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Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 92

They have everything to due with free expression, which is ultimately the point of journalism. Given your posting history, I suspect you usually agree with the official narrative the papers generally print instead of the truth, and get upset when people point out that it's all BS, so I can understand your emotional response here. But you should still support free expression, even when you disagree with it.

Comment Re:End of open and honest? I'll disagree. (Score 1) 92

I'm pretty sure I can post open and honest comments while not being anonymous.

If you're white, middle-class, cisgendered, belong to a mainstream religion, have political views within the mainstream, and live in a cosmopolitan community, yes.

If you're a closeted gay atheist anarcho-communist in a small town in "flyover country", maybe not so much.

Comment Too much money (Score 1) 204

They're using microdoses of LSD to act as a stimulative similar to caffeine.

Because coffee is too pedestrian for these overpaid douchebags who are too special to use a coffee maker. And if they did use a coffee maker, it would have to be a $5,000 espresso machine because the $15 Mr Coffee is beneath them.

And this story doesn't even scratch the surface of their self-deluded and self-absorbed transhumanist fantasies.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 92

LOL riiiight, I'm sure they are just lining up when the reviews all say the same thing which is Steam machines are completely pointless as they give you NONE of the benefits of a console and NONE of the benefits of a Windows gaming PC. You are paying MORE money for WORSE hardware and without the entire point of consoles, the ease of use and exclusive titles. I can find review after review and they all say the same things, glitchy controller, bad UI, buggy as a pile of shit in August, its a completely pointless product that will only appeal to the Linux faithful...who won't want to have a fucking thing to do with Steam DRM ROFL!

So sorry to burst your bubble but feel free to bookmark this post and come back in 24 months and see its truth, SteamOS will do about as much to spur Linux adoption as Ubuntu has, that is jack and squat. I mean for Pete's sake you no longer even have the "free as in beer" selling point as anybody can download the Windows 10 Insider release and use it for free.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 238

Iraq was invaded in 2003 under the official pretense that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Well it turned out that he had none which means either the US's intelligence is so shit that they found something that wasn't there or that US intellgience had lied about what they knew. Either way, this makes the invasion of Iraq purely stupid and illegal - the justification of invading Iraq was totally unfounded.

Don't be a fool.

First option is the chemical weapons were moved into some hole in the ground out in nowhere-land desert and the guys that did it killed on purpose by the regime or just through ordinary action in war. This is unlikely, but could have been done if an appropriate way to make it look like something else during spy satellite image processing.

Number two is that they never had those weapons to any appreciable degree, but the cronies told other cronies they had them, so there was a widespread belief that they existed. How does a spy tell the difference between information about chemical weapons that is true, and information about chemical weapons that is false but believed to be true? Saddam's underlings were weaving an extensive lie to him to stay alive.

Also. They DID have those weapons and used them against Iran. USA SOLD THEM to him.

Saddam having those weapons was entirely plausible at the onset of the war.

True, it was probably a bunch of Bush dick waving and a big distraction from the real problem (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other places with islamists gathering strength) however your conclusion it was all about false pretenses for chemical weapons isn't a sound one.

Comment Re:GG is owned by Sony (Score 2) 238

Snowed himself has called that idea a "suicide switch". It would be idiotic. It means that anyone who wants those documents merely has to kill him, and boom, instant access to the whole deal.

Which also gives the US incentive to make sure that nobody hurts a hair on his head.

Either way, I don't think Snowden's even been in control of those archives for years. There's a reason he turned them over to journalists and kept them somewhere that's even out of his own reach.

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