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Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1239 1239

Whereas your position is yet another rehash of "Soak the Rich" that worked so well for the fUSSR that they won the Cold War & the USA imploded.

The Greeks, all 11 million have voted. Now it's the turn of the 489 million in the rest of the EEC who, while not wanting to implement it, have been planning for a grexit if necessary. Greece has yet to hit bottom. Given how few ressources they have, their refusal to implement real reforms & their antagonism of everyone able to help it's going to be painful for them -- rich, middle class & poor. I already see stories of a nascent wave of expatriation for those who can.

& here you are hoping that "it spreads globally". How typically leftist of you to hope that everyone becomes poor.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1239 1239

Bravo for attempting to answer but BOO for again bringing out that tired old saw "Blame the RICH! Take all THEIR money!". I've got a newsflash for you: Every time that's been attempted in the blatant fashion you advise all that happens is that everyone gets poorer. Take all the money in the banks & the pensioners are destitute. Confiscate the evil pension funds and many more are destitute.

"There's to much prosperity to justify saying no". Where exactly? In the countries that implemented the reforms that the Greeks refuse which led to their current relative prosperity. Your "moral" justification for stealing from those who worked to succeed to reward those who refuse is in fact immoral and counterproductive.

The rest of your screed is from the same extreme leftist pipe-dreams. SOAK THE RICH! Take their money! Money should be FREE! Bla bla bla. You really have to be feeble minded to actually believe any of that bullshit.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1239 1239

Your attempts at Jedi mind tricks only work on the feeble minded.

Given that going back to my questions two posts back was too much of an effort for you I'll make it easier for you by recopying it here. Reply to the questions below & stop obfuscating by claiming that it's the banks, europe, Merkel, etc:
How poor is a pensioner in Greece where voters kept voting in governments that kept raising pensions compared to a Slovenian? Why should the latter be paying for the former's pension? Who's responsibility is it to pick up the tab of someone who continues to believe that he deserves a free lunch?

Comment: Re:You brought up Argentina not me (Score 1) 77 77

To make money one goes where the market is. The lions share of the market in equatorial launches. High latitude launch locations like NZ are no help for this market & Electron, the only launcher planned to use NZ will never launch to ISS so there really are no advantages to launching from NZ. That The Russians HAVE to because they do not have control over a lower latitude launch location does not make it an advantage, it makes high latitude launch locations (& thus ISS orbital inclination) a necessary evil. Rocket Labs claims that a NZ launch location is an advantage are thus indeed bunk.

These are all things that cannot be explained with smaller words so if you still don't get the gist, you'll never understand it.

Comment: Re:Did you even read my post? (Score 1) 77 77

Ah, so it's your honor as a Kiwi that I impugned? It's clearly not your knowledge of what's important to have a successful launch capability nor what would be needed for RL to actually launch to ISS before it deorbits.

I'll note that now that I've given you a detailed explanation why a NZ launch location is irrelevant to RL (exactly what you were asking for) that your complaint is that "you were mean to me". Grow up junior, when you blather nonsense on the internet, not everyone will correct you gently like your mummy does.

How about a point by point rebuttal, hmm? Naah, you're not capable. Go on, call me a windbag & run home to Mummy. You'll feel better after a good cry.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1239 1239

I'll note that when challenged on how the Greek position is also impoverishing the poor throughout Europe that you avoid answering. How typical...

Not their fault, propaganda, etc? Irrelevant. The Greek pensioners have voted with the rest of their nation and any debt relief package from Europe will now have be authorized every nation in the EEC.In many cases that means parliaments & citizens that received the Greek FU loud & clear and are itching to show that their democratic votes matter just as much, if not more than the Greeks did (because we ARE more numerous for one).

A more likely outcome is a managed Grexit as European emergency funds are parceled out just enough to avoid the Greeks imploding completely. Germany, France & the rest of Europe will end up isolating the Greek debts for decades until they don't matter anymore (much like the Tsarist Russian loans that took over 80 years to be settled). The Greeks will soon be experiencing the joys of inflation and even with the free Drachma will never really recover economically -- they just don't export enough of anything to matter, STILL haven't put into place essential reforms like a global property registry like the rest of Europe has (so that they could begin performing that thing called property taxes properly) and have now pissed off the great majority people liable to vacation there.

Hard times ahead for the Greeks (harder than the 5 years of "austerity", IMO), we'll see if the young who were unable to vote yesterday appreciate the position today's Greeks put them in in a decade or so.

Comment: Re:Drop the hammer on them. (Score 1) 1239 1239

Sorry, by stating that money that is loaned into existence isn't the same as taxes without also saying that whether it is taxes or not it still has a cost, you implied that it doesn't. If you don't think that loan guarantees have a cost, I'm sure I can find a few that you can endoss that will impoverish your bank account and correct your misconceptions.

Ah, but it's different when it's your money? Stop playing semantic games.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1239 1239

You first: Please explain why Slovenian pensioners who worked for more years before receiving a smaller pension should be paying more and more to support Greek pensioners who retire at age 50. Because that is indeed the issue: Whether European Solidarity is a bottomless fund that the Greeks can draw on without implementing any reforms or not.

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1239 1239

You know, if you feel the need to lie about your opponent to make yourself look good, then that usually means you are the bad guy

Ah, really? Well then you first then as your characterization of the existence of poor people in today's society "gives you a way to keep them in their place" is a typical lie of those claiming that others need to give more to make the problem go away.

Don't want to be mischaracterized into a stalinist apologist? Stop repeating their lies.

Comment: Re:Drop the hammer on them. (Score 1) 1239 1239

I am Belgian. Greece owes me, my wife and children over 3000 euro.

Sigh... It's frustrating how many people believe this falsehood. No, the money wasn't taken out of your taxes. The money was loaned into existence.

Sigh... It's frustrating how many people believe that money that was loaned into existence has no cost (& thus that loaning more is also without cost). At least people like the anon GP don't create bubble economies & hyperinflation like people like you do.

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