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Comment: Re:not the first time (Score -1) 90

by sillybilly (#49169867) Attached to: Photo First: Light Captured As Both Particle and Wave

If you could create partial wave function collapses, or partial interactions, in that a particle spread out to the other end of the galaxy interacts with something there partially, without fully collapsing the whole wave function there, and based on that interaction whatever is left over over here would have different leftover properties, then superluminal velocity communication would be possible, even if matter and energy transport such as a ship would still be stuck limited by the speed of light. As in, your body and ships could get around only so fast, but you could do communication like telepathy instantly back and forth to the other branches of this galaxy without a lag that interaction via transmitted and modulated photons and the like would suffer from. Have they ever come across partial wavefunction collapses, that leave the quantum wave's ("quantum particle's") state tainted? If you could figure out how to trigger a collapse reproducibly, including how to trigger a partial wavefunction collapse, reproducibly, than watch the other collapse transmit data that way, you would break the speed limit of light on communications like Internet and satellite. Who likes speed limits anyway?

PS. Sigh, I only get 2 posts per day so I have to save it in a text file and wait for the time before I can post other than anonymous coward. But the above are some more ideas I had when I wrote that other post. I'm out of that train of thought now, other than, imaging ping times of 2 milliseconds to Pluto and playing an Internet game with them, or 2 millisecond ping times to Alpha Centauri or halfway across the galaxy. Would be nice, right? Reality shows, video conversations, etc. For now a roundtrip pingtime from Earth to Sun is 16 minutes, and if there were a spaceship near opposite of Earth in the same orbit as Earth, it would have an Internet ping time of 32 minutes. I'm too lazy to look up Mars, but for now you can't really play an online game with people from Mars, other than a correspondence chess, where you mail the next move, it arrives in an envelope, they look at it, and then mail you back a move. People used to play chess like that.

Comment: The benefit is far more than marketing (Score 1) 46

by SuperKendall (#49169823) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?

We're skeptics because we see right through marketing drivel. Some technology makes sense. Some, like mobile payments, serves no practical purpose for the average consumer.

I can see why you posted AC, you were wouldn't want anyone to think you were really that stupid, right? Just trolling with an over the top utterly absurd statement, right?

I mean, replacing credit card numbers that have literally affected millions of average consumers through POS breeches, with a system just as easy to use as a CC only now the merchant never gets your card number to leak... or your name if you don't want to share it, or your drivers license number to stalk you with later (since many places rightfully ask for ID with a credit card).

I mean, there's no way anyone who can even log into Slashdot could possibly see all those things as having no benefit to everyone, much less the average consumer... right? Right?

Comment: The real morale of the story (Score 1) 28

Morale: gloomy


That doesn't mean you should never contribute to hardware kick starters. It's a good idea to carefully examine what they have done before to see if they can handle making the new thing...


Sometimes, it's just plain good to kickstart something even if it looks unlikely they will reach the goal. I would argue that is what happened in this case, because they found out a LOT about making this thing a lot of people want, and are sharing what they found. Eventually the thing people really wanted may well get made. If I had contributed to this Kickstarter (I did not) I wouldn't be mad, just a bit sad it didn't go through.

Comment: Danger (Score 1) 60

by SuperKendall (#49169569) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown

9% of people don't care. I set up my mother's computer with the OS on C and everything else

She sure will care if there's every a problem (and there will be a problem) with one of those drives.

As a rule of thumb it's way better not to double someones possible failure rates if they don't know themselves how to recover from it...

I've spent my life helping people get set up technically so they never need to talk to me again - at least not about their systems. It creates a lot less work for yourself, unscheduled works that generally comes at very bad times.

Comment: Mismatch (Score 1) 60

by SuperKendall (#49169267) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown

SSD for boot/OS/swap, and slow spinner for data gives 99% of the performance for 99% of people.

That would be great except 99% of people don't want more than one disk.

Hell, *I* don't want more than one disk, and I can ably manage them. But there's no way I can afford the SSD it would require to store everything I have (never mind the backups).

Comment: Re:Answers for both (Score 1) 229

by SuperKendall (#49169245) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

Then you're extremely lucky, I've had iOS hard lock when dogfooding apps fairly frequently

So have I, that's when I use the device reset (some combination of buttons, forget what) and it reboots in seconds.

I've never needed to drain the power to 0, no matter how bad the failure was (and they can be really bad on beta versions of iOS combined with writing apps).

Comment: Re:Interesting idea, nasty downsides (Score 2) 60

by AK Marc (#49169107) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown
I've worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies. All used spinning tape. And nearly everywhere I've worked has used tape. It's cheaper and easier to buy tapes. You sound like a salesman, but I've never seen the numbers work for an off-site storage, Tapes are cheaper than hard drive storage, and more controlable (having them physically stored where you want, restoring only what you want, good for lawsuits).

Comment: Re:Interesting idea, nasty downsides (Score 1) 60

by AK Marc (#49169055) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown
SSD for boot/OS/swap, and slow spinner for data gives 99% of the performance for 99% of people. And cheap spinners are much cheaper than cheap SSDs. Sadly, there was a time, 2-5 years ago when you could find laptops with spare mSATA slots, and a spinner in them. Put an SSD in the mSATA slot, and biggest drive possible in the spinner slot, and get huge storage for cheap cost.

Though, one of the ones I got then, had the mSATA already holding a 20GB SSD, set up as a cache for the slow spinner. It runs surprisingly well, especially if you run the same things repeatedly. 100% of the performance of SSD for 95% of what you do. And cheaper than the 256GB/1TB I am running in my laptop.

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