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Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479 479

You've discovered the secret agenda!

Science would get no where if the process were to disprove all the arguments against a hypothesis.

The idea is to mire the progress of science by keeping the scientists busy disproving all the whackjob nutter "theories" that eventually go nowhere until the rapture occurs.

Comment Re:Just a browser (Score 1) 91 91

I am thinking of doing the same. I would guess all you would have to do is turn off automatic updates, and remove the current one and install an old version, somewhere around 20x, or maybe even earlier. Thank the gods for - what was the last version of FF that didn't suck too badly, anyway?

The only big issue I would be concerned with is how the newer plugins of Adblock and NoScript will integrate with the older browser's API structure, and if they would be compatible with the older executable.

Comment Re:This is what extensions are for (Score 1) 91 91

Apparently they have shitcanned the bug fix request. It's classified as "RESOLVED INVALID" according to the bugzilla entry. Not gonna let anyone piss in their cornflakes, it would seem. "Fuck them!" is the thought that keeps coming up in my mind, but I can't stand the Chrome/Google/Snoop alternative(s).

Comment Re:"stealing just like stealing anything else" (Score 2) 408 408

It can't even be imagined as "stealing" in my mind. Since it's paid for in the U.S., I fail to see the difference if you had driven to the U.S. and purchased something to take back to Canada. it might be "smuggling" if anything, by way of avoiding paying whatever bullshit tariffs Canada might be able to levy, if there even are any that apply.

Comment Re:Geothermal Heat Pump (Score 1) 557 557

This is exactly what I found after getting a few quotes to replace my current system. And that's heating with propane, which is close in cost to literally burning cash for heat. Payback from propane to geo was 18+ years with a life expectancy of the unit of 20 years (after factoring in the tax rebate.) I am considering building a new and smaller house, and would get another quote, but I'd likely end up with a heat pump with propane. Natural gas is rather hard to get out where I live and/or would live.

Affecting to the cost is how you do the ground loop. Where I live they'd have to drill wells, which is expensive. In other places you can just scrape off the top 10' of soil, run a loop horizontally, and cover it back up. This assumes you have a lot of land that will be grass, not trees with invasive roots.

For a new house, I'd likely just super-insulate the place with an air-to-air heat exchanger to keep the air fresh. R-21 minimum or even higher for the walls, and R-60 or better for the ceiling. I'd then put sheeting over top that to keep dust down and allow for easy access and/or storage. I'm temped to have concrete exterior walls (or brick) for the thermal mass and noise reduction.

I like poured 9' foundations for future basement finishing with a very good water proofing system.

Solar would be nice, but a generator and transfer switch would likely be a must given the area's frequent storms. Some sort of UPS for critical electronic systems, too (alarm, security, phone. You can get older, larger commercial ones on eBay relatively cheaply. Batteries are expensive, though.) Definitely do a whole house surge suppression system. They are cheap and can save you lots of money later. You can almost never have too many circuit breaker spaces in your panels. I have two 200 amp panels and they are 3/4 full. Modern codes require dedicated circuits for many things, and I'd expand on that. A 15 amp breaker is dirty cheap.

I have dual cat-6 runs to each bedroom and most other rooms, and I'd probably expand that to 3 or 4 in new construction. A coax run is useful (all home run.) Pre-wire for speakers in areas you'd want an entertainment system. Conduit is nice for the cat-6 / RG6 stuff. I'd run a 3" PVC pipe from the basement to the attic, but not on an outside wall. You never know what you'd want to run there. I'd also plan for PoE networking for surveillance cameras looking at all entrances, in the garage, and places like the family room and kitchen.

Obvious things like very low-E windows, make sure you insulate the corners of the house (most builders don't!). I'd also write in the contract that I'd have the exterior assessed with an infra-red camera during winter for any heat leaks and require them to be fixed (within limits, of course.) One missed wall bay or something can seriously kill efficiency. My current house has a vent pipe in an exterior wall. That bay in the wall gets down to 45 degrees F in the winter! I'm guessing it's to provide air to the water heater, but I'd likely go tankless. Definitely nothing that uses air from inside the house for combustion.

Music to the rooms and/or intercoms can be nice, depending on home size. I'd likely opt for something PoE for the intercom, if possible.

Lots of exterior lights (don't forget switch outlets in the eaves if you like Christmas lights.) For lighting inside, LED strips are very neat (get high CRI ones.) Perhaps in hallways LED strips would be nice.

Easy access to plumbing fixtures for future replacement and upgrades. (It's amazing that builders don't do that now.) For outside, a number of waterproof electrical outlet boxes (we never seem have one where we want one) and several water bibs so you don't have to run 200' of hose every time you want to water something.

I'm sure there's more to be added...

Comment Re:dont' engage it with people there? (Score 2) 392 392

Shouldn't a human without any major cognitive disabilities know not to trigger the auto-parking feature when there were people standing in the spot?

You've obviously never driven in New York or Chicago! People don't give a fuck when they hit other CARS, let alone a nice soft target like a human...

Seriously, drive down a street in NY, especially Brooklyn. You'll see all the unlucky street parkers, and almost every car has some street-side damage on it. People pull halfway into intersections to see if there is oncoming traffic, because people park right up to the street corners, giving no visibility. Driving there is like a pinball game; DEFENSIVE driving is the word of the day, every day.

Comment Re:Now if only the rest of the country would follo (Score 3, Informative) 545 545

This is true, I'm glad someone said it. Especially the part about the shot line in the military being different.

I did the same thing when joining the Navy and me and most of my company were sick as hell for a week or so. But, they immunize you instead of simple MMR, for dozens of things including exotic jungle rots and things like malaria, etc. Things that you would never encounter if you stayed in the USA, and weren't in some muddy jungle or strange desert somewhere with their localized exotic diseases.

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