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Comment: Bring back the F1 (Score 2) 146

by p51d007 (#47388995) Attached to: NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever
Good grief...we had one of the best heavy lift rockets in the world, the Saturn V launch system. (The apollo was on top, not the lift part). Even after getting hit by lightning, Apollo 12 continued to go, Apollo 13, had a center engine cutout, continued to work. Only lift rocket that had a 100% success rate. It was a proven design, and, you can bet since it was made in the era of slide rules, it could be improved on to be even better, but no, can't do that...let's just spend a TON of money we don't have, design something new, that will of course have a few billion dollars of glitches & cost overruns, and come in way over budget. (Just look at the F-35). Sometimes, it's better to look at what worked, before going off on a new design.

Comment: Lots of things can figure into it. (Score 1) 279

by p51d007 (#47388945) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Often Should You Change Jobs?
At least in the USA, unless you are union, government employee, etc...a lot of factors can figure into changing jobs. Right now, for the most part, the USA is in an "employers" economy. With fewer jobs, they have their pick, and salaries can reflect that. Unless your job, career is in jeopardy, it might be best to wait it out, if possible. I think it is always a good idea, to have at least 6 months of funds saved up in the bank, in case something happens. Layoffs, plant closings, job loss do to an injury or illness. A lot of people say no way I can save 6 months, I have bills, children, mortgage, car payments etc... A LOT of those things, are CHOICES. People don't save like they use to. I'm one of those baby boomers that grew up with parents that were young, during the depression. Back then, it wasn't a new car, house was FOOD! Saving money was something drilled into me. Now, when I got out on my own when I was 18, I, like so many, got into a minor issue with credit card debt. Not really bad, just 10,000.00, but it took me a few years to dig out. After I did, I got rid of them, vowed to NEVER have one again, opened a savings account and instead of spending the money I was paying the credit card companies, I stuck it in the bank, never to touch it. Now days, people spend it as fast as they get it. I have a sibling that is like that. Soon as her, child, husband get money, it's off to dinner out, spending it, then once in a while crying to me or another parent or sibling to loan her money for food, mortgage, medicine... Instead of saving, they spend. Now, everyone is different.... Moving from one job to another is a LOT easier, if your personal finances don't have to play into it. One thing you NEVER want to do when leaving a job, no matter how bad a job is, or how difficult the boss, manager is, NEVER EVER burn your bridges. The bridge you burn today, you may have to cross again some day. Also, give at least TWO WEEKS notice. Any time I've switched employers, I always ask the future employer, I'm giving the former employer two weeks notice, and if I accept the new job, and the old employer wants me gone that day, may I start earlier than expected. Never had one say no. When you do leave, don't announce it to everyone THEN tell the manager/boss. You should always go to them first. Then, it should be their decision when to announce it to everyone else. Of course, if you are in sales, NEVER take anything from your past employer in the way of customer information. If you are good at what you do, your customers WILL find you. I'm in the electronic office equipment business in a small/mid size city (less than 250,000 population). I've been doing this for over 30 years. I've never told a customer, when I leave, where I'm going. My obligation is to the past employer until I leave. I have some customers that have followed me for over 30 years, to 4 different dealers. They WILL find you if you are good at what you do, and, I always carry the idea that customers are MINE first, THEN the companies. I work for the customers, but my employer pays my paycheck, is how I look at it. After you do leave, when speaking of your old employer, speak kindly, it's that burning bridge never know when it comes back to haunt you.

Comment: No screen saver (Score 1) 348

by p51d007 (#47368679) Attached to: Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap
Another reason I don't use "screen savers", live wallpapers or any of that other "make it look pretty" garbage...OVERHEAD. Live wallpapers eat up GPU resources & CPU resources, screen savers aren't really "needed" these days like they were in the old CRT monitor days. I use a black wallpaper, no screen saver, set my monitor to sleep mode after 20 minutes of non use. Cuts down on CPU/GPU overhead. Also, I keep my desktop icons in a folder, cuts down on screen refresh and keeps the desktop nice and tidy.

