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by nukenerd (#47723155) Attached to: Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

I would be very interested to see the analytics supporting the notion that people were clicking enough ads

Its trivial to track for a webmaster ... You can waste money on ads, but figuring out ... how well they are working and how much money you are making as a result of ad clickthroughs has been a solved problem

I think that the GP in his post as a whole was talking about the wider picture, not just whether a Webmaster was making money by click-throughs. The wider picture is whether people actually buy stuff even if they do click through.

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by nukenerd (#47718839) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Debian - desktop wouldn't even boot into 3d mode because of missing drivers. Desktop resizing issue? check. VPN missing? check. A host of other issues and command line fiddling ensued.

None of that would be an issue if it were pre-installed like Windows usually is.

Linux will be pre-installed on most PCs when it is the Year of the Linux Desktop.

The Year of the Linux Desktop will be when Linux is pre-installed on most PCs.

As far as Joe Sixpack and Granny are concerned, browsing porn and cat videos (respectively) on Facebook, it will make f#@k-all difference to them.

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by nukenerd (#47718805) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

The desktop IS dead, at least in one sense. If you buy one now, you might never have to buy one again.

Unfortunately they fail sometimes and need replacing. But I believe they will always be availble - look at the Hi-Fi world where heavyweight "professional" kit is still an industry despite iPods etc, and the SLR camera market where you can still buy a massive Hasselblad (>$20,000) despite everyone else having a phone camera. It baffles me why someone would want to use a laptop (or anything even more portable) when it stays in one place all the time. I am even thinking of screwing my (heavy IBM AT) keyboard and trackball to my desk because they slide a bit sometimes. I use something more portable only when I am travelling, or at home, occasionally, when using in another room.

What will change is that desktops will become "professional" kit. There will be no more of the bargains that we have got used to. I paid 1200GBP for my first desktop in c1995, the equivalent of maybe 3000GBP today. That was an enthusiast/professional price, and that is what it will return to.

My 5 1/2 year old desktop is still a solid workhorse and significantly faster than my new $3000 ultrabook.

I can beat that. Some parts of my desktop here are >20 years old, and the m'board is 8. Bits fail now and then and I replace piecemeal.

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by nukenerd (#47718761) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Don't even get me started on Linux Mint. ... Turns out that Mint, in their INFINITE GENIUS, decided to base their distro on Ubuntu's package repository..

I entirely agree that Mint are idiots for using Ubuntu repositories. Ubuntu in turn is based on Debian, so why don't Mint (and certain other distros) use Debian repositories and cut out the (dodgy in this case) middle man?

You'll be mocked and flamed and ridiculed and kicked off, told you are unworthy of Linux and should just go back to Windows. So go ahead assholes, just keep on dreaming about being the choice for desktop computing.

I'm not mocking, but people's reaction depends on how you phrase your argument. Yours looked reasonable until the third paragraph, but turned into a flame itself after that. I am always complaining about certain Linux issues on more technical forums than this one, but I think I am nevertheless respected for making my points effectively. There is indeed a lot wrong with Linux (it's certainly not "gold"); but I use it because the alternatives are even worse IMHO.

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As a monopoly, Microsoft gets to hold the proverbial "gun" to device vendors heads and say, "support our OS [or] we'll fucking destroy your market ...".

No, MS do not need to hold a gun or say anything.

Any hardware maker, unless they are very very specialised, will first write drivers for Windows simply because ~95% of their market is going to be Windows users. After that they might write drivers for Linux perhaps to pick up a few more sales (like that's why I buy HP printers) and/or just in case next year really does become the year of the Linux desktop.

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Yep. And then all that money .... will be redirected to Bill Gate's pockets.

Who in turn gave the vast bulk of his money to end disease, educate children, feed the world, etc.

But much of that money was obtained by cheating and crooked business practices (eg exploiting monopoly, "cutting off air supplies", corrupting Standards committees etc). He should first give back the proportion to those he cheated, let them decide if they want it to go to charity (of their choice, not Gates') and Gates can then do what he likes with the rest. Even then, I would start to admire him only if he gave so much away that he was left no richer than the average educated US guy.

He is not a saint. The fact is, it would be a physical impossiblity to spend it all on himself and enjoy it. Eg if he spent it all on new cars, he would not have time to get out of one and into the next fast enough even if he did nothing else for the rest of his life (do the maths). So if I had that money I would also give it to charities (but not Gates' charities) for lack of what else to do with the stuff, and I don't even consider myself a giving person.

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a counter that showed the number of days since the last industrial accident. The specification called for this counter to have just three digits, which frankly didn't inspire much confidence.

I don't think you know what counts as an "industrial accident". You seem to think it means a Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. I have worked in such industries and a cook in the canteen cutting her hand with a potato peeler counts as an industial accident. I'm not exagerating. That did happen where I work and the fuss about that cut hand went on for days - we were called in to "refresher" safety lectures, circulars were sent round, we were sick of hearing about it. The cook herself was no doubt highly embarrassed by it all.

The truth is that the management were in a pissing contest with other industrial sites for safety awards, and they had lost Brownie points. I think if I cut my hand I would sneak out to the car park and secretly bandage myself with my car first aid kit rather than go to a site first-aider.

To go 999 days on such a site with no "industrial accidents" would be, frankly, incredible.

Comment: Is this how MS gets its rocks off these days ? (Score 1, Funny) 337

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FTFA :- "Microsoft's losses on the tablet device at $US1.7 billion so far. But, still, Microsoft is serene: "It's been exciting to see the response to the Surface Pro 3 from individuals and businesses alike"

Yes, I have heard that people can get excited about losing big money. I once read a confession by a big gambler who said that he had experienced an orgasm on losing a big stake at a roulette wheel.

Keep at it Microsoft - right down to your last penny!

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