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Comment: Re:No, They Haven't Called Me (Score 1) 245

Until a local hospital calls you to let you know your kids got a broken leg...

And yet....... somehow we've been able to survive all this time without everyone having instant access to us.

Talk about your first world problems.

All the time "we" have been around (unless you or me are >70 yo) there have been phones. And back when there were not, hospitals were localised enough for one to have sent a runner or despatched a telegram for hand delivery to where you lived if things were life threatening. They did that sort of thing in those days.

Stop feeling guilty about the First World. Nothing to stop a runner being sent in the Third World (who largely have cell phones these days anyway).

Comment: Re:Presidential Oath of Office - how quaint (Score 1) 440

by nukenerd (#48613495) Attached to: Federal Court Nixes Weeks of Warrantless Video Surveillance
No it is not ridiculous. I regard my country as my home, albeit shared with the other people legally in it. As for "tearing apart families", it is immigration that does that because it is not generally whole families that migrate; it tends to be the men who migrate. The immigrants I know spend a lot of time (and CO2 emissions) travelling back and forth to their country of origin to see their families (and no, those families do not necessarily want to leave where they are).

As for you taking in girls and "sponsoring" immigrants, you clearly have an agenda. I am not sure what you are trying to prove, or is it just to wind people up? Or is it to knock the Naxi culture out of them by westernising them? Are you not yourself involved in "tearing" them from their families? Ironic that you give the Naxi link, it shows an admirable culture; don't you feel guilty about having a part in destroying it?

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 440

by nukenerd (#48613357) Attached to: Federal Court Nixes Weeks of Warrantless Video Surveillance

What is the point of spending all this money to build a giant fence, when the net harm caused by illegal immigration is no where near the cost of the fence? ... This is like spending $100K on a security system that stops $5K of damage .. All this is assuming *that* illegal immigration is harmful on average.

It depends who is doing the calculation. If you are the boss of a cheap clothes factory I expect your calc will come down very favourably for illegal immigrants - favourable to your own pocket anyway which is where most people's calcs stop. OTOH if you are an out of work "native" it will come out unfavourably.

But it is not just money. Also needing to be taken into account are social factors such as the fragmentation of society, sex ratio balance, divided loyalties, the import of other countries' fueds and the attitudes of people who feel they have nothing to lose whatever they do.

Comment: Re: Of Course It Was (Score 1) 355

by nukenerd (#48544625) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Goes On Auction This Week

With all of the Nazi scientists working on racial research, don't you think they would have come up with something that supported their worldview? They tried all sorts of things, and none of it holds up to any kind of scientific scrutiny.

The "Nazi scientists" were actually looking for differences between Aryans on the one hand and Jews and Slavs on the other. Africans, which is where this discussion started, were not even on the horizon as far as they (and most white people at the time) were concerned

Comment: Re:how much does that cost to build? (Score 1) 419

by nukenerd (#48394489) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

I don't think half the rail proposals I see in the US make any sense. A big reason why is: not elevated, and not fast enough! If its not elevated, why take it? It's merely a glorified bus with dedicated lanes.

You are not making sense (ie I don't understand what you are saying). Is this American language? Elevated, what's that?

In The UK, in most big cities, it is crazy to drive a commute by car and nearly as crazy to use a bus, even with dedicated lanes. The dedicated lane system breaks down at junctions, and there are stops every few yards where scores of people get on and off, all fumbling with money or payment cards. For a fit person it is quicker to get off and walk. Anything involving the public road is just slow, slow, slow. You talk about "slow" commuter trains, but they are going at the speed of light compared with road traffic.

Not quite knowing what you mean by elevated, perhaps you are thinking of trains as things sharing the road with cars. In the UK we call those trams, and trains are things with their own dedicated infrastructure, whether at ground level, on viaduct or in tunnel, with nothing else in the way, such that the only restriction on speed is the engineering.

Comment: Re:But is high speed rail a *good* public investme (Score 2) 419

by nukenerd (#48394425) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

yeah, it's called "public investment", each person pays a little bit so that everyone can use the thing, think "public roads"

Unfortunately, a real and serious difficulty with high-speed rail is that each person doesn't pay a little bit, they pay a small fortune, while in practice only a relatively small number of people will ever benefit directly from the faster travel times.

And you can say that about road and motorway building too. Living in rural Wales I don't get any direct benefit from new motorways or road widenings in, say the Midlands; nor do most people living in Newcastle or Scotland for that matter. I could even do a reductio ad absurdum of your argument by extending it to say that even if I do use a 3-lane motorway, I get no benefit from the two lanes I am not using. Building HS2 is like having more lanes of motorway.

Whether there is really any benefit in building either motorways or high speed railways is another matter. I have always doubted it. When I see a motorway I am always left wondering how it is that so many people can be in the wrong place and needing to get somewhere else. Usually, when these things are built, people just start travelling longer distances, like my company centralised (closing its regional offices) in the 1980's when a lot of new motorways were completed (the M25 in particular) - explicitly because "travel times were reduced". In fact it took longer to reach most destinations from the central office than it had done from the nearest regional office before they were closed. Staff numbers were not reduced anyway.

Comment: Re:stupid germans (Score 2) 419

by nukenerd (#48394339) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

Can any other country boast a top political leader who has a STEM leader . . . ?

Mrs Thatcher had a chemistry degree and before full-time politics she worked in food technology. But the irony was that she came to preside over the destruction of Britain as a leading technical nation. It sems she hated technology.

Psychologically, I have seen this explained as, her having changed careers (science to politics), she was inclined to look back in contempt at her former one. A bit like her having made it into a man's world (as political leadership was back then) she famously looked back in contempt on other women. You can imagine her wanting revenge for having once been the lab junior, making the tea for the others etc, as we all did once.

Comment: Re:Most people don't object to public breast feedi (Score 1) 350

by nukenerd (#48381857) Attached to: Debunking a Viral Internet Post About Breastfeeding Racism

Humans don't naturally expose a huge amount of breast, since they don't become large naturally. It's only with the advent of adequate medicine and an abundance (excess?) of nutrition that some women find themselves large mammaries

On the contrary, from your argument, it sounds like it was small breasts that were unnatural (underfed and ill). In fact, I have known obese women with small breasts, and slim women with large ones (if you don't know any women, look in some porn websites, you will find all combinations).

Let's just say you're not doing well with your arguments since you're not very well informed about the subject of women. (Which should have been obvious, this being /. and all...)

Actually he was talking about dogs, mostly. His point about women was that they stand upright and their front has breasts on it (of some size or other) if they are of post-puberty maturity - do you dispute that?

Perhaps you prefer Homer Simpson's description of women : "Like a refrigerator, - about 5'2" high and give you beer". It leaves the breasts out of it.

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