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Comment: Missing option: The Hypno-Cube (Score 1) 265

by Mister Transistor (#48846645) Attached to: Best Cube?

This is an AWESOME 3-D transparent cube with a matrix of 64 RGB LED's in it, and they have about 50 pseudo-random modes it displays in, fades, spinning colors, it keeps changing endlessly and is the coolest bit of geek gear I have picked up in a while. They run about $99 so they are not cheap, but they are truly mesmerizing and hypnotic.

Check it out:

Comment: Re:Entitlement (Score 3, Insightful) 325

Once they fill their iDevice with all their U2 and other IToons garbage, they fill up the free space so that there is no longer room for the bloated "temporary" upgrade package files to download. Then, they are stuck unless they remove some of their media (and THAT ain't gonna happen)...

I have similar shit happen with my old Android phone, running CM7 as that is all that's available for it, and large package updates like WasteOfSpaceBook run out of memory. Then I get to go all techy with it and delete caches and program data until there's enough free space left to download the updates, one of my favorite activities, truly a joy untold, not helped by the fact that the idiots keep updating the apps weekly for some stupid reason(s). The main problem with Android is it's not media files eating up all the space, since they sit in a different memory area. It's a pre-reserved "system" memory area that is very small to start with and the newer apps push the limit of that "free" space to the edge. Feh.

Comment: Re:Are speed cameras bad? (Score 1) 335

by Mister Transistor (#48702973) Attached to: Out With the Red-Light Cameras, In With the Speeding Cameras

It's now the non-pay camera system works. They take every car's picture, usually driver and license plates, then discard the snaps after you successfully pay and clear the booth. That way if you decide to stop and feign paying or take off, they already have your picture rather than trying to snap a quick shot as you bolt out of the gate...

Comment: Re:Can't eliminate carry-on (Score 1) 349

No, people started doing that long before those days. Since the early 1980's, I would always avoid checked baggage so it would make the airport arrival much less of a hassle, not having to go to baggage claim and wait for the suitcase-go-round. Also, then I could go out the "Departures" level which was completely un-crowded when all the traffic was at the "Arrivals" area level, and jump into my prearranged ride. Unless I had a very large suitcase, for a trip of over a week, I would never check luggage. Plus, it avoided the "lost luggage" horror completely that way.

Of course, eventually that led to jerk-offs trying to bring their entire baggage as carry-on, even if they had 3-4 bags per person. This led to over-stuffed bins and extended boarding and leaving sessions, so after it got to a certain obnoxious level, the airlines started first limiting the size and number of carry-ons, then eventually charging for them.

Comment: Re:Can't eliminate carry-on (Score 1) 349

You're talking to one now. A long time ago, back in the 1980's, I went to San Mateo, and my luggage went to San Jose. That sucked - it took the airline about 3 days to track down, find my suitcase, and deliver it to my hotel. Luckily, I was staying 2 weeks, and I had (very little) extra cash to go buy a pair of underwear and socks, a toothbrush and a coat (it was a bit cold in the evenings at the time). I used to travel frequently back then for work, and this was the only time in hundreds of flights they ever got it wrong, but holy crap, what an inconvenience!

Comment: Re:Cheaper (Score 4, Interesting) 349

I'm guessing that due to economies of scale, the more popular and longer routes are run more, so since there's more of them and more competition, they drive the prices down on them. The shorter in-between flights aren't as popular so they are more "Specialized" and cost more?

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