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Comment: Re:Windows 8 app store? (Score 1) 188

by nwf (#47777103) Attached to: Microsoft's Windows 8 App Store Is Full of Scamware

Developing for any device (successfully) would be difficult without a device, regardless of platform. You can get iPod Touches fairly cheap on eBay. You do, however, need to pay Apple $99/year to be an iOS developer, however. But for that, they'll distribute all your apps for no additional charge (assuming your app is free.) Android development tools are free, but you pretty much have to have a device to do anything. Their "simulator" is worthless.

Comment: Re:Laugh all the way to the bank (Score 1) 83

by nwf (#47591647) Attached to: Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute

So it looks like Samsung might not only have a good case to halt payment, but may also have grounds for a countersuit to get back the money MS has already illegally extracted.

I'd bet you can voluntarily "license" expired patents, if you desire to do so. It will all come down to the wording on the agreement. I'd bet Samsung will lose, since they are even more slimy than Microsoft and Microsoft has proven one thing over the years: they have good lawyers. (Whereas, Samsung has largely proven the opposite for their lawyers.)

Comment: Re:Too many apps, too much appcrap (Score 5, Insightful) 258

by nwf (#47569757) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

Most apps perform way, way faster all the while using significantly less data than do web sites. This may be more a ding against most web sites, but is valid none the less. I use a number of apps that can fetch their data and display it before a mobile browser has even pulled down the main content, let alone the 20 JavaScript libraries, 12 crap affiliate site icons/links and the countless images that add nothing.

However, some apps are worse than their mobile web site versions, e.g. most news sites.

My own company's mobile app, which I developed, can typically refresh a page in under 25 ms via 3G. Plus, customers prefer the apps to the mobile web sites.

Comment: Re:Not worth it (Score 1) 138

by nwf (#47451133) Attached to: Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park

They noted "This is a natural partnership for us" and I was thinking, "what, the Hulu executives are a bunch of foul-mouthed caricatures?" As you noted, they are the brainchild of broadcast networks, so perhaps, yes. I think the characters on South Park may have demonstrated more business savvy than these executives, though.

But, same deal here, I'll never pay for Hulu anything. If Netflix doesn't offer it or I can't otherwise find it, I just don't need to watch it.

Comment: Re:You're much better off investing in speakers (Score 1) 502

Any money spent on a sound card is better off spent on speakers and a good DAC, which often come together.

True, and you'll never get good speakers from Creative. They offer some of the worst sounding speakers I've ever heard. Including those bare speakers from Radio Shack.

In fact, when one speaker blew out on my old PC speaker set (a Harmon Kardon set, I believe), I couldn't actually find anything reasonably priced that didn't sound like crap. So I picked up another one on eBay from a guy who blew out his sub. When they die, I'm going to get an amp and use bookshelf speakers with a real sub.

Comment: Re:PcDuino (Score 1) 183

by nwf (#47426159) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?

I have a Pi and a PcDuino v2 and the PcDuino is definitely more capable and doesn't cost all that much more. The Arduino compatbility and WiFi are nice, as is having enough flash on board to boot without an SD card, although I generally use one since they are faster. I use their LinkSprite shield for prototyping things, since it breaks out the IO pins into a nice connector for easy use.

Comment: Re:or 2 competing providers before an area loses P (Score 1) 449

by nwf (#46618027) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

Sounds like comcast. We got a few business phone lines from comcast where I work, and none were usable for fax, alarm panels, modems or anything. We canceled because they couldn't even understand why there could even be a problem in theory. Voice works, so everything must work!

At my house, Verizon stopped providing POTS phone service ages ago. VoIP phone is all they offer now, and while better, it's still not very good.

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