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Comment First install (Score 1) 284

First (and only) install was a Chicago beta ... I was working as a Banyan VINES administrator at the time and needed to test the VINES client under the upcoming W95.

At home, I used OS/2.

At work, I switched to a SPARCstation.

Tells you what I thought of W95 and Microsoft.

Sound policy that I still follow today.

Comment Now compare this to Apple's approach (Score 4, Informative) 66

I know that it's all the rage to crap on Apple, but compare this "approach" to security vs Apple's approach ...

Apple isn't perfect by any means but at least they put the time and energy into actually trying to do the right things. They make mistakes - like everyone else - but at least there's some forethought.

Comment Re:If only the other distros would follow... (Score 1) 152

We've got ~20 of them. Those SuperClusters really DO kick some ass though ... when you get random users calling up saying "I don't know what you guys did but we've never had performance like this in 20 years" - yeah, color me impressed.

Isn't cheap, but a ton cheaper than second system effect.

Comment Get a NAS ... (Score 2) 173

Get a small NAS, such as a QNAP or Synology.

They both have OpenVPN built in, so use that. Then you have a NAS for centralized backups (because if you're managing remotely you want to make sure they're stuff is backed up, right?) and your VPN connectivity.

Win win situation. If you get creative, you can even cross-replicate the NAS's so you have a true offsite backup.

Comment Why did they ditch the TV? (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Because they have half a clue ...

Apple doesn't enter a market unless they see the ability to innovate and change it. They aren't always first movers, but they DO bring innovation and of course profits to any segment they enter.

The magic is in saying "NO" to doing things that don't make sense... entering a crowded, unimaginative, razor-thin margin, mature TV market doesn't make sense for Apple. That's why they said no.... No more, no less.

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