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Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 226

No, Had the US wanted Assange in a massive secret conspiracy as he pretends, it would have been enormously easier to ask for him from the UK (prior to his jumping bail & running to the Ecuadorian Embassy). Thus Assange's justification for avoiding extradition to Sweden isn't to avoid the evil US boogeyman as he falsely claims.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 226

Ah, dave is an Assange true believer, logic holds no sway over him.

"He believes that once he is in Sweden, he will be extradited again to the US"

"The US/UK treaties make it enormously easier from the UK directly"

There is no point to the US waiting for him to him to be extradited to Sweden when the US, prior to his bail jumping needed merely ask the UK where it would have been easier.

That Assange continues to justify his jumping bail to avoid the US grabbing him makes no sense & is a lie

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 0) 226

Sure Dave sure, all one need do is believe every single word that comes from the fount of supreme knowledge that is Assange that becomes steadily more and more complicated to explain away the incoherencies in his story.

Meanwhile, even without the bobbies in front of the embassy, Assange will forever be known as a forsworn bail-jumping fugitive from justice & possible rapist.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 226

Sorry, Iggymanz post is incomprehensible so I'm assuming you're laughing at the cognitive dissonance of his contradicting himself..

If I'm wrong and making up nonsense, how is it that the Sweden>US extradition treaty excludes the torts that the US would use to claim Assange? Ah, because Assange claims that there are secret charges brought against him & that these are the charges that will be used to extradite Sweden>US. Thus it once again becomes how easy it is according to each treaty for the US to claim Assange and clearly it is from the UK & not Sweden.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 226

While awaiting the findings of the UK courts he was also subject to UK law. Come on, you remember, the laws he promised to obey as a condition of not being placed in detention as a flight risk? Yeah, those laws he broke in fleeing to the Ecuadorian embassy that he thinks don't apply to him -- because he only has to obey the laws he wants to.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score -1, Flamebait) 226

Yeah, we've heard it before, Assange and those that parrot his utterings believe that the evil USG is behind every curtain dastardly awaiting their chance to spirit his holiness away.

That the Swedish justice system can only have changed course without the USG being involved is an Assange thesis disproven by the fact that it happens in cases not involving Assange. Oh, but for Assange, that it happened to him is PROOF!

Assange promised to obey the findings of the UK courts as to whether he would be extradited as a condition of not getting locked up as anyone else would have been. When the UK courts validated Sweden's right to extradite, Assange foreswore his promise, jumped bail & ran away to the Ecuadorian Embassy where he imposed conditions on any interviews by the Swedish procurer. He may or may not be a rapist but he is a fugitive from justice & believes that he is above laws that apply to everyone else.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score -1, Troll) 226

That Assange believes that he is above the petty laws of nation states and able to dictate conditions is abundantly clear. What isn't is that when nation states refuse to obey his dictates that it somehow proves anything other than that they do not recognise his right to dictate conditions.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 226

What an extra-ordinary person then Assange person is, above laws and able through divine right to dictate to nations the terms under which he will make himself available to their justice system to answer for accusations of rape. We must all abandon all notions of democracy and justice and bend the knee to his holiness...

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 0) 226

He's going to have to find a way out of England where he is going to be spending time in a prison for jumping bail first. Seems that the simplest way for the US to extradite him would be from there no? Ahhh, but that doesn't play to Assange's need of drama enough. Luckily enough for him, the X-Files has started filming again, maybe he can borrow one of their writers.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 144

Where were you attempting to put words in my mouth and then knocking down strawmen?

Are you implying that newer versions of Android aren't affected by the vulnerabilities you know of?

So, have you stopped beating your wife and abusing small children yet? You know, this isn't the 1950's anymore and punishments are severe nowadays for these acts.

I don't care about anyone else's devices, only my own.

The key admission which makes every single statement you have made up to this point defending Android as a platform a fraud. How unsurprising that in addition to your puerile name calling that you are also a liar only interested in yourself.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 144

You can quit attempting to put words into my mouth, I have no intention of falling for your strawmen.

Android's abysmal adoption rate of new OS versions is well known. Marshmallow is and will be irrelevant for months until it's adoption rates become significant & given how frequent new & different attacks have been released for android over the past few years I have little confidence that marshmallow will bring significant change because any new bug is still no more likely to be patched by upgrading to a fixed version than present versions of Android have been.

That someone with the experience you claim would be so apparently clueless as to ignore these points and to keep bringing up "but how's marshmallow" like it makes any difference just shows that you still haven't understood the problem.

My children are adults now. During their childhood they were often complimented on how well behaved they were for their ages but I've seen what bad parenting does. Your lack of self-control and justification of how that is supposed to be normal in particular for an adult does not speak well for how you were raised.

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