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Comment Re:Who is whipslash? (Score 1) 91

No troll boy, I've told you that I found information from a reference posted by timmay that you were too lazy to even read.

I don't care much anymore about ./ because I've seen it fall far from what it once was. You don't like the implications of /. changing hands yet again but instead of having an intelligent reaction, looking up your own sources and bringing them to the discussion your reaction is to blame the messenger.

It's assholes like you that are the reason /. no longer matters.

Comment Re:Who is whipslash? (Score 1) 91

The sale to Bizx doesn't explain the useless denigrating finish to to the summary that _wasn't_ in TFA.

It remains to be seen whether bizx will be positive (fewer Timmay style summaries/subjets) or whether bizx with it's "reports from credible sources of layoffs at Slashdot, with many longtime employees being shown the door, with their jobs either eliminated or handed over to less costly and relatively inexperienced staff" becomes /.'s swan song.

Comment Re:Who is whipslash? (Score 1) 91

OK then, How about a few questions.

Of what possible use is stating that Space-X's latest Falcon 9 1st stage recovery to a barge failed?

Are they the same vehicles? No.

Are the parachutes on Dragon liable to fail due to icing? No.

Does putting a denigrating finish to an article to stir controversy make dice more money?

Comment Re:good but.... (Score 1) 247

The trump chrome extension is just another version of the same chrome extension that can be used to filter out all the kardashian & jenner stories from the entertainment section of google news.

Hopefully trump's infamy pushes the devs into porting the extension framework to other browsers...

Comment Re:Bad timing (Score 1) 401

Still haven't mastered your puerile urges I see. After I called you out on your attempt to use guilt by association you move on to to the use of misrepresentation.

I stated that legislating the replacement of lightning with micro-USB when a 25€ adapter suffices is clearly bureaucratic overreach. In your response You made the baseless claim that micro-USB is superior electrically to lightning to the point that it becomes a safety issue. The onus is on you to provide proof.

Oh, good for you, you know how to scroll. Now all you need to learn is to understand what you claim you read. Provide proof of your claim that micro-USB is electrically superior to lightning or go away.

Comment Re:Bad timing (Score 1) 401

The sexual abuse of small children is a terrible thing, That the USB forum that you are defending has not condemned this shows that you are complicit in these odious acts.

See? I too know how to play the game in bringing up completely unrelated subjects & do the guilt by association ploy.

Were electrical safety to be an issue (which it isn't), the onus would be on you to prove that lightning is in any way inferior to USB in electrical safety.

Comment Re:Bad timing (Score 1) 401

iDevices are already compatible with micro-USB chargers (those el-cheapo chargers without a USB type 1 socket) without any law being necessary using a 25€ adapter. iDevices also come with the much more ubiquitous and useful USB type 1 chargers and a type-1 to lightning cable that can be used to connect to computers.

I carry around a high quality Type-1 to Micro-USB cable + the Micro-USB to lightning adapter because I must carry around two phones but oppose legislating such minutia as wasteful. Most people with iDevices are happy with Type-1 to Lightning cables and the few that are not can do as I do.

Comment Re:How long would it have taken NASA to get this f (Score 1) 373

NASA never achieved that

But they never really tried that either. AFAIK, the SSME are the most complex engines, of any type, ever made and also the most efficient. Performance was their goal, not reuseability.

That Nasa never attempted to develop cheap & reliable engines/launch systems, preferring to tweak & complexify everything is damning in and of itself.

Comment Re:America (Score 1) 373

That said, ESA astronauts have flown on both Soyuz and the US Space Shuttle over the years and have definitely gone into space

Right, but his question wasn't whether the ESA had astronauts...

No it wasn't. The question which you refuse too answer because it embarrasses you was:

Refresh my memory... when was it that the ESA launched humans into space, again?

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