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Comment Re:Ban the phones (Score 1) 67

Oddly, I'm much more comfortable with Chinese spyware than the American spyware that is installed here. I have used two THL phones, and was mostly really happy with one of them, and one of them was a piece of junk. What does China care where my location is or that I read Slashdot?

Comment Re:It's simple... (Score 0) 194

Uhh, I'm going to have to see your numbers on that one.

And as for your idiots who would rather live without power than have nuclear, they are, well, idiots. Even if they had a reactor in their bathroom they would still live much longer lives with power than without. No running water means no sanitation, and no sanitation means your life ends on average a few decades earlier. Never mind things like refrigeration and electricity fueled mass production.

Comment Re:Austrian Machine (Score 1) 153

Funny, then, that they keep creating it at every opportunity. Almost all government economists are Keynesians. The government has followed policies suggested by Keynesians, including Krugman's infamous suggestion that we "fix" the bursting internet bubble by creating a housing bubble. In fact, looking back through history, I can't think of a single instance of stagflation that didn't occur under any but a Keynesian administration.

Of course, we don't have stagflation now, because the idiots in charge keep changing the rules about how things are calculated. But hey, who's counting? No-one "important"!

Comment Re:Austrian Machine (Score 1) 153

"you cannot"

Correct. You and I are completely incapable of such calculations. We can only model the consequences of our actions in the broadest of strokes. But a machine with a human equivalent IQ of, say, 400,000,000? It most certainly could, and with high accuracy.

You can SAY that your level of computing power is irrelevant, but you will always be wrong when you say it. The universe is a computer, and thus everything inside of it can be emulated, given enough processing power, just like you can run a game of Super Mario Brothers in your web browser.

Comment Re:What I don't like (Score 1) 468

This exchange from Buffy the Vampire Slayer seems to fit tech work so well:

Buffy: Mom, I hate that these people scared you so much. And I-I know
that you're just trying to help, but you have to let me handle this.
It's what I do.

Joyce: But is it really? I mean, you patrol, you slay... Evil pops up,
you undo it. A-a-and that's great! But is Sunnydale getting any better?
Are they running out of vampires?

Buffy: I don't think that you run out of...

Joyce: It's not your fault. You don't have a plan. You just react to
things. I-i-it's bound to be kind of fruitless.

That's tech work. Problems pop up, you undo them. There is no plan, and yes, it's kind of fruitless. :)

Comment What I don't like (Score 5, Insightful) 468

A lot of tech work is reactionary. And if all you have to do is put out fires, it isn't terrible. But you are usually expected to work at other things between fires. Which means the second you start doing one thing, you have to stop and go fix six other things. Always feeling like you are getting pulled in eighteen different directions sucks.

Comment Austrian Machine (Score 0) 153

Austrian economists have always discounted the use of math in economics because it is too complex and self referential, ie the things you are modelling can read your theories and adjust their behavior. Sounds like machine learning may finally bridge that gap, and take us out of the era of Voodoo Economics and into one where human action in aggregate is accurately modeled beyond the most basic "this policy will increase/decrease capital investment" used by the Austrians. Ever since I learned about AI and the potential upcoming technological Singularity, I have suspected that this will be the most important application of an ASI, because once you can accurately model human behavior on a massive scale, you can devise non-intrusive interventions a la the Butterfly Effect to maximize freedom and prosperity for everyone. Sort of like when something bad happens to you, like your family dies in a fiery car crash, or when a baby gets cancer, and some idiot tells you that "God has a plan". Well, now there is actually a real plan, and one that's actually GOOD for everyone involved.

Even if it doesn't run that far, hopefully this will finally bury the idiot Keynesian school. A school, I might add, that couldn't even COMPREHEND THE EXISTENCE of stagflation, nevermind model/predict it and hence should have been thrown into the dustbin of history in the 70's when it first appeared. Too bad it is so useful for justifying the government's eternal urge to spend more of the people's money buying votes.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 0) 325

It really isn't. That would be YOUR ideological bias. I'm an Anarcho-capitalist. Not even on your radar, slave-boy.

Conservatives have their own problems, and I speak out against them vociferously when they are in power, and get accused of being a liberal. It's hilarious! You idiots seem to think there can only be two ideologies out there. Which is ironic, because that is actually true, it's just that your "two" ideologies are actually just one: statism.

Here's a fun thought exercise for you: take your political ideology, and list out all of its various positions. Then think about how you would come to adopt those positions organically without already having the two parties.

"Gort, klaatu nikto barada." -- The Day the Earth Stood Still