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Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 110

One more try. Foreign Intelligence agencies are created for the specific purpose of spying on any foreign country where US interests come in to play. And while the US is busy spying on other countries these same countries are spying on the US. And you cannot argue that the foreign surveillance policies were unconstitutional since the US Constitution only applies on US sovereign territory. And Oliver North went to prison for his actions at the time.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 110

Hate to break it to you but giving US classified information to a US journalist is just as illegal as giving it to a foreign journalist. And he gave ALL the information to 3rd parties giving him no control over the data. His theft and dissemination of classified US information related to foreign intelligence agencies is the text book definition of treason. It matters not one little bit what the actual content was or whether or not some think it shouldn't have been classified in the first place. The US government will never stop trying to get their hands on him. He stopped being a threat the minute he handed over the data to his pet journalists now he is wanted for breaking US law. He could have gotten a pass on the domestic related information but no one gets a pass when violating the Espionage Act. He didn't damage a couple of spooks reputations he damaged legitimate US foreign security policies. Just shining the spotlight on US foreign intelligence programs is damage in itself. The US cancelled all cooperation with Russia in almost every area of their relationship over this incident. The only time relative damage comes into play is during sentencing. How could he not expect to be charged with a national security level crime? Did he think obtaining rock start status would make the government stop trying to charge him with some serious crimes? Why did he go public before he was safely living in some South American Latin paradise? He went public on his own schedule.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 110

If Snowden had limited his data dump to include only domestic related operations and programs he would be back in the US right now a free man. The release of data exclusively related to foreign intelligence programs and methods crossed the line. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights do not apply outside of the US. He is both whistleblower and by any definition he has committed treasonous acts which need to be adjudicated in a US Court of Law. Who knows maybe the "glove won't fit so they can't convict"? He better hope Putin doesn't pressure Obama for sanctions relief or want public support for the Russian military deployments in Syria because Obama may make handing Snowden over as part of any deal.

Comment Re:Facebook delenda est (Score 1) 81

Well the only solution to your complaints is to kill the Internet. And who is violating your 1st amendment rights? And your taking out "key" people scenario sort of makes you sound just a tad paranoid. On the other hand there are some "key" people whose timely exit to the afterlife would actually make things better.

Comment Re:Facebook delenda est (Score 1) 81

"build decentralized, privacy-respecting replacements" Nothing stopping you or anyone else from doing this now. And for the vast majority of people Facebook, Twitter, and Google has always been "free software" which is what made them popular in the first place. In today's world it is up to each person to guard their own privacy. Plenty of free tools for e-mail and messaging encryption and anonymous web browsing. Stop using any social media services. If you are really paranoid only use public Internet cafes when going online. Stop using the Internet altogether. Take it to any extreme you want but calling for building software that somehow guards your privacy without any effort on your part is silly.

Comment Re:What about American agression? (Score 1) 258

"The leadership of China did not intend to kill them." Mao certainly did intend to kill everyone and anyone who questioned his leadership in any way. He didn't give two shits about the famine killing millions and he is on record stating he was willing to sacrifice half the Chinese population if that was what it took for his policies to succeed.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 242

People harping about the WMD angle have turned a blind eye to the fact the Saddam broke every single point of the ceasefire agreement from the 1991 war. The US and Britain had to enforce a no fly zone over the Kurdish areas for 10 years to prevent Saddam from gassing them again after the 1991 war. Saddam used money from the UN Food for Oil program to rebuild opulent palaces for himself and psychopathic children. All the hunger and poverty stricken citizens got nothing and all the blame was put on the US. Several prominent UN member countries were caught red handed taking bribes in the form of cheap oil to reroute money directly to Saddam while bypassing all the accountability procedures put into place to control the flow of money into the country.Saddam himself made statements to the effect that he did have WMD to scare off any neighbors thinking to attack him and hoping to hold off any re-invasion from the US. It was a bluff I am pretty sure he regretted. He believed the world full of pussies who would not do anything to him no matter what threats or provocations he expressed. So we had a brutal psychopath who besides brutally killing his own citizens invaded two neighboring countries laughing at the world with impunity. The 2003 war was the end result of the failure of UN resolve and as usual the UN came up severely wanting. The US should have demanded an unconditional surrender in 1991 and finished the job right then. All the bullshit about some of the Arab coalition members sensibilities being ruffled by marching into Bagdad and finishing the job should have been ignored. Had the job been finished in 1991 today's ME might not be the festering war scarred hellhole that it is today.

Comment Re: Security Clearance (Score 1) 184

Everyone spies on everyone else it's just that some countries are better at it than others. When information on the NSA foreign activities was published a lot of people got all peevish and loudly shouted their indignation that a countries FOREIGN intelligence service actually had the nerve to conduct foreign intelligence operations. Making arguments that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights should apply to foreign citizens living on foreign soil. I'm sorry but the only law when conducting foreign surveillance and intelligence gathering actions is to not get caught. That's why half the staff of ever foreign embassy on the planet are intelligence operatives who can claim diplomatic immunity when caught red handed. And the people screaming the loudest totally ignored the fact that there are some powerful state intelligence agencies around the world who spend a large amount of time and even larger amounts of money spying on the US government, US corporations, and any thing else they find interesting in the US.

Comment Re:Security Clearance (Score 2) 184

The background check is accomplished during the election campaign. People who oppose a candidate will delve into that persons background in depth looking for the slightest abnormality or perceived wrongdoing to gain electoral advantage. There is nothing the FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA, or any of the other state security services can discover that cannot be discovered by the general public. The closer a person gets to being elected the harder his opponents will look for any thing to derail that persons chances of being elected.

Comment Re:For Ritual Read ... (Score 2) 126

There is a fairly recent documentary called Stonehenge Empire where they detail the newest archeological finds showing Stonehenge was a relatively small part of a much larger complex of stone structures, fences, and burial sites. The burial sites include evidence of people traveling from the European continent to be buried at that site which helps support that the idea that the site was religious or spiritual in nature.

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