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Comment Re: "never to have worked a day in his life," ... (Score 1) 50

I've never understood people who complain about working a lot of hours. ...... I work a lot of hours, and I am paid well to do it. ........ I'd wager I am paid considerably more than than people in Europe who take months of vacation time.

But what is the point if you do not have the time to "enjoy" that money?

Despite living in the UK I actually have quite a lot of money earned from a middling profession career, and I would find it hard to spend it all. I already live where I want to live. I have a 10 year old car that I prefer to more recent models. I do all my own car and house maintenance because I enjoy doing it, like a hobby (one reason why I now have quite a lot of money). This PC has bits up to 15 years old and works fine. I don't give a shit about designer clothing, watches, iStuff, whatever. My ideal day out is walking in the countryside, which costs nothing.

Billionaire plutocrats might have the best set of golf clubs that money can buy, but no time to play golf; and the biggest yachts in the Mediterranean - that sit in marinas almost unused. I calculate that Bill Gates, for example, could buy a new car on average every 15 seconds for the rest of his life - not enough time to get in and out again, what's the point?

The fact is that for some people work is their hobby and their life (sounds like yours); but it isn't mine.

Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 2) 235

Advertising is a plague

Here are you only referring to advertising placed in and around content, or all advertising, for example a company's own website, or some point-of-sale display?

I took it as read that he meant advertising around other content. If I want to buy a camera I go and look at the "advertising" websites of Canon, Pentax etc to see what they have on offer. Of course I look at review sites as well. Adverts that are put in my face annoy me to hell; they have an entirely negative effect on me and I am suprised that the vast majority of people do not react the same.

Comment Re:Hyperloop is better for freight (Score 1) 107

The benefit of freight is that there's far less danger and far lower insurance liability. Hyperloop could pull trucks off the roads .... Think of the greenhouse gases we'll save.

Then they need to build it big enough to take standard freight containers.

Most freight does not need to be moved at high speed. Conventional rail can already do that with far less greehouse gas than road transport.

Comment Re:Until an earthquake (Score 1) 107

With the hyperloop, any breach of the pipe, will let air into the tube, which increases the atmospheric pressure and forces the pod to slow down. It's a nice passive safety system

Understatement of the day. The air rushing into the broken pipe will hit any 1000kph train within it like a gigantic sledge hammer. It will still hit the train like a sledgehammer if the train has already been stopped because of an advance warning.

There are plenty of ways of stopping all conventional trains (and Hyperloop trains for that matter, but refer to my first paragraph) if an earthquake is detected anywhere along the line. Japan has such systems. Of course, if the track/pipe is broken at a place when the train is passing through, neither is safe.

Comment Re:Vacuum? (Score 1) 107

Even if the most conservative costs of freighting for the hyperloop were to double ....... it'd still be faster and cheaper than all the current means of transportation of goods.

So a railway plus a 4m diameter vacuum tube on pylons will be cheaper than a railway without a 4m diameter vacuum tube on pylons?

Comment The Number of Words is Irrelevant (Score 1) 220

If a false defamation of character is involved, and Sagehorn seems to be admitting it was false, there would a case for civil legal action against him. Some, possibly including Sagehorn, might not see it as a defamation of character, but others (most importantly the teacher) would; but that would be for a court to decide. For example if a woman already had a reputation for sleeping around it would not be a defamation of character, but that does not sound like the case here. Getting expelled from the school instead of a legal case therefore might be seen as Sagehorn getting off lightly.

Laws should be no different "because it was on a computer", a point often made here in other contexts.

Comment Re:Wheel size limitations.. (Score 1) 103

It's not a bicycle, no sitting involved; the rider's legs act as the suspension so small wheels are OK

He was talking about comfort. It is about the little wheels going down a crack, or coming up against a vertical misalignment larger than about a third of the wheel diameter, and stopping dead. Rider goes arse over tit.

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