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Comment The more you jazz it up (Score 1) 504

The easier it is for it to screw up. I remember when the F-16 first came out, there were problems with the fly by wire system. Pilots were OVER correcting their flying, because they were use to the air pushing on the elevators, tail etc to give them feedback. Once they redid them, the problems stopped. Might be the same issue here. People are "use" to the traditional PNDL stick and aren't use to the electronic "no feedback" one. I drive a standard transmission. Have all my life. I always use the PARKING BRAKE when I exit the vehicle, even though I leave it in first gear, even on a flat surface. I don't know, but to me, that's why it is called a PARKING BRAKE. Just a little more safety. My work supplied vehicle is an automatic transmission, but I still use the parking brake out of habit.

Comment I remember that very well (Score 5, Interesting) 118

I was a 7 year old who was in love with the space program. Watched every launch from John Glenn through the shuttle. The weird thing about that whole mess, and the ironic nature was what happened to Grissom's Mercury flight. Up until the Apollo missions, the hatch opened OUTWARD. On Mercury, there was a button that the user would punch with his fist, that would activate explosive bolts to blow the hatch. Grissom's flight splashed down, and the hatch "just blew". Speculation was that Grissom wiggled around, got scared or something an hit the button, causing the capsule to take on water & sink. After that, they figured it would be better to have an INWARD opening hatch. Also, to simulate the take off, the "plugs out" test, the cabin pressure was tanked up to around 22psi of PURE O2. The used pure O2 back then, because they were worried about them getting the bends & they didn't want the added weight of a nitrogen tank. Also, since everything floats, they had YARDS of Velcro all over the place. I remember watching a test. Normal air, pressurized and igniting velcro. Nothing happened. Then the pure O2 pressurized, and the spark caused the whole thing to catch fire. Pure pressurized O2, LOVE flames along with the flammable Velcro. With the dual hatch design, the inner hatch pressurized outward, once the fire started, the hatch sealed tighter & tighter, making it impossible to open, until the safety valves popped open. By that time, they had been overcome by smoke, lack of breathable air, and had been asphyxiated. I remember the days after, and the funerals. Sad... A few years ago, they found the Mercury capsule of Grissom's, and took it to the Kansas Cosmodrome in Hutchison, Ks. After cleaning it up, they found out that the hatch "just blew" as Grissom had claimed all along. The switch was still in the off mode (it was a one way switch). Also, every Mercury astronaut had a distinctive red spot/bruise on their wrist, where they smacked that button (it required a LOT of force). Grissom had NONE. Had that hatch not "just blew", who knows...that fire might have allowed them to blow the hatch and escape. One positive outcome was it changed the mindset at NASA. They had "go fever" and finally put on the brakes, took a look at what they were doing and had a change of attitude. Gene Kranz, after the fire wrote two words on a blackboard, to NEVER be erased..."tough & competent". He & Kris Craft redid how mission control was run, and they never had an issue. Even when Apollo 12 was hit by lightning, or when the Apollo 13 explosion happened, they did what he always dictated, WORK THE PROBLEM. A lot of good came out of that tragedy

Comment NO! (Score 2, Insightful) 346

Once there is a government run "national" grid, then those states that, according to the government, waste, use too much, do not do what the government says in reducing this or that, will be CUT OFF, or cut down on the amount of electricity they use. Every time the FEDERAL government gets its hands on something, they can DICTATE how it is used, consumed or anything else. The 10th amendment is about powers not constitutionally granted the federal government, be left to the states. Do not DOUBT me on this!

Comment Fools (Score 1) 229

The Iranians haven't been trusted since November 1979. Oh, they'll play nice until they get what they want, then it will be back to business as usual. Just as with North Korea. Obama has a lot of work to do, until the '16 election to fully destroy the USA. Heck, I'm still of the opinion that he will stir something up before the election (especially if a Republican looks to be elected), so he can suspend the election.

Comment Maybe ATF is scared (Score 1) 189

That someone might steal hundreds of pounds of bacon grease, melt it down to get the glycerin from it, then turn it into an explosive, because some terrorist watched an old movie from the WW2 era, and saw an old b&w newsreel that showed the scrap drives for aluminum, rubber, bacon grease and looked on wickipedia or google to find out why there was a demand for bacon grease and then discovered the glycerin could be used as an explosive and that way they could fly under the radar of the ATF buy not having to buy fuel oil & fertilizer. Or I could be wrong LOL. Oh, I'm sure the ATF is ONLY looking for grease dumpers/thieves LOL.

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