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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

As I said elsewhere in this thread, I'm a Cisco partner & work regularly with their engineers & people sent from the US for workshops here in Paris. The users of non-Apple hardware are rare enough to be remarkable. As for your uniformed opinion that we don't have the tools on OS X to do our jobs, lets chalk that up to your ignorance of just what tools are available and an assumption on your part that if it isn't the same tool as under windows then it doesn't exist.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

Everyone in my experience that uses Macs at Cisco also uses OSX as rMBPs are the most popular model used and only OSX has stable support for hot plugging thunderport devices. The people who prefer Linux/Windows use Dell/HPs. That said, everyone uses VMware so if they need Linux/windows its there too.

Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 121

Your claimed knowledge & experience of Malaysia should have led you to denouncing their apartheid & discrimination of minorities yet you attempted to minimize the indefensible with half truths. The fact is that fiction of having rights when the government refuses to respect them is worse than having no rights at all as it crushes the hopes of those who were deluded by the lie.

Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 121

That is a lie as anyone with any experience with Malaysia knows.

Half a century ago it was a "Legal right" for black men to vote & yet we all know that the entrenched power in southern states refused to respect it. Stop pretending that Malaysia respects the rights of it's minorities and apply real reform to sanction the abuses.

Comment Re:Premature much? (Score 1) 24

We have more than enough beautiful drawings and pie in the sky dreams, these do not advance the end goal of having and regularly using cheap manned access to space. Having built & launched the largest amateur rocket is indeed quite an achievement but gives them nowhere near the credibility of what they needs to change his objective from a still unrealized manned suborbital flight to the moon. If he's doing this for himself & just enjoys building castles in the sky, using his own resources, more power to him. If he's asking for support, achieve manned suborbital before moving on.

Comment Re:"filters allow you to utilize any water source" (Score 1) 164

Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, at least in this instance. I didn't say flushing using "recycled" urine from the egg, I said that the person who wrote that should drink "recycled" urine.

A small efficient black box that could efficiently recycle urine and other polluted sources into drinkable water would truly be a revolution. Instead what we have here is clearly massively over hyped and that idiot deserves to drink piss as an object lesson on just what recycling "all" water sources means.

Do note that we all drink recyled urine, it's just that we have massive waste treatment plants that clean it up before pouring it into rivers where the city downstream uses it as input to their water treatment plant. Apparently the drought in California is pushing some closer to eliminating the fiction that letting if flow in a river for a few miles doesn't make it recycled urine.

Comment planned failure in... (Score 3, Informative) 75

Every business plan based on making "remote regions" pay has failed. "Remote" regions that have the money have already installed infrastructure that will make this expensive and everyone else is too poor to make it worthwhile. Either a government steps in like the USG did for Iridium or this will disappear in short order.

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