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Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 1) 302 302

In what reality do you live in that France is not part of the EU & thus hasn't signed treaties that give the EU the ultimate deciding power?!? Google could pull out of France tomorrow and sell through Ireland without France being able to do anything about it due to the accords on free movement of goods & services.

Again, if the French judges get what they are pushing for, judges in the rest of the EU are going to make everyone regret it.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 1) 302 302

Oh I do follow your reasoning but you set into motion actions and then don't follow through on understanding the consequences. you advise jumping off a 10 story building because it's a rush without looking ahead to being pulped when you hit the ground.

At first the French judges ordered that google.fr be censured & google obeyed. At present the judges are ordering google.* to be censured. Some pretend that Google could just censure according to geographical origin but then the judges will note that people are using VPN's & proxies to sidestep the censorship and order that they be blocked too. Saying that they won't is denying that the ground is fast approaching.

Google operates in France under local laws, just as it operates in the US, in Thailand, in Turkey, in Saudi Arabia, etc. If France is allowed to impose it's narrow conception of Internet Freedom on the rest of the world then the rest of the world will be able to impose it's views on France.

Pretending that, no this only conditions Google's presence in the EU is equally short-sighted as the EU is FAR from uniform in it's morals and customs. Accepting the French judge's premise of extraterritoriality will mean that Greek/Lettone/Slovakian/Austrian/Spanish/... judges will be able to ban anything that THEY find offensive.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 2) 302 302

OK then, lets assume that France gets what it wants from Google & establishes precedent. How do you think France is going to react when Turkey uses it force Google to remove all information on the Armenian Genocide that the French National assembly commemorated a few months ago? Not just on google.tk but also on google.fr?

Hint: French politicians would start claiming that Brussels & the EU forced the precedent upon them just as they have done every time they impose regulations without thinking about the consequences.

Comment Re:prevent the gun from firing (Score 1) 72 72

It claims it thinks... Experience tells us that this is false. What symmetry? "Any technology that could neutralize all weapons would be most welcome."?

As the AC correctly stated, "We were punching people in the face long before we ever hit them with a stick or throw a rock at them. We will still be punching people in the face long after all the lasers, nukes, mines, grenades, and bullets are gone."

Again, you're blithering, the only way to stop humankind from using aggression is to kill us all off.

Comment Re:prevent the gun from firing (Score 1) 72 72

Arguing against war isn't stupidity.

Claiming that war begins & ends with guns as you have is rank ignorance and outright idiocy.

You are yet again amazed by the insights of everyone who, unlike you, is able to learn from history... Another sign confirming that you are unable to see beyond your prejudices.

Comment Re:Spain has a history of doing stupid things... (Score 1) 193 193

Ah, a sophist... The Albigensian Crusade was almost exclusively a French affair led militarily by the French crown against Terror^H^H^H^H^H^H religious opposition to the state religion. The main military forces were marshaled in Lyon & campaigned almost exclusively north of the Pyrenées, all areas part of modern day France. I'll cede that he did not hold the rank of General but calling a man with a primary civil allegiance to the french crown French is no more a stretch than "Nos ancêtres les Gaulois" which was taught to our children for over a century.

Comment Re:Spain has a history of doing stupid things... (Score 2) 193 193

I don't know about Spain but in France, the Taxis want nothing less than for Uber to be outlawed plain & simple.

Their reasoning is that:
- In France, everyone MUST buy a Medallion to be a legal Taxi & to pick people up off the street.
- The number of Medallions is limited, the Medallions are thus very expensive (North of 200K€ a few years ago). It wasn't this way a few decades ago but local governments were pressured into not expanding the number of medallions for diverse reasons, among them older drivers wanting to have something to cash out on when they retired & younger drivers not wanting "their investment" to diminish in value.
- This is France, where it most of the population thinks it's normal for tiny entrenched minorities to hold the rest of the population hostage.
- MUST FIGHT DIRTY AMERICAN CAPITALISTS!!! If Uber drivers & clients get roughed up, well remember that "Kill them all, God will sort out the inocents" was uttered by a French general.

Comment Re:EU High court = EU, not the whole world (Score 1) 64 64

Ta gueule le snobinard! Cherches un peu avant de tenter de toiser quelqu'un. Enfin, vu que mon pays, la France, -- pays du déclaration des droits de l'homme à passé une loi d'autorisation des écoutes dont rêverait le NSA tellement il donne des droits d'écoute sans contrôle, j'attendrai une décision demandant le blockage des écoutes du DGSE (et son implémentation) avant de crier victoire.

Maintenant on verra si tu es aussi européenne que tu prétends être...

Comment EU High court = EU, not the whole world (Score 1) 64 64

The decision only affects the EU!

Though some US judges have included extracts of EU decisions in their rulings, it is for the reasoning & not because EU courts have any role in the US judicial system. This ruling will have as much effect on the US as rulings from the Thai high court on the definition of Lèse Magisté or Russian court rulings on what is & what isn't considered corruption.

Comment Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1307 1307

You have surrendered your critical thought in order to pledge allegiance to your extremist screed & I still have mine, so no, I do not understand when you fall back on your self-referential leftist creed.

You espouse extremist political views that directly led to the deaths of hundreds of millions over the past century yet it is my beliefs (and those of everybody else who isn't an extremist like you) that is "hateful"?

Again, you're schizophrenic. You cannot overcome your mental problems until you recognize that you are sick & blaming others for your problems will only postpone it.

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