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Comment: Re:or 2 competing providers before an area loses P (Score 1) 449

by nwf (#46618027) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

Sounds like comcast. We got a few business phone lines from comcast where I work, and none were usable for fax, alarm panels, modems or anything. We canceled because they couldn't even understand why there could even be a problem in theory. Voice works, so everything must work!

At my house, Verizon stopped providing POTS phone service ages ago. VoIP phone is all they offer now, and while better, it's still not very good.

Comment: Re:Depends on the dish (Score 1) 285

by nwf (#46608099) Attached to: I prefer my peppers ...

Wow, that's definitely a fear of heat by the parents. I feed my toddler Heinz ketchup, cinnamon, garlic (in stuff) and taco meat. He loves it! He'll have to be much older to try jalapenos, though. I eat them on nachos all the time, but that's about as hot as I'll go.

I remember in college we had a Thai place that would make their dishes on a scale of 0-10 on heat. My friend got a 10 one day. I ate one small bite and had enough. I usually got a 3 or 4. Then there are places like Pei Wei, a chain "asian" place that warns that some dishes as hot. I honestly can't even tell when I get one of the 'hot" ones and a normal one. I think Americans are generally pretty wimpy when it comes to spicy food.

Comment: Re:Diebold (Score 1) 150

by nwf (#46580977) Attached to: Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

That was my first guess. My bank uses them, and they are absolutely amazing in terms of completely uninformed user interface design. They've upgraded them over the years and are a little better, but they are just terrible to use physically and electronically. Not really related to hacking, other than by the fact they just don't care about making a quality product.

Comment: Re:That's capitalism. (Score 1) 710

by nwf (#46509287) Attached to: Prominent GitHub Engineer Julie Ann Horvath Quits Citing Harrassment

And that is different from how we would expect her to approach a male engineer she was trying to ensnare exactly how?

Why is it that a woman "ensnares" a man? Have men no self-control? Or is male infantile sexuality simply "the law of gravity" as you seem to claim in OP?

I think for many men it is a "law". Self control in the US is declining in general, and many men didn't have much to begin with, particularly when culture encourages such behavior. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their failures, anyway. It's a convergence of a society not valuing self control nor personal responsibility. It's only like not worse because it's politically incorrect.

Disclaimer: I'm a man, but I see this all the time, everywhere.

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by nwf (#46390371) Attached to: Apple Launches CarPlay At Geneva Show

We had a rental car with Ford Sync for two weeks. It's nothing like simple or intuitive. I write software for a living, and I can't imagine what went through the Sync developers' heads. It's a colossal of usability, speed, efficiency, intuition, and functionality. While Ford is dropping Microsoft, they can't replace it too soon. I need a new car, and I explicitly won't get anything with Ford Sync or the BMW iDrive which is less crappy, but still junk but easier to use.

Comment: Re:Cutting any recurring bill (Score 1) 206

by nwf (#46387699) Attached to: How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33%

You said the magic words, "I want to cancel my (TV/Internet/Phone, etc.). Nothing fets their attention like the word cancel. Always at least threaten to cancel before quitting a service.

I did that with Comcast because they couldn't get me more than 256 kbps download speeds. They don't care. I cancelled and moved to Verizon, but at least I had choices. Threatened to cancel Verizon too after their rep completely lied to me. They didn't care. I finally reported them to the BBB, which did get some action.

Basically, even canceling doesn't concern them. They know you'll be back or it just isn't worth it to make it work for you. I still get two mailings from Comcast per week that go right into the recycle bin. I tried to drop phone service, but their "double play" packages were like $5 less than having the phone. Plus, event their crappy VoIP solution sounds 100 times better then the best cell phone.

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by nwf (#46337519) Attached to: Facebook Shuts Down @Facebook Email System

If I'm hiring for a position in the fashion industry, then I may very well check out what clothes they are wearing. Same for someone wanting a job in the tech industry. An applicant with an or says they just aren't serious about their profession. If they are applying to be a secretary, then indeed, I could care less what their email address domain is.

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by nwf (#46110691) Attached to: Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

Indeed. Where I live, we have tons of snow plows and salt. We maybe need it 10-15 days a year. So in three years, we don't use our equipment about as little as they give for justifying why they don't have them. That's the dumbest justification I've seen. Most places that have snow removal equipment don't use them very often, but they aren't dumb enough to hope that things will just work out. If you know you get snow every three years or so, that sounds like enough justification to purchase equipment. Down there you could get buy with some large tanker trucks to brine the streets before hand. This greatly reduces the chance of icing, even if you aren't going to plow. It comes down to: equipment is expensive and we just don't want to buy it.

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