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Comment: Re: The bottlenecks are elsewhere (Score 1) 295

by nbvb (#43942863) Attached to: 10GbE: What the Heck Took So Long?

You are so wrong it isn't even funny.

We're running app stacks at full line rate on 40GbE using today's hardware. A dual-socket sandy bridge server (I.e. HP DL380) has no problem driving that kind of bandwidth. Look up Intel DPDK or 6Windgate if you want to learn a thing or two.

It's real, it works, and we're getting ready to start 100GbE testing.

Comment: Re:Don't go there... (Score 1) 671

by nbvb (#39240963) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Using Company Laptop For Personal Use

Not true.

It's absolutely accepted - and encouraged - to use our company-issued vehicles for personal use, including vacations.

Not all policies are completely draconian.

Now, having said that, modifying the vehicle (i.e. adding a remote starter, changing the radio, installing NOx) is strictly forbidden.

The person who posted this "question" really just needs to buy his own laptop. A MacBook Air would work well for travel. Even at home, I do the same -- work on one machine, personal on the other. Point, set, match.

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