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Comment Re:O Rly? (Score -1, Flamebait) 109

They (the "supporting" communist countries) abandoned that shithole and let it rot for many years. They ignored it pretty much completely after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now all of a sudden when we announce we're going to start tourism and relations with them, they are worthy of support from their erstwhile buddies. Hmm...

Comment Re:Never install updates without reading the KB (Score 1) 240

That's great until you run into an non-uninstallable update. They exist. Check out the "anti-piracy" updates they foisted on us the same way, just TRY to uninstall one of them!

Better to find out what the damn updates do first, and NEVER allow them to install in the first place if possible.

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479

You've discovered the secret agenda!

Science would get no where if the process were to disprove all the arguments against a hypothesis.

The idea is to mire the progress of science by keeping the scientists busy disproving all the whackjob nutter "theories" that eventually go nowhere until the rapture occurs.

Comment Re:Just a browser (Score 1) 91

I am thinking of doing the same. I would guess all you would have to do is turn off automatic updates, and remove the current one and install an old version, somewhere around 20x, or maybe even earlier. Thank the gods for - what was the last version of FF that didn't suck too badly, anyway?

The only big issue I would be concerned with is how the newer plugins of Adblock and NoScript will integrate with the older browser's API structure, and if they would be compatible with the older executable.

Comment Re:This is what extensions are for (Score 1) 91

Apparently they have shitcanned the bug fix request. It's classified as "RESOLVED INVALID" according to the bugzilla entry. Not gonna let anyone piss in their cornflakes, it would seem. "Fuck them!" is the thought that keeps coming up in my mind, but I can't stand the Chrome/Google/Snoop alternative(s).

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