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by mjwx (#47905057) Attached to: 3D-Printed Car Takes It's First Test Drive

I figured as much; but don't knock that. Talk to anybody who has wrecked the plastic on their sport motorcycle. If you could print that stuff at a reasonable price, that wold be HUGE.

Not just motorbikes. Today I noticed another scratch on my quarter panel (Perth, this is why we cant have nice things). If I knew I could replace the thing for less than $100 I wouldn't care so much (then again, the people who think it's OK to bang their door carelessly against my car might become even more reckless).

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by mjwx (#47904983) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

If bigot Yankees wouldn't have started to teach Creationism at school, or open the Creation Museum, or all the bizarre stuff I periodically read about religion in the US, maybe atheists would not have felt the need to "fight back" in that way...

The Creation Museum was founded by an Australian.

Not any more... he had to give up his Australian citizenship to get US citizenship.

He's your nutbar now.

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Sorry this whole story is some attempt to fill a boring summer void.

The pedant in me desperately wants to point out that Spock is half human and feels emotions too.

The pendant in me desperately wants to point out that the Vulcans have emotions, they just control (suppress) them and because of his Vulcan upbringing, Spock learned to do the same.

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by mjwx (#47904903) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

I think part of what you're pointing out is that atheism is not a belief system, and so people shouldn't expect atheists to all think the same way or believe the same things.


People who dont understand what the word "atheism" means dont know that atheism describes everyone from the non-religious to LeVayan Satanists to Buddhists (yep, Buddhism is an atheist religion, they dont believe in a god or gods).

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by mjwx (#47904881) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Exactly. I get so tired of being asked "Then what *do* you believe?" with the emphasis on the do. My usual response is "Concerning what?" And there the questioner typically falters because they simply cannot wrap their minds around divorcing that question from some supernatural belief.

By all means, not all religious people are like that. My ex's father was a prof emeritus with five friggin' degrees in theological studies and we got along and understood each other just fine. He was, however, exceptional.

People who spend a lot of time studying beliefs are the ones that are typically most accepting of others who dont share their beliefs. Its the lay preachers and blind believers that are intolerant of any viewpoint except their own. I think this is because they haven't thought about why they believe what they believe and find any idea that challenges their blind adherence to be uncomfortable and must be silenced.

A theist who commits themselves to study their own faith will find the flaws of it pretty quick. This does not mean they'll stop believing, but it makes them more rational when dealing with people who dont share their faith.

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Regardless of guilty or not he was using the equipment outside of the allowed operating parameters. You can't take a tank for joyride, borrow an automatic rifle to go varmant hunting at your rural property, or misuse military computers.

The question for the masses, is this worse than committing the military network to working on folding-at-home or bitcoin production?

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by petes_PoV (#47903081) Attached to: KDevelop 4.7.0 Released

It's something that's general knowledge for the majority of Slashdot readers

Nope. I've never even heard of it - and having read that announcement I'm still no clearer what it is, what it does or whether I should be interested in it.

However, it's not alone. There is a huge amount of FOSS that has an entire "front" web page that tells people in exquisite detail what changes have been made, who contributed, how others can get involved and what bugs are outstanding without ever mentioning what the hell the project does, or what benefits it brings the world. This just adds one more to the tally.

It may be the best thing since sliced bread, but until these projects extract their collective heads and start addressing the billions of people outside their closed, little development communities, no-one will ever know,

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by guruevi (#47902531) Attached to: Indian Mars Mission Has Completed 95% of Its Journey Without a Hitch

Indians have a great standard of living... if you belong to the right caste. The problem with India's poverty is not wealth or politics, it's religious. Regardless, India has a better health care system than the US and better Internet connections.

Going to space brings about jobs and wealth. Going to war costs jobs and wealth. At least they've got their priorities straight.

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