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Comment Re:In line with current US thinking (Score 1) 190

How do you think this will work for local elections in prison towns?

Do you think the new Sheriff of Douglas Arizona and all local JOPs will be voted in by a landslide by the prisoners there? Should the local governance of Winslow Arizona be domainted by the will of the prisoners held way out in Navajo county?

Like a lot of states, the prisons in Arizona are in remote mining towns with small local populations, of which prisoners make up a large percentage.

By a quick count, at least 20% of the population of the rural cities with prisons in my state are the prisoners themselves.

[Some of the prisons are on county land outside of incorporated areas, so they may not be able to vote in some local elections, but my point remains.]

Comment Re:Didn't they just yuk-yuk comment over old movie (Score 2) 83

It's about 360k per episode after initial ramp-up. Apparently 1M to get going. They mention an issue with rights, so I assume that's part of the 1M. They say "cleared up," with regard to rights, but that might not mean "cleared up and PAID FOR."

I also assume that like any show, gathering a bunch of people in a writer's room costs salaries, leasing space, blah blah. It's expensive to open doors on anything. That first new camera costs a lot of money.

High end TV production costs *way* more than 1M/episode. That wouldn't even crack half the salaries on NCIS. (Harmon 525k, Weatherly and the rest of the main cast get 250k/ea)

Comment Re:Plex (Score 1) 236

For me, most of my content came from my personal physical albums and DVDs that I ripped.

The idea of bringing and sorting media is CRAZY. I use Sickbeard to grab my TV, and it shows up in Plex without a hitch, beautifully. For movies, Plex **just works**. I put in my original thousand movies and I had to manually correct fewer than two dozen of them. Albums worked nearly as well. TV requires a minimum of sorting and renaming to work perfectly, but Sickbeard knows exactly how to name them if you're downloading them as they air.

Aside: I'm not advocating torrenting movies over renting them legally, but if you wanted to, I assure you that **EVERY** release on RedBox is available in pristine 720 or 1080 rip from a "reputable" group like Yify before it's available at your local RedBox kiosk.

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