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Comment: Cheap mid spec is the way to go (Score 2) 98

by p51d007 (#49746077) Attached to: Asus ZenFone 2 Performance Sneak Peek With Intel Z3580 Inside
For probably 75-80% of your TYPICAL smart phone user, the mid tier devices will be all they would ever need, but, most consumers fall for the slick marketing, hype and got to keep up with the Jones' attitude and will go on the hook (even under an overpriced contract) for a flagship device. I did the numbers when I bought my last phone almost a year ago. I had been off contract for over a year with straight talk, with zero issue or coverage problems. At the time the S5 had been out and the OnePlus was just out (late May '14). I went ahead and bought a $299.00 Huawei Mate2. It's a mid tier device, 6" screen, 720p, snapdragon 400. It was the BATTERY size that sold me, 4,000mAH. I ran the numbers between it and the S5, and in a 24 month period (typical USA contract), I save over 84 dollars per month buying outright, than on a contract. The problem with the device manufacturers now, is lack of INNOVATION. They release a new device every 6-9 months with marginal speed increases or tighter pixel densities, or (shudder) higher megapixel cameras. And with them come HIGHER prices. But, if you run the same apps on my snapdragon 400 device, with these snapdragon 80x devices (general apps, not high intensity games), you will find both devices run them adequately for everyday use. Then why are people willing to shell out year after year for overpriced devices, that the apps can't really benefit from? Because in my opinion, they are suckers. Also, it's in the best interest of both the carriers & manufacturers to NOT offer software updates to the devices, when, they can push them into a new device every 12 months, and, simply extend the contract. You keep them locked in for life. I hope these "sell for cost" or mid tier devices flood the markets. It will require the "big boys" to change their market ideas to compete. They will have to drop the price on their devices, or lose market share. More competition is good for the consumer. When the manufacturing cost of a smartphone, with marketing, research, advertising is less than 200 dollars, but yet they will retail them for 700, 800 or more, consumers are being ripped off. That's why I will stick with a good quality mid tier device. It's your money...do what you want, but I'd prefer value, over bright shiny new flashy things.

Comment: Never happen (Score 2) 532

by p51d007 (#49629009) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery
Why? Because if you have tax free medical savings accounts, couple things would happen. As with the so called social security trust fund, congress would raid it, and would have NO money in it. Giving POWER to the citizens, goes totally against congress, the senate & the white house. We can't have the people having any power...it would make the government not needed, and would take away OUR power. Sad, but true.

Comment: Shuttle (Score 3, Informative) 55

by p51d007 (#49626021) Attached to: SpaceX Testing Passenger Escape System Tomorrow
First couple shuttle launches had ejection seats, but were taken out prior to operational use. The way that stupid shuttle was designed, there would never had been a practical way to escape the shuttle, unless they went with a "pod" to get them out, which would have weighted too much. The capsule concept, in use from the 50's, is a more practical way of escaping, but, NASA (and by the way of a proxy, the congress), went with that stupid shuttle, then didn't launch it the way it was intended (piggyback on a giant plane). They went with those stupid boosters, problematic at best. NASA, congress, and of course the CONTRACTORS, wanted the shuttle because they sold it as a "flying truck". So, instead of furthering our exploration of space, we just flew up and down in low orbit, then, they came up with the space station concept to give the shuttle something to do. It's been a great big money spending party. Put space exploration into private hands, which will find a profitable way to do it, and space exploration will, to coin a phrase, take off.

Comment: Been in electronics since I was 12 (Score 0) 553

by p51d007 (#49614127) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'
In 1972. Started with tubes in a tv shop when I was 14, transistors just a bit later, then in the late 70's, went to a 2 year college for electronics. First computer we had in that school, took up an entire room, magnetic tape and a whopping 10 meg hard drive with a platter larger than a laser disk. After college, took a year long job in Houston for Texas Instruments. Loved the job, hated the city (early 80's). Came back (midwest) took a "temporary" job in an office machine business, been in it ever since. Was just starting to transition from discrete transistors to LSI chips so I bought myself a computer kit, built it myself, learning along the way. Played around with basic. The key is to NEVER stop learning. Some in my business dropped out, when things went digital about 12 years ago, add connectivity, internet, cloud computing and they just couldn't hack it. I'm in my mid 50's now, and I even have some of the vendors calling me for advise, because I never stop learning and always want to know "what if". When hiring, "book smarts" to me, only means you were good enough to sit through class and pass the tests, but, I always look at practical experience, and weight that, as much or more, than that little piece of paper with your name & a gold seal stamped on it.

Comment: Big whoop (Score 0) 45

by p51d007 (#49585005) Attached to: LG G4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 Benchmarked
I'll bet, except for benchmarking programs, any commonly used app on the google play store, will run just as efficiently on any snapdragon 8xx SOC, as it does on my snapdragon 400 device. People are for the most part, WASTING their money trading in a snapdragon 800,801 device for a snapdragon 808-810 device, just on the basis of performance alone. My 400 device, has a great camera, plenty of ram, LTE, battery that lasts 3 days with 3% left over, but I didn't pay 600-800 bucks for it. Hey, your money, I just don't get the "need" to trade a device 6-9 months after you get it, unless it was a dud out of the box, or you've jacked around with it to the point that it is unstable.

Comment: Mid spec (Score 0) 484

by p51d007 (#49552445) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?
I've had a Huawei Ascend mate 2 since July '14. 6.1" 720p screen, snapdragon 400, JB4.e, 4000mAH battery. Factory stock, not one mod, flat out stable. Go for weeks without booting, 2-3 days, moderate to heavy use on one charge. If you aren't a bleeding edge spec type, for $380.00 it's a steal.

Comment: f.lux (Score 0) 52

by p51d007 (#49516521) Attached to: Colors Help Set Body's Internal Clock
I've been using f.lux on my computer to change the color temperature on my monitor from the standard 6500k down to 3500k at sundown. I've been using it for almost a year and even with caffeine intake, I find myself naturally getting sleepy around 10pm, unlike the usual midnight to 1am time I use to experience.

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