Comment: satellite "tweaked" (Score 1) 190

by p51d007 (#47352993) Attached to: NASA Launching Satellite To Track Carbon
Wanna bet the satellite will give promising "global warming" data? Also, ever notice they complain about the Ozone hole in the winter, for the North, and for the South, in the summer? I'm sure the position of the SUN has NOTHING to do with it of course. "man made" global warming has ALWAYS been a hoax. We've been cooling since the 30's. Also, a decade, in relation to the age of the earth, is but a blink of the eye. People's views of history, pretty much start at the time of their birth, since god knows, schools don't have time to teach world history, when they have other pressing needs such as common core, teaching kids conflict resolution, homosexual behavior, the USA is bad, capitalism is bad, socialism is good...they don't have time to "learn em good" about things like the atmosphere, how the SUN affects our world and the Co2 is an element that plants use, to produce the oxygen we breathe.

Comment: Cue the man made global warming in 3,2,1 (Score 1) 80

by p51d007 (#47300533) Attached to: Satellite Swarm Spots North Pole Drift
The core of the earth is a molten core of iron. Iron is magnetic. As it moves around, the magnetic field around it will change. The magnetic north has been moving long before humans walked the earth and probably will be moving around long after we leave. As with NOAA faking the "man made" global warming data, this will just be another way to scare the morons that don't think into believing global warming is caused by man.

Comment: XB-70 (Score 4, Interesting) 133

by p51d007 (#47295383) Attached to: The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened
It's amazing, how the weapons of war, develop out of the fear from the idea, that one side has something the other does not. Take the XB-70. It wasn't a "black" project, and even if it was, soviet spies were in the USA watching as much as they could. Once Moscow got wind of the XB-70, they started on a project of their own. They needed something fast, that could intercept the XB-70. They came up with the Mig-25 Foxbat. A VERY fast plane. After the XB-70 was canceled, they kept on with the design, since it could out run, out climb anything in the west. I believe it was a Foxbat that pretty much walked away from a F-4 phantom sometime in the late 60's that spooked the USAF and they got McDonnell Douglas working on an interceptor that could match/beat the Foxbat. They came up with the F-15 Eagle (I still think it could be modded to outdo most anything today). The F-15 is a beast, beat the time to climb record too. In the mid 70's? someone defected in Japan with a Mig-25, almost crashing into a commercial jet at the Tokyo airport. Well of course the USAF pretty much went over it with a fine tooth comb before returning it. They found out the environmental system sucked, the build quality suffered greatly, and the engines were prone to needing replacement after a few missions. In other words, other than speed, it kind of sucked. But if you look back at history, the Mig-15 made the USAF develop the F-86, The Mig-21 was followed up by the F-4 phantom, the Mig-25 got the F-15 going, the F-16 got the Su-27, and on and on and on, just to one up the other guy. Lots of money, wasted, to some extent, if you look at all the rusted out hulks in the former soviet union, and the mothballed ones sitting in the dessert just outside Phoenix, AZ.

Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 619

by p51d007 (#47277483) Attached to: 2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase
Yeah, but socialist have done such a great job indoctrinating people about the "evils of big oil", that people think oil companies are making an obscene profit on a gallon of gas, when, it is GOVERNMENTS, both state & federal that rake in the money on a gallon of gasoline. Of course it would never happen, because it would take the power away from elected officials, but repeal of the 16th amendment (income tax), and adoption of a flat or fair tax would unleash the potential for growth in this country. Also, going BACK on a gold standard, would force government to stop spending like a drunken sailor. Paper money is WORTHLESS, since it is "backed by the full faith & credit of the Federal Government". HA! what a joke! Worst thing Nixon ever did was take us off the gold standard. Now, they just spend spend spend. And the debt ceiling? LOL, they just keep bumping it higher & higher & higher. We have ourselves to blame, we keep putting these morons back in DC year after year.

Comment: While technically correct (Score 2) 932

by p51d007 (#47217103) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary
That he was the first house majority leader defeated in a PRIMARY, he isn't the first sitting speaker to be defeated from that position. Democrat Tom Foley lost his house majority seat in 1994 Democrat Tom Daschle lost his senate majority seat in 2004 Personally, I don't care the party, but anyone that is over 70 years old, and has spent "a lifetime" in politics needs to removed. They quit becoming politicians of their respective states, and simply become politicians of lobbyist & special interest groups. Another reason the 17th amendment needs to be repealed! The states should be put back in charge of electing the members of the senate to return equal branches of government & allowing the states to have a say in what goes on in DC. The president is the chief executive officer, the house is the house of the people, giving the people a say in DC, and the senate, in accordance to the constitution, was suppose to have appointed senators from the legislators in the states, to give the states a bit of say so, in DC.

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