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Comment GOOD (Score 1) 305

I'd be for that! I'm sick of seeing prescription ads, that the side effects take 4 times longer to mention, that the medicine that is suppose to cure you of whatever it is they are hawking. Plus, every one of these ads are for PRESCRIPTION meds. You can't walk into a pharmacy and say give me 30 of these. The DOCTOR has to prescribe it. Plus, these companies are banking on the idea that a consumer, wanting a "quick fix" will go running to their doctor, hounding them to prescribe it.

Comment I don't like that idea (Score 2) 275

Let the hackers shut them down. Once you let the GOVERNMENT start shutting them down, they will have their little fingers into sites that are terrorists like, then they will go after sites that say "hateful" things about the government or politically protected groups. Where will it end. 1st amendment, means FREE speech. Sadly you have to take the good with the bad. Who will decide what is "bad"? I don't like all the porn sites, the crap on tv that is overly sexually aggressive, but I just don't bother viewing or hearing it. But, if you start letting the government, be the one who determines what is "allowed", it starts you down that path, you'll never be able to stop.

Comment Microcomplaints equal (Score 2) 119

being a crybaby for the most part. Twitter & FB, have been 2 of the WORST things, for the most part, for the entire world. It's a prime example (for the USA) why the founding fathers were INTELLIGENT to set up our country, as a representative republic, and NOT an outright democracy. Democracy is nothing but touchy feely emotional rule. Use Ferguson as a prime example. FB, twitter blew up about how a white police officer, killed a "poor misunderstood gentle giant" who was running away from the officer. Then, by the time the FACTS in the case came out, that he had already fought the officer, tried to take his gun, was running TOWARD the was too late, the town was destroyed. With "instant" media comes a huge responsibility, but, in this day and age, we have no real media. What we have is "tmz media".

Comment Business 101 (Score 1) 622

Making money....DUH! When mobile phones came along...all they did was make phone calls. Minutes were a premium. Texting came along. Minute prices dropped, texted was a premium (even though it did not cost the phone companies ANYTHING to send/receive text. The texting was carried on the back porch of the already being used cellular signal) Now data has become the cash cow. Minutes & texting are pretty much free, and data is the premium. If something else comes along, data price will drop and whatever the new thing is, will be the premium.

Comment Here we go again! (Score -1, Troll) 735

More BS "man made" global warming crap. The problem is, a majority of "youth" have been brainwashed into believing that man can alter the climate on this planet, which makes them great pawns, in this controlling the world through the U.N. crap. One good belch out of a volcano, will screw up the globe more than humans can. Just a couple weeks ago, some hot shot researchers explained why they were wrong, about melting ice in Greenland or some crap. They said years back that due to burning of fossil fuels, soot & dirt were covering ice, causing more light to be absorbed, than reflected, heating the ice and melting it. Once researchers discovered the ice was INCREASING not decreasing, they admitted that the satellite sensors were degrading and had not been calibrated to make up for the decrease in sensitivity. The science does not support the facts on man made global warming/climate change. We are more likely to enter a new mini ice age in the next 15 years, if you use the solar cycle and lack of sunspots this year.

Comment Re:It's either that... (Score 1) 289

"technically" they were not the first "man" into space. According to the people that were recording the "first" of such things, the rules for the first man into space, the person had to go up and come down in the spacecraft. Yuri, went up with it, but due to the Russian way of doing things, he was purposely ejected out of the spacecraft, before hitting the ground, then, was transported back to the craft for photos, movies of him exiting the capsule. So, Since he didn't land in the craft, he wasn't the "first person" into space. Minor technicality, but that's what happened.

Comment HOGWASH (Score 1) 249

Just the other day, I read an article, saying OPPS....we were wrong! Originally, "scientist" were in a panic. Reflective sunlight was reduced coming off ice shelves in Greenland or somewhere around there. "Scientist" were CONVINCED that burning of "fossil fuels" caused soot & dust, to be deposited on the ice, reducing the amount of light reflected. After finding that there isn't any ice melting, these same "scientist" have found that the error in the readings were due to decaying sensors on the satellite, that had NOT been calibrated/checked in a long time.

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