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Comment: I actually think the finished product is cool (Score 1) 32

by dfenstrate (#48649921) Attached to: 26 Foot Long Boat 3D Printed In 100,000 Different Pieces
It's too bad the creator had to ruin it by opening his mouth. Any 'Art' that makes it's statement with a bunch of words next to it generally isn't art. It's glued together junk that's not aesthetically appealing. This guy actually made something neat and arguably pretty, then made sure we all knew his talents started with, and ended with, this sort of work.

Comment: Oh boy, rewind to the Spanish Inquisition! (Score 3, Insightful) 643

by dfenstrate (#48633271) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'
First, pointing a finger and screeching 'DENIER' seems a lot like pointing the finger and screeching 'HERETIC', lending credence to the whole environmentalism-as-a-substitute-religion theory.
Beyond that, these scientists might find more traction for their beliefs if they could get away from the folks who are peddling 'solutions' for AGW. You know, the activists who want to make energy so expensive that poor people will have to live in dark, cold homes, and gasoline so expensive that they have to stay in those cold, dark homes.
I imagine, however, that any activist or scientist advocating the use of 'denier/(heritic)' has substituted Gaia for God, and would be very happy to burn their opponents at the stake.
As for me, I'm not qualified to analyze the science. Instead, I'll consider the matter when the people who say it's a problem act like it's a problem. Until their personal conduct matches their words- buying carbon credits ('indulgences') doesn't count- then it's just a continuation of prior climate panics.

Comment: Re:How do we know? (Score 0) 182

by dfenstrate (#48625027) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

Why should we believe anything the "senior intelligence officials" tell us? They have a profound record of lying.

Occam's Razor. It's pretty clear to the rest of us that a hero-worshiping despotic regime like North Korea might lash out against a company- or movie theaters- making a comedy about killing their national hero/despot.

That leads to my question- are you posting from Pyongyang?

Comment: Are You Joking? (Score 3, Interesting) 182

by eldavojohn (#48625017) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

> It is not known how the US government has determined that North Korea is the culprit

Of course it's known. The same way they established that Iraq had chemical weapons. The method is known as "because we say so".

Are you joking? I thought it was well established that there were chemical weapons in Iraq we just only found weapons designed by us, built by Europeans in factories in Iraq. And therefore the US didn't trumpet their achievements. In the case of Iraqi chemical weapons, the US established that Iraq had chemical weapons not because they said so but because Western countries had all the receipts.

Comment: Sony's hack is their problem. Threats, though.... (Score 1) 182

by dfenstrate (#48625003) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking
I don't really give a hoot about Sony getting hacked. What I do care about is Americans being threatened for lawful activity by agents of a foreign government. (That is, 9/11 style attacks for screening The Interview.) That threat made what was Sony's problem into a national issue that our government ought to deal with. Unfortunately I don't see much chance of the D.C. set showing any spine or defending any principles.

Comment: Other hoaxes (Score 1) 100

by AnalogDiehard (#48609237) Attached to: The Joker Behind the Signetics 25120 Write-Only Memory Chip Hoax
There were other component hoaxes.

BD-1 Battery Discharger, also had a product spec printed. Marketing actually heard from a customer who wanted samples.

To compliment the Light Emitting Diode (LED), a company offered the Dark Emitting Diode (DED).

Hard to top the WOM though. I actually used that term in a meeting involving computers. Reaction was deer in the headlights from the IT folks. Had to quickly clue them in.

Comment: Re:Muslims? (Score 1) 876

by magarity (#48600595) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

And then there's the difference between when a Christian commits some terror act for whatever political or personal motivation but not specific to Christianity vs a Muslim who commits a terror act specifically in the name of Islam. Motive does count for something when trying to determine and work with mediating root causes.

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