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Comment As an Aussie, I understand why they are doing this (Score 1) 307

There is a BIG problem in the state of New South Wales with criminals getting hold of guns and using them as part of crimes.
Violent criminal gangs in particular are causing major issues (and shooting each other up all the time).

The new law has nothing to do with wanting to put the 3D printing genie back in the bottle and everything to do with making it harder for these criminal gangs to get more guns to shoot people with.

In addition to banning 3D printed guns, the law also increases the penalty for tampering with serial numbers and identification marks on firearm barrels, extends the penalty to other gun parts (not just barrels). It also does some stuff to penalties for possession of such parts. And it strengthens the penalties for using, supplying, acquiring or possessing a stolen gun (or gun parts).

Oh and the ban doesn't just cover 3D printer plans, it covers plans for use with milling machines and other things too (i.e. any digital plans that can be used to make guns or gun parts are covered)

Comment Re:Cut off ISIS oil sales (Score 1) 274

We dont need the ISIS oil, crude oil prices are at record lows and there is more than enough supply from all the many many other places we can get oil from.

And if you do it right (e.g. covert ops and precision attacks rather than large scale bombing) you can take out the infrastructure and stopping the exports without harming the oil wells directly.

Comment Re:Cut off ISIS oil sales (Score 1) 274

Why dont they just add "oil infrastructure" to the list of targets they are taking out in the IS controlled territory? Drop a few bombs on whatever infrastructure IS are using get their oil out to these middlemen. If IS cant get the oil out, they wont be able to sell it and will be cut off from a big source of financing.

Comment Re:GOVERNMENT's commitment? (Score 1) 109

We should be completly replacing fossil fuels of all kinds in electricity generation. Replacing power plants that run on coal with power plants that run on coal gas is like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, it doesn't do a thing to stop climate change.

We should be replacing the fossil fuel with modern safe generation IV nuclear reactor designs (that includes breeder reactors and spent-fuel reprocessing to reduce the amount of waste that we have to store at the end of it all), solar thermal plants, geothermal plants, biofuel plants and tidal/wave plants. All of these technologies are more than just blueprints or thought bubbles in some lab somewhere, all of them can generate baseload power 24/7/365 and all of them are better for the planet than anything running on fossil fuels.

Comment Re:major fail upgrade (Score 1) 181

http://blog.ultimateoutsider.c... seems to be a good way to stop the update from installing by mistake whilst still allowing you to have Windows Update set to "automatically install everything"
Saying no to kb3035583 (and setting it to "hide this and dont install it") also helps stop Windows 10 from being installed.

Comment Several big websites get poor grades (Score 1) 25

Why is it that Google (a company that no doubt employs some very smart people) cant fix (one of the most popular sites on the entire internet) so it gets an A grade from this SSL test?
YouTube (another Google asset) also gets a similarly poor grade.

In fact every Google-owned domain I tested ALL get the B grade. Does Google not have any people on staff who understand SSL security?

Comment Re:Nets... (Score 1) 156

The problem with nets is that the area you need to cover is massive.

I did some measuring on Google Maps of the US federal prison outside Atlanta (just as an example) and the space inside the main fence is equivilant to over 21 NFL football fields in area.

Now I dont know how much netting costs these days but even at the bulk buy cheap pricing the government would be getting it at, 1214732.80sq ft worth of netting is a LOT of money.

Comment Re:Working as designed (Score 1) 349

Having airport screening under the control over the government instead of the airports or airlines is good. Spending all this money on expensive kit that doesn't actually pick up weapons any better than the old kit did is not. (forcing other countries to spend money on the same expensive kit or be shut out of the global air transport system is even worse)

Comment Re:Poorly? Not so. (Score 1) 130

The reason many people hate systemd so much is that it goes against the core philosophy of Unix as originally thought up by Ken Thompson all those years ago.

The philosophy of having programs that do one thing and one thing only but do it right.

There is no reason you cant have a modern init system (including the ability to do the things you get out of that systemd config file and to do parallel startup of software and other things) that is JUST an init system and doesn't try to take over su, logs, inetd, ntpd, dbus and all that other stuff.

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