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Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 1) 60

........ why induction might be better than using a conventional dock, especially for an automated car.

More resistant against vandals.

A plug-in point on a post does not seem particularly vandal prone. Avoid putting them in vandal-prone areas - cars are generally more mobile than vandals.

doesn't take up real estate with a charging station

Except for the credit card reader, unless everything is going to be free in La-La Land. Anyway, people (and entrepreneurs) will still want the adjacent shop to buy their booze and fags when they top up, so a few charging pillars wont make much difference.

No need for a person to hook up the charger.
faster connection
no need to play with adapters
no cables to trip over

A hard connection could be automated with a connector descending from the car to sockets on the ground. Some types of tram used to do that years ago. We are talking about self-parking cars aren't we? Even conventional cars do that now, so positioning is not a problem.

Contactless charging would be a bit more convenient than a hard connection, but seems unlikely to outweigh the penalty of energy losses in this "green" age. Seems to me that the main point is with regard to self-driving cars - that the car could be sent off empty to top up somewhere unattended, although as I said even a hard connection could be automated.

Comment Re:We've had these for 2 years already (Score 1) 60


the bus parks over plates buried in the road. The driver then lowers receiver plates on the bottom of the bus to within 4cm of the road surface and the bus is charged

So it is not on the move, and the bus lowers plates. Might as well lower contacts - much cheaper and more efficient.

Comment Re:Gee, the Roger Rabbit electric bus revisited (Score 1) 60

practically every piece of technology in the tool-chain up to and including the batteries (and their charge times) have gotten orders better in the decades since then

The laws of physics have not gotten better though. Charging across a significant air gap remains an inefficient part of the chain, no matter how much you improve the bits either side.

Comment Re: cellphones are bad enough (Score 1) 60

I think its both. I want an electric car because electricity is a shitload cheaper than petrol or diesel here.

Only because there is massive tax on petrol and diesel (in the UK anyway) and not on electricity. As long as only a few people adopt electric cars the government will be content to posture as the Godfather of Green-ness, and even give subsidies for it, but if/when most cars are electric do we really believe that the government will tolerate the loss of all that tax revenue? Good luck with that.

By that reasoning nobody would buy electric cars when their grid is fossil fuel powered. It reduces the benefit it does not negate it.

You are under-estimating the power of marketing. I once tried in vain to explain to a chatty guy on a train that his idea that running everything on compressed air "would cost nothing, because air was free, and pollution-free", would not in fact solve the World's energy problems.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 218

Hyperloop is, from what I understand, way more flexible than HSR, and just as fast (or faster), with less of the overhead.

How the heck do you make out that the Hyperloop is more flexible than HSR? Just one example of HSR flexibility : it can run off its high speed lines onto slower legacy lines for the purpose of reaching into an existing city central station; the French TGVs do this for example. That sort of flexibility is lacking with any system that needs a non-standard track.

If the Hyperloop is going to run at the speeds claimed, it is going to need some serious civil engineering because the curvature will need to be very gentle and the rate of change of vertical gradient very slight - or the occupants are going to be tossed around like dried peas in a rattle. That won't be a problem in a flat-ish desert, but in hilly areas it will need a lot of tunnels and high viaducts, not just the cheap 20 ft pillars that some people think are all it will need.

Flexible? - No.

Comment Re:fuck you microsoft! (Score 1) 581

You realize that your cell phone is based on a subscription model don't you? Unless you pay someone for some kind of connectivity it is pretty useless as a phone.....

False analogy. The clue to that is in the word "connectivity". I pay, and would expect to pay, my ISP for my PC's connectivity, not the maker of the PC or its operating system.

And yet you have no issues with that.

Actually I would. Being a light user of my cell phone I am on a pay per call scheme, not subscription.

Comment Re:Hardly anyone installs Windows (Score 1) 315

... when someone brings home a pre-installed Linux machine ..

Who are these people and what country are you in? In the UK it is not possible to buy a PC pre-installed with Linux (or ever has been AFAIR) except from a few very specialised build-to-order companies selling mainly to professionals. Such customers would know exactly what they want.

Comment Re: Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

Grow the fuck up and join the rest of society here in 2016.

Despite having grown up, I also have never liked working with women around, because they have always treated me with unspoken contempt. As for "the rest of society" I'm not special : in my observation 80% of women at work treat 80% of the men with contempt - the 20% of the men not so treated being the charmers and Jocks. Of course women are greatly outnumbered by men anyway if you work in tech, so women can be picky. Or they think they are being picky but actually manage to consort with some of the worse guys. Nothing new there, women's lib has made no difference.

Don't tell me I should "break the ice" and try chatting to them at work; I've tried that and always nearly got a handbag in my face. I don't bother any more; I have found women though different routes, certainly not at work.

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