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Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 441

Of the stories on the front page the only ones I wouldn't consider "news for nerds" would be the sexual misconduct case and the Jeep gearshift story.

On page 2, the story about road safety and white lines isn't "news for nerds" either IMO.

Comment Can it boot without a blob yet? (Score 3, Interesting) 59

Can the Raspberry Pi boot without a binary blob or is that still something they have yet to replace?

I seem to remember one of the big problems for FOSS on the Raspberry Pi was that the hardware video decoder was only unlocked and usable if you paid extra for a special bootloader (which covered the patent license for MPEG etc), I dont know what the status of that is now.

Comment The #1 that makes ads "unacceptable" in my book... (Score 2) 356

No ad that is capable of infecting my system with malware or otherwise installing any software on my computer without my permission can ever be considered acceptable.

If the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook etc etc can 100% gaurantee that their advertising will NEVER install something malicious (or contribute in some way to the installation of something malicious) even if their ad networks are hacked by rogue hackers or otherwise compromised, I will consider unblocking those networks.

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 3, Informative) 286

2 things are keeping the western world from taking more action against North Korea. The first is that any military moves against North Korea would result in North Korea lobbing massive firepower (missiles, artillery and other things) at South Korea long before the US or others could stop them. And the second is that regardless of what China may say about the North Korean nuclear program, China would likely take action to stop a democratic unified Korea right on their doorstep just as they did in the early 50s.

Comment Why do we need a new block cipher? (Score 1) 72

What is wrong with existing block ciphers like AES?
AES has been in widespread use for over a decade and to the best of my knowledge, there is still no practical attack on it (unless someone has built a working quantum computer and not told anyone about it). Its totally free of patents and IP issues. Its been implemented in a huge variety of hardware and software (including the Intel CPU that I am using to make this posting).

Even the NSA trusts AES enough to certify it for use protecting top secret information.

Comment My suggestions (Score 1) 1838

1.No more stories that link to pay-walled sites or sites that wont load if you run an ad-blocker. This includes stores that link to Forbes and also stories where the primary source of the information is a journal article that costs money to read.

2.Get rid of (or at least make it possible to totally hide) the "slashdot top deals", "video bytes" and "get the slashdot newsletters" boxes.

3.Have a box in the firehose for "mark this as SPAM" where people can mark things that are clearly SPAM rather than a legitimate firehose entry so it can be removed or hidden (and we have less SPAM cluttering up the firehose)

4.Focus more on stories that are actually "news for nerds". The Tesla story a few stories above this one isn't "news for nerds" just because its about Tesla. The story about the democrats in Iowa isn't "news for nerds" either. Nor are stories about labor issues at Uber or the fact that some company (technical or otherwise) is firing a bunch of people.

5.Get rid of all bundled downloads and adware and stuff on Sourceforge. Every file Sourceforge sends out should be the exact file uploaded by the projects owners.

6.https support with all the latest security stuff. If it doesn't get the highest possible mark on you are doing it wrong IMO. This includes doing everything possible to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. (I believe at least one of the Snowden leaks pointed to Slashdot by name)

7.Make the site more lightweight (anything that can be done to reduce the size of page downloads is a good thing)

8.Completely end the use of Flash or any other closed-source plugin anywhere on Slashdot. Yes that includes getting your ad provides and those who advertise on the site not to use Flash (or getting new ones if they wont agree).

9.Do everything possible to prevent the site (including the ads on the site) from serving up any kind of malware. (ending the use of Flash and Flash ads will help with this since Flash is the #1 malware delivery system on the web)

10.Editors who do their job. No more stories missing a link to the actual article or with spelling mistakes everywhere.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 406

Its the same on the Gigabyte motherboard I purchased about a month ago. One DVI-D port, one VGA port and one HDMI port (none of which I use since I have an NVIDIA card that also has one DVI port and one VGA port for some reason)

Comment Re:Open up your hardware then (Score 1) 152

Ummm, last I checked, AMD was second only to Intel in terms of how much they are sharing about their GPUs. Most of what they haven't shared with the guys doing the open source drivers are things they either cant share for legal reasons or thinks they intend to share as soon as everything passes the lawyers...

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