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Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 137

You're an android user admittedly ignorant of how the repeated and generally unpatched critical vulnerabilities of his cherished platform have made Android into a security nightmare. You compare iOS vulnerabilities for people that downloaded code from unvetted third parties or from Chinese developers that performed the same bone-headed move with innate Android bugs that in most cases will never be corrected until people replace their phones with new models so that their maker will be motivated enough to update them. The vulnerabilities that Touch-Wiz, etc have are severe but most android malware targets the OS level bugs because that makes the exploits work on more devices.

Again, I am not here to educate you & I have signed NDAs that prevent me from talking about them or just what problems they encountered in anything but the most general terms. Android's adoption rate of the most recent OS has stagnated for years in single digit adoption percentages even in corporate environments. Until that changes and the current avalanche of new Android security vulnerabilities every month tapers off, Android Security will continue to be a joke right up there with Military Intelligence.

As for you calling me names ? I couldn't care less that you are unable to show more control than most small children.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 137

I know my platform is no more or less secure than any other

Right. That's denial right there. Dumbass.

Lol, that right there is stupidity masquerading as rank ignorance. "no more or less secure"... Only if a bicycle is "no more or less fast" as a sport motorcycle.

Hey sparky, I am not your your mother or your wetnurse. Go talk to Cisco. Go talk to Check Point, Go talk to Palo-Alto. Go talk to the TippingPoint people now at HP. You'll have to show that there is something in it over and above overcoming your ignorance to get answers.

In short, put some effort into discovering just which mobile platform is causing the most problems to security professionals. Given your history the answer will surprise you.

Comment Re:An Ice dome 5cm thick would explode at 12psi (Score 1) 63

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

Their website explicitly addresses the tensile strength of Ice:
A fibrous clear silica additive (flat-packed in the lander) provides the ice form with greater tensile strength, calculated to bolster the strength of ice to the order of 3 times. While ice has been shown to possess tensile properties (~2-3 MPa) that are, in fact, superior to materials such as brick (2.8 MPa) and granite (4.8 MPa), the fibrous reinforcement ensures the longevity and integrity of the structure.

It also addresses the need for thermal insulation:
A translucent hydrophobic aerogel layer with U values of 1 W.m2K and light transmittance of 66% is printed between the inner ice shell and the inhabited programmatic spaces to ensure thermal comfort.

Thanks for removing all doubt.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 137

Snort, talk about trying to turn lemons into lemonade... Apple supports it's devices for multiple years and has been successful in drawing users to upgrade their OS as time goes on. Not everyone rushes out to buy the latest iDevice. Many, like me forgo 3 or 4 cycles -- and yet we still have the latest OS. The reason so much android software still supports antique OSes with multiple well known security weaknesses making them a security nightmare is precisely because Android has been able to do the same.

Oh goody, I can still install the original angry birds on my android device, that more than makes up for it's popping up unrelated ads when I surf the net & sniffing my credentials when I connect to my bank...

Comment Re:advice != information (Score 3, Informative) 137

Ars covered SIP in detail here including the config file /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf.

Other than dev tools like dtrace, few well written tools should be impacted. Yeah, some people are going to have to find other ways of doing things than throwing them into /System, /bin, etc.

Most stuff from across the 'Net isn't installing in SIP protected locations anyway & if they were, they needed to be rewritten.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

Why (other than to please you) should Apple go to all that trouble for people who broke their NDA when revoking their developer account (as is detailed in the NDA) is sufficient? Ifixit's guilt is clear & their dev account is toast for breaking the NDA in any case. Do you enjoy making things as drawn out and painful for everyone as possible?

Comment Re:This about project management, not security (Score 1) 62

Somebody called "Rabidreindeer" cannot see why project management is more important than technical chops for a large government contract. Then accuses me of being rabid when I point out how this story is clearly click bait...

That many IT projects of all sizes fail is no surprise, but do try to get over your indignation when hearing that a big multi-department contract clearly setting out to standardize and upgrade government IT security needs project management of a type you are unfamiliar with. You just look ignorant to those who aren't. The organization that Raytheon is bringing does not guarantee that the project will be successful just that it will be accountable.

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