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by phayes (#47565521) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

Nope, still gone. I wanted to buy a 17" as my first mac after my Macintosh II that lasted over a decade. Apple cut the 17", added retina 15" with only flash hard drive to it's lineup.

I bought the 15" rMBP & a pair of glasses to go along with it & do not regret not having a 17" anymore. The speed of the flash drive & lighter weight more than make up for the lost two inches.

Apple doesn't make many products for the fringes. Axing the 17" in favor of the rMBP was the right choice for the vast majority as the poor sales of the 17" and great sales of the rMBP have shown.

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by phayes (#47558627) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

High-end 17" MacBook Pros? Really? Haven't entered an Apple Store or browsed in the last 2 years have you.

Apple eliminated the 17" MBPs 2 years ago when they introduced the Retina MacBook Pro.

As for how to spend 7 grand in an Apple store, that's easy: A maxed out Mac Pro with a Promise thunderbolt array & a 32" 4k display will cost you $16,911.00...

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It's barely more an international effort than when the US launches a US built sat from the Cape on an Atlas V (using Russian RD180s): French Guyana is as much of France as Hawaii is of the US so both the sats & the launch location are French.

But this is a post from Timothy so we all know that accuracy and absence of bias in the extract are too much to expect...

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Your blanket statement "The hard part is always inventing the building blocks" is clearly false as often the hardest part is in the choice & integration of the building blocks. The F35 is a shining example where just about every building block has been available for a decade (or even many multiples of same), yet it is the integration and fine tuning that are the hardest parts. Many, many other examples come to mind: Nuclear fusion power plants, carrier aviation, large federal IT projects, etc.

Sometimes & in some domains, inventing the building blocks is the hardest part.

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