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Comment Re: It's a classic case of... (Score 1) 219

Has nothing to do with it. O, bolden, and most of NASA have been focused on Mars, as well as helping private space get to LEO, as well as the moon. Just as COTS created a new launch company and elevated another, NASA continues work with helping companies make life support systems, others produce systems for space stations, along with transportation to the moon, and then systems for landing and launching from the moon. In order to put a base on the moon, as well as Mars, we need redundant low cost systems. NASA is making that happen today.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 172


Your attempts to post anonymously are a sign that you may not love Big Brother with your whole heart. Please report to MiniLove Room 101 at 8:00 AM for a refresher course.

You may bring your own caged rats, if desired. If you don't have any, rest assured we are not going spare in the caged rat department, but we cannot guarantee their cleanliness.

Big Brother loves you.

Comment Re: 6 launches isn't complex (Score 1) 219

Actually, a number of things wrong there. First, lets say that you use a bigelow 330 unit to travel to the moon. It could be launched on an FH for 150 M. Then you have supplies for 6 ppl to last say 6-12 months. That would fit in a unit that could be attached to the ba's front. That is 1 FH launch. Now, add a tug with fuel which 1 FH can do. Finally, you send up a crew of 6 in an f9 and dragon. Now, you are ready to go to the moon with 4 cheap launches. And that is exactly how it will be done.

Comment You are kidding. Right? (Score 1) 219

Ussr launched it quickly when they found out that America was getting ready to put vangard into space. In fact, sputnik was put together in just several months and that is why it had nothing scientific except for a transmitter. In fact, that was much of how the Soviet space program was done . fast and sloppy. That is why when America announced our lunar program, it was already on its way.

Comment Re:IT workers shouldn't freelance (Score 1) 144

I worked at one company that was so inspired by Dilbert that the employees posted Dilbert cartoons on a bulletin board in a central hallway. Management banned the Dilbert cartoons and took them down. When someone posted the Dilbert cartoon of the PHB banning the posting of cartoons, one supervisor ripped it off the wall and went around asking who put it up. No one claimed responsibility. Management then put up a video camera to watch the bulletin board.

Comment Re:Plus the whole not having an income (Score 1) 144

I did I.T. support contractor for ten years. Not by choice. Most of my contract jobs lasted one day to one year. I work a job as long as possible before I scramble to find the next job. I'm always asked in interviews why I do contract work and not a "permanent" job. Recruiters look at my resume, see what I've done in the last three jobs and/or three years, assume that I want to continue that kind of work, and offer more contract jobs.

Comment Re:IT workers shouldn't freelance (Score 1) 144

As a software test intern, I found a crash bug with a new patch on the test server. I showed my programmer boss three times on how to crash the test server, but he was unable to reproduce the crash bug himself. Since the crash bug was only on the test server, he approved the patch for the production server and it crashed immediately. Software engineers took a look, decided that a long-term fix was needed, and took the production server offline for three days. This cost the company $250,000 in lost revenues. I wasn't hired after completing my internship and 1/3 of the division got laid off to make up for the lost revenue. My boss, however, kept his job.

Comment Re: "Advanced battery technology" is a flashlight (Score 1) 196

Larger cells mean inability to control the heat which is what really destroys the cells. In addition, with high parallelism, they are able to deliver a great deal more amps as well as charge much faster. IOW, the use of massive cells was an intelligent choice, not one forced on them. In addition, the wrappers are not the same as what goes into your laptop.

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