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Comment Re:"filters allow you to utilize any water source" (Score 1) 164

Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, at least in this instance. I didn't say flushing using "recycled" urine from the egg, I said that the person who wrote that should drink "recycled" urine.

A small efficient black box that could efficiently recycle urine and other polluted sources into drinkable water would truly be a revolution. Instead what we have here is clearly massively over hyped and that idiot deserves to drink piss as an object lesson on just what recycling "all" water sources means.

Do note that we all drink recyled urine, it's just that we have massive waste treatment plants that clean it up before pouring it into rivers where the city downstream uses it as input to their water treatment plant. Apparently the drought in California is pushing some closer to eliminating the fiction that letting if flow in a river for a few miles doesn't make it recycled urine.

Comment planned failure in... (Score 3, Informative) 75

Every business plan based on making "remote regions" pay has failed. "Remote" regions that have the money have already installed infrastructure that will make this expensive and everyone else is too poor to make it worthwhile. Either a government steps in like the USG did for Iridium or this will disappear in short order.

Comment Re:Criminally Paedophilic ISIS Terrorist (Score 1) 664

We appear to be fairly close on the causes for the rise of ISIS, my apologies for the "like you".

Leaving out the foreign responsibles (Assad in particular who IMO has the most blame), BC screwed up in being too laxist with a madman, GHWB screwed up by being too humane and not stomping on him hard enough, GWB screwed up by going in with enough to remove the madman but not enough to stabilize & BO screwed up by ruining the late stabilization by abandoning them to the wolves.

Comment Re:Criminally Paedophilic ISIS Terrorist (Score 1) 664

Your argument is that because pedophilia has only been criminalized for 120 years but it'd only be hypocritical for a 17th century English pedophile. The rest of the world has evolved and there is no hypocrisy for any westerner born in the last century to call ISIS & it's defenders like you barbaric and depraved for attempting to use 13th century morals that tolerate barbarities like pedophilia and slavery.

Comment Re:Criminally Paedophilic ISIS Terrorist (Score 1) 664

As boko haram has declared fealty to ISIS, your attempts to distinguish between the two are moot.

As for your attempt at ditinguishing between pedophiles & the fanatics willing to sacrifice themselves for an afterlife with 72 virgins, well given the common age at which they marry in most of the countries in which Isis holds sway (& are no longer virgins), by occidental definitions they are pedophiles.

If you really want to defend Islam, you'd be better off denouncing the extremists rather than futilely nit picking.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 1) 330

Your lack of experience is showing there junior.

Consider North Korea, a regime that sank a South Korean frigate les than a degrade ago with no major repercussions, that kidnapped Japanese nationals without the west being able to much of anything. We're NK interested in publishing US kiddie porn over a Chinese Internet connection there is nothing the U.S. could do other than complain.

As for your personal judgement of what is & what isn't "the same", French judges are not private citizens, at least not when they're ordering Google to impose censorship globally.

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