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Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 239

They only sell the repair kits because reductions in the size of devices got to the point where people rarely had the necessary tools. iFixit's margins are higher on the parts anyway & they'd certainly stop selling them if it weren't necessary for their present business...

Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 239

Come back in 10 years and try to say that again.

iFixit exists because at a certain period in time between humongous PCs with MANY discrete replaceable elements (like the original "portable" compaq) and all in one devices, there is/was a place for them. I can remember going to radio shack with my father to plug the vacuum tubes we pulled out of the TV into a test device to figure out which one had gone bad and causing problems. iFixit's rants that Apple is making it hard for them is the equivalent of radio shack bitching on how those new transistorized TV's were bad for the environment because you couldn't as easily test for a failed transistor.

People didn't want easily repairable (but flaky) TV's, they wanted something that was reliable for the period of time they were going to use them. Getting rid of the heat/weight/connector issues by integrating has been going on for decades.

Same thing now with phones, tablets & even laptops (as my son's macbook proves) & the complaints of the radio shacks of the world whining that things should stay the same so that they can continue to make a buck are irrelevant.

Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 239

No the point you are attempting to make is invalid (at least for Apple). Piecemeal replacements of parts that are not recycled responsibly is ecologically unsound. Apple, when you take a defective device in, repairs and then reconditions the device to be resold if economical and responsibly recycles the bad parts/entire device in any case. Apple also accepts old phones (including non-apple) when people buy new gear.

iFixit sells parts that end up in random landfills because they do not recover the bad parts and people in general just toss them in the trash. iFixit's (& your) pretense that repairable == ecological is false.

When iFixit starts collecting the bad parts when they sell replacements and details how they are recycling them, then they can talk about being ecologically responsible. Until then it's just the bitching of the head of a buggy whip corporation seeing his profits go down as cars (thin lightweight large-screen phones that need to be glued together to remain structurally sound) replace horses (smaller thicker phones with discrete, easily replaceable parts).

Comment iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1, Troll) 239

The declarations of someone who is complaining that others are making it harder for him to make a buck need to be taken with a large grain of salt. iFixit for all their merits sells spare parts & repair kits. It is thus clearly in their own interest for everyone else to make it profitable for them to sell their products. iFixit would be very profitable if all phone manufacturers did everything they could to make it easier for them to sell their repair kits & repair/upgrade instead of replacing.

Their contention that do-it yourself repairmen are better for the environment it is completely unsupported. iFixit does not recover the broken parts that their clients are replacing and old parts are typically tossed in the trash. Manufacturer repair shops like Apple's have recycling policies that do recycle broken parts as well as old devices that people turn in when upgrading.

When iFixit starts systematically recovering the old parts when they sell replacement kits AND shows in some meaningful way that they are responsibly recycling them as well as Apple has shown to do, then they can talk about how environmentally virtuous they are - not before.

Comment Re:How Would That Help? (Score 1) 274

As to things like the Paris incident, it occurs to me to wonder how easy it would have been to wander through a crowded venue shooting people at random if some of those people had been armed themselves...

One of the immediate changes the French Government has made was to change the law on off-duty police to be allowed to carry their weapons. Up to now, any off duty cop found with his pistol would have been thrown off the force & faced criminal charges. The cop shot outside a café & the police couple shot in the Bataclan pushed Flamby (our name for our ineffectual president) into changing this.

Concealed carry by normal people? I doubt that could ever happen here absent another revolution.

Comment Re:if they really want revenge (Score 1) 488

Your thesis that Anonymous has actually done good and performed "good" by outing pedophiles (but sekretly, because you know anonymous) is patently ridiculous. The justification for their supposedly targeting pedophiles was to attempt to prove wrong everyone who calls them a bunch of anarchists with few redeeming characteristics. Any achievements would have been trumpeted. The silence is proof that they have been incapable of doing so with pedophiles & shows that their announcement of "revenge" for attacking innocents will be a similarly empty claim.

As for your "forgetting", when lying you need to establish some credibility to be believed.

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