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Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 123

You come to France & sign the NDA's my clients have had me sign & we'll talk.

Oh, do keep your head up where it's been hiding and deny that any problem exists, after all, you not falling victim to Android's multiple failings means that they doesn't exist, right?

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 123

Snort, talk about trying to turn lemons into lemonade... Apple supports it's devices for multiple years and has been successful in drawing users to upgrade their OS as time goes on. Not everyone rushes out to buy the latest iDevice. Many, like me forgo 3 or 4 cycles -- and yet we still have the latest OS. The reason so much android software still supports antique OSes with multiple well known security weaknesses making them a security nightmare is precisely because Android has been able to do the same.

Oh goody, I can still install the original angry birds on my android device, that more than makes up for it's popping up unrelated ads when I surf the net & sniffing my credentials when I connect to my bank...

Comment Re:advice != information (Score 3, Informative) 130

Ars covered SIP in detail here including the config file /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf.

Other than dev tools like dtrace, few well written tools should be impacted. Yeah, some people are going to have to find other ways of doing things than throwing them into /System, /bin, etc.

Most stuff from across the 'Net isn't installing in SIP protected locations anyway & if they were, they needed to be rewritten.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 362

Why (other than to please you) should Apple go to all that trouble for people who broke their NDA when revoking their developer account (as is detailed in the NDA) is sufficient? Ifixit's guilt is clear & their dev account is toast for breaking the NDA in any case. Do you enjoy making things as drawn out and painful for everyone as possible?

Comment Re:This about project management, not security (Score 1) 62

Somebody called "Rabidreindeer" cannot see why project management is more important than technical chops for a large government contract. Then accuses me of being rabid when I point out how this story is clearly click bait...

That many IT projects of all sizes fail is no surprise, but do try to get over your indignation when hearing that a big multi-department contract clearly setting out to standardize and upgrade government IT security needs project management of a type you are unfamiliar with. You just look ignorant to those who aren't. The organization that Raytheon is bringing does not guarantee that the project will be successful just that it will be accountable.

Comment Re:This about project management, not security (Score 1) 62

You've never seen multi-million dollar projects face-plant because the project management was deficient. I've seen a few.

This story is much akin to the whipped up outrage on AF toilet seats that cost thousands, Macdonalds coffee lawsuit, Monsanto GMO lawsuit, etc. Someone with an axe to grind cherry picks a few details, whips up indignation with an inflammatory & extremely one sided resume, submits it to facebook, reddit & unfortunately more & more often /. and awaits trumped up steam from those ignorant of the full context.

But for you the ignorant whipped up indignation may be just what you're looking for.

Comment Re:This about project management, not security (Score 1) 62

Boogeyman, BOO!

There are valid reasons for an entity with lots of experience working for the government to win contracts like this. "Bob's corner firewall shop, viruses killed ded" isn't going to win any 1B multi department government contracts & would fail miserably if they tried.

Comment This about project management, not security (Score 5, Informative) 62

Anyone claiming that because Raytheon isn't a well known name in software, networking, cyber security that this contract was awarded for cronyism, lobbying etc, has clearly never managed a large governmental project like this one is and knows nothing of how these projects are awarded. These projects are not looking for the prime contractor to be technically proficient in any of these technical fields but to have the best project management skills & to farm the technical parts out to subcontractors/suppliers.

That /. admins have promoted such a basic misunderstanding of what the issues are speaks to how far /. has fallen.

Comment Re:Hard to defend against you say? (Score 1) 246

If you think that Android isn't a major security train wreck currently and getting worse then I have a few bridges I could let you have -- cheap.

Mitigation has been completely bypasssed. That you think that infection ==> botnets or it doesn't exist and has no consequences merely shows how 1990s your thinking is. Corporate network penetration and stealthy data snooping attacks are already fairly widespread because that is where the money is but given how widespread the weaknesses in Android are known sooner or later a teenager is going to put together a DDOS tool.

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