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Comment: Re:Deals? (Score 1, Insightful) 187

by nwf (#48611717) Attached to: Apple Wins iTunes DRM Case

That's silly. Making products work with only your products is legal and has been going on for at least 100 years. If you get razors from company X you can't get blades from company Y. Like video games (that Apple mentioned in their argument) that work only in their console, if you get a DVD it won't play in your VCR, your AT&T phone won't work on Verizon, if you get HBO you can't record it without DRM in HD, only certain garbage cans fit into my cabinets trash drawer, etc. It's stupid to expect a company has to make their products universally compatible just because they have the industry-leading product. We have hand sanitizer dispensers and, guess what, they only let you use their packaged liquid. Only an idiot would think companies should be compelled to do otherwise.

And regarding the record companies, it was "use music with your DRM only or no music for you". So the alternative would be NO iPods or downloadable music. You'd be back having to buy a crappy album for a single good song.

Comment: Re:UPS (Score 3, Informative) 236

by nwf (#48436569) Attached to: What is your computer most often plugged into?

Every UPS I've used, from cheap home ones, to full rack APC units, I've found that the batteries last about 4-5 years. The home unit needed $40 for new batteries (same OEM, not APC-branded.) They lasted 8 years, which I thought was pretty good. (And, yes, I do test it every year or sooner.) It's pretty cheap insurance and you can use the power in an emergency for things like inflating an air mattress if you have to sleep in the basement due to tornado warnings (yes, I've don that!)

Comment: Re:Not a chance (Score 1) 631

by nwf (#48253371) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

They will credit your money back the next day, but they likely won't credit all the overdraft charges that occurred while your account was at zero due to the fraudulent charges. And since they have your checking account number, not a debit card number (which is processed by Visa / MC, meaning they are still in the loop), you don't get these protections anyway.

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