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Comment: Antique technology, time for it to go! (Score 0) 228

by p51d007 (#48038805) Attached to: Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records
I've been working on office machines, printers and the like for over 30 years. I never knew that I would have to learn so much about the inner working of the (U.S.) phone system that I have had to learn. With the break up of the phone company, VoIp, and the like, it is a PITA to figure out sometimes, why a fax cannot transmit from certain numbers, or receive from certain numbers. Fax machines are analog, and the internet, well is obviously digital. It's like mixing oil & water, and forcing it to mix! Then you have the problem of the ATA adapter, that converts the digital VoIP signal, back into an analog modem signal. For obvious reasons, network techs try to plant all equipment in a central location. Do that with an ATA box and run a (usually) unshielded phone line several hundred feet to a fax machine and you'll be lucky to even have a dial tone, not to mention enough loop current or ring voltage for the fax to even work. Then, even if they do mount the ATA box close to the fax, if it doesn't have the T.38 firmware, don't even bother turning on the V.38 modem features, or some of the MMR/jbig compression features. Sad, that even here it is, 2014, and we are still using technology that was technically patented in 1843, became somewhat usable in the 60's. Time to move on!

Comment: Boo Hoooo! (Score 0) 904

by p51d007 (#47996133) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running
Oh give me a break! This will play up to the idiot morons out there, brainwashed through 30 years of capitalism bad, socialism good. You have people who are IRRESPONSIBLE with money, can't/won't get a job, can't keep a job, no skills, can't afford anything (except they have money for tattoos, piercings, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, 2-3-4 children) and they want a car with a piss-poor credit score. So, they are given the opportunity to prove themselves, but, there is a don't pay, you don't drive, and they have the GALL to act surprised when they forget/stop/refuse to make the payments, THAT YOU SIGNED ON A CONTRACT, the company makes it where they cannot use the car? I have worked hard all of my life, made payments on time, sacrificed not buying "things" because of other obligations, kept credit card bills in line and paid them off and that is why my credit score is in the low 800's and I pretty much can buy any house, car or something on credit with a good rating. Once again, the morons out there who live with no regard to personal responsibility want ME to be the bad guy and once again, give THEM a break. Screw that! Life is hard, and the quicker you LEARN that, the better off everyone will be!

Comment: Wait for 8.01? (Score 0) 504

by p51d007 (#47961987) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?
I try to stay away from .0 releases, opting to wait a few weeks to see how it pans out. Other than Dos 6.0, I've held off on .0 releases on phones. My old Note1, never had an "official" kit kat release, and I left it at 4.1.2 from April '13 until I retired it in July of this year. I'm sure the same thing with 8.0 is that after it's been in the wild a while, Apple will release a dot one release to clear some early problems and a dot two release to make it a bit snappier. I'm FAR from an apple fanboy, other than a VM of Mac on my laptop, I don't own anything from Apple, but early adopters usually pay the price, for being an early adopter.

Comment: meaningful tax reform (Score 0) 324

by p51d007 (#47921805) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance
Not sure how it works in other countries, but if you REALLY want a true tax reform, in the USA, outlaw the FICA taxes. Give everyone their paycheck, and FORCE them to give it to the government each month. Once they find out 1/3 or more of their paycheck goes to the government, they would be standing outside of DC with pitchforks and torches. Always bugs me when I hear someone say how much they earn by saying my "take home pay" is xxxxxx. No, your SALARY is MORE, but the government STEALS a set amount. And, with more and more people on the government take, they will have to confinscate more and more from the producers, to give to the takers to ensure they are elected again and again. Socialism in the USA will end, when those elected, run out of other peoples money to spend!

Comment: M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N (Score 0) 291

by p51d007 (#47883199) Attached to: Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'
Funny that little word moderation always seems to pop up from time to time. Genetics, being a deciding factor in health, along with weight, you can pretty much eat anything you want, IN MODERATION, and it not cause an issue. When you see these telletubies running around on the scooters in the stores, with 3 & 4 folds of flab hanging off their bodies, a clear tube of oxygen shoved up their nose and they are in the cookie, cake & salty items section of a grocery store, it's not hard to figure out why they have health issues.

Comment: Radio Shack and Heathkit (Score 0) 115

by p51d007 (#47858397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Robotics or Electronic Kits For Wounded Veterans?
When I was a kid growing up in the 60's 70's, you could get a heathkit or radio shack P-box kit for not much money to play & learn electronics, but today, I don't know where you go, maybe do some searching on Amazon, ebay and the like. See if you can find an amateur radio operator nearby, GOOD source of information about such things.

Comment: Grandma & Grandpa (Score 0) 533

by p51d007 (#47857037) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough
Yeah, 4mb is almost fast enough for them to play candy crush, look at photos of the grandkids, check the email, read the news, but for the other 97% of the population, we don't want to watch the wait symbol running round and round, just to watch a movie clip, youtube or to download MS updates.

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