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Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 4, Insightful) 311

I've always considered the show to be "blackface" for nerds.

The show has evolved over the years. While it used to be a compare and contrast of geeks versus normal people, it's now a show about relationships.

Leonard and Penny's benchmark "normal, but nerdy" relationship compared to Howard and Bernadette's cuckolding relationship, compared to Amy's needs with Sheldon, and finally to Raj's struggle to find a keep a girlfriend.

It used to be geeks v. world. Now it's geeks v. geeks. It's why Raj talks to women now, and why we rarely see them interact with "normies" except to setup a problem that each couple treats differently -- or that the boys treat differently than the vastly-more-normal girls.

[For what it's worth, I never found it be nerd blackface. We both laughed at and with them...]

Comment Re:Hopeless (Score 3, Informative) 44

Test-taking is a skill, and most test-givers include clues (and even answers) in their tests. Some test-givers, of course, mean to give these clues; many are oblivious to it. If I remember some of the bigger lessons from my test-taking classes.

Multiple choice questions, for example (which is what this software uses) often have choices like:


While some test-givers might include the homophone pistol as a red herring, words like that are a clue that the answer isn't Stamen or Filament, but that you're expected to know how to spell "Pistil."

Similarly, if you read page-2 of a test, you might find more detailed questions regarding the pistil, questions that might spell out exact what that part of the flower does, solidifying the answer.

Numbers in the middle of ranges are more likely correct, as are exact numbers near general numbers (e.g. Water boils at a. 10, b. 100, c. 200, d. 212, e. 2000)

Long answers, when not absurd, are generally correct.

Middle answers, when not randomized by test software, are more likely to be true.

A pair of similar answers (see above, Piltil, Pistol) generally narrows you down to 50/50.

"Absolutes" in true-false questions are almost always false, and true is more common than false.

Continuity errors like using the wrong article (a/an) often narrow choices.

Some test-writers who don't randomize also don't repeat answers, or never repeat beyond a limit. Patterns may emerge after simple processes reveal some of the clues.


After practice in this test-taking class, we all took multiple choice exams on a variety of complex subjects and passed them.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 4, Interesting) 135

Location submissions in Ingress have always required approval.

Similarly you could request locations be removed for a variety of reasons - generally because they were on private property, were out of reach to the general public, etc. Sadly, sour grapes and even more sour players were more often the cause. A portal at my place of business was removed ostensibly because the garden was for patient recovery and meditation. Site management never even knew the game existed, let alone that Ingress players were disrupting meditation in the garden. The real reason a portal at my place of business was removed was that the opposing team didn't like a cluster of portals that was in the lap of the opposition -- so they faked a complaint to get it removed.

Bitches gonna bitch.

Comment Ingress. (Score 5, Insightful) 135

The "goal" of Ingress is to get people outside and walking around and looking at the real world.

A lot of players use it trolling around in their cars to hit as many points as possible, but a lot of fat nerds like myself have walked around a lot of parks we might not have otherwise gotten off our fat asses for.

I'd have rather seen a historic site -- no matter the subject -- than a few graffiti mural-ed alleys I've wandered down here in Phoenix.

Comment It's a mess... (Score 1) 62

I love Google's services. I use a nice, albeit older, Play Edition phone running 5.1

Hangouts and Google Voice is an unmitigated mess.

Group text to your GV number? Hope you enjoy 20 different 1:1 conversations in Hangouts -- if you even get the text.

Voicemail notifications magically disabled? Sure. Why not.

Why is that unread? Did it show up on my desktop, or in my Inbox, or in the app? I'm sure I read it ONE of those places.

Comment Re:Can I swap the d-pad & left joysticks? (Score 1) 99

The problem is that the original recipe calls for a volume of chips, not a weight of chips. Your problem would exist in an entirely metric recipe if it called for milliliters of chocolate chips and the store only sold them in grams -- unless of course you knew the density of chocolate.

If the recipe calls for chocolate by weight in either system, your job gets easier.

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