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Comment "It's too big" (Score 2) 177

I remember when I got a Dell Streak 5, smartphone in 2010...everyone laughed "it's too big" Then the next year, Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note...everyone said it was too big. Now, just about ever smartphone maker, INCLUDING APPLE has a 5" or bigger screen, so, who's to say an 18" tablet is too big? Time will tell. If they made a rugged one, I'd get it for work and give up lugging around my laptop.

Comment So? (Score 1) 210

We willingly gave up our freedoms, the minute the cell phone came to be, even more so with the "smartphone". Who actually reads the EULA when they install anything? Granted, the police sniffing using stingray is just another notch in the link of losing privacy, but they use the "what do you have to hide" idea, that apparently works so well, because people are nothing more than sheep. The (in the usa) constitution isn't taught any more, because it is an old document written by a bunch of "evil rich white slaveholders that destroyed the native Americans" or some other BS. The TSA has people "thinking" that you are safer to fly on an airliner, if you are treated as a criminal, but depending on your religious group ties, you may not even be searched, and, can get a "go on through" fast track. The USA, at least, is a post constitutional country. Probably in the next 10-15 years, or less, we'll just have a good old riot to touch everything off, or if the stock market keeps going, another depression like 1929, that touches off a good old fashioned reset...called a world war.

Comment It's easy to see what this is about (Score 1) 211

This is about saying how bad working conditions are at Amazon, Google, Apple and all the "big" companies, in an attempt to FORCE them into a union. The government will start screwing with them to get them into a union. Once unionized, all that millions in campaign donations will filter back into the hands of greedy politicians.

Comment This has been going on for decades (Score 5, Informative) 378

I've been in the copier/printer/fax/computer business for over 30 years. Region locking things has been going on for about that long. It first started with designing a tab, prong or other plastic part, to prevent a cartridge from working. Savin, some Lanier, Ricoh boxes are the same, but their cartridges won't fit. Toshiba, some lanier, Kyocera boxes are the same, but their toner won't fit. They use to do it with the above mentioned "break away" tabs (if you knew what to change), but that wasn't good enough, so they put a different drive gear coupling on the rear. But that wasn't good enough. Now a lot of them have either a CRM chip, or an RFID chip on the back of the cartridge that gets close enough to the one in the machine to read it. If they don't match, it won't work. In the "olden" days of dry toner copier, they did this to prevent a person from refilling the toner cartridges. With the color copiers/printers, the particle sizes have reached such a small size, and, the temperature melting points are becoming so small, that if you vary the toner or carrier just a very small amount, it makes a mess and can destroy some components. The DRM on cartridges is a PITA because if you slap a genuine new one in, and it doesn't read, it creates a service call. Sometimes, you can go in and tell it to look for the cartridge again, but if that doesn't work, you have to reject the cartridge and RMA it back to the company.

Comment Re:Why does it matter that he's black? (Score 1) 50

Remember a few years back, there was a university, Minnesota I think, that was offering some sort of grant or something to "African Americans". This lady applied online, and went in for the interview and they rejected her because she was white. The kicker is she was born in South Africa, but she and her parents moved to the USA. So technically, she was an African, American...which technically was correct, but not politically correct. Not sure of the outcome, but I thought it was hysterical.

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