no competition remains even on niche platforms, and Amazon decides the price should really be 10 what you are paying now...

Good luck with your plan of reenforcing a dangerous monopoly!

Comment: Re:Amazon riding rough over industry? One recourse (Score 0, Flamebait) 74

by SuperKendall (#47785807) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

When I can read my Apple eBooks on anything other than an IOS device

You can also read it on any Apple computer.

The point is there was competition, without competition consumers eventually suffer. it doesn't matter if that competition is on devices from a particular company.

It's a shame you are too short sighted to understand this simple fact. You are the very definition of the phrase "those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it".

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by AK Marc (#47783985) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Both in Korea and in Vietnam, there were plenty of Soviet advisors in the communist forces, and in some cases they were troops actively engaged in fighting - in particular, fighter pilots were often Soviets. So yes, US and Soviet troops did actually shoot directly at each other as part of Cold War.

Not in the minds of those ordering the fighting. When a Soviet killed an American in Vietnam, the NVA did it. The Soviets weren't shooting at us, the NVA/VC was shooting at the South Vietnamese. It just happened that the NVA shooting was Soviet, and the South Vietnamese army member killed was American.

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