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Comment: Re:Read the Damn Articles (Score 2) 126

by cavreader (#49325107) Attached to: Boeing Patents <em>Star Wars</em> Style Force Field Technology

The Israelis have actually deployed a point defense system on some of their troop carriers. It uses a direct hit munition to intercept the incoming projectile, a munition that explodes creating a shock wave to stop incoming projectiles in a wide area, and electronic counter measures to disrupt guided munitions.

Comment: Re:So many stories about this (Score 1) 52

And where does personal responsibility fit into your narrative? It's not the government or the nebulous "powers" causing the bulk of the problems in society it is the choices individuals make that determines their quality of life. Storming the barricades will not solve any problems it would only result in a new set of problems that are much worse. The use of outrageous hyperbole, lies of omission, and anecdotal evidence has also contributed to the problems we face today.

Comment: Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 216

by cavreader (#49291635) Attached to: France Will Block Web Sites That Promote Terrorism

'innocent' or 'proven guilty in a court of law' have lost their meaning. The physical and electronic lynch mobs declare "your guilty because I don't like you" and their evidence usually boils down to the number of "likes" or the number of "tweets" supporting their opinions and when that is not enough evidence "your guilty because I said so" will suffice.

Comment: Re:Fossil fuel divestment makes for smart money (Score 1) 190

by cavreader (#49266475) Attached to: UN Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

The largest alternative energy related investors and shareholders are the large oil companies. People talk as if the people running the large oil companies are idiots and blind to the possibility of a decrease in fossil fuel usage. If and when that happens they want to make sure they maintain their dominance and profitability positions in the energy markets no matter what form that energy takes.

Comment: Re:You are free to have killer robots (Score 1) 318

The winners always get to decide what the rules are and determine if any of them were broken. And as far a following the rules of war goes the US or any other country could summarily execute every "enemy combatant" they get their hands under the rules spelled out in the Geneva Convention.

Comment: Re:Mossad connection (Score 2) 113

They are an ally because they have developed several weapons technologies that the US military uses. They are US allies because the US intelligence community comes in a distant second place when it comes to collecting data in that part of the world and need Israel to provide the information they are incapable of collecting on their own. They are US allies because it is the only thing keeping Israel from selling their weapons technology on the open market. China has already shown interest in the Israeli missile and drone technologies. And countries do not have friends they have interests and the Israeli and US interests are pretty well aligned most of the time.

Comment: Re:Not an American, not doing business in America. (Score 1) 102

by cavreader (#49069233) Attached to: Kim Dotcom's Lawyer Plays Down Megaupload Worker's Guilty Plea

Who is this "US"? Is that all 350+ million inhabitants? And you actually think a "Chinese" martial arts movie means it was produced in China? I suppose you think "The Interview" was produced in NK and they are really just upset about people violating their copyrights?

Comment: Re:Blind spot? (Score 1) 39

by cavreader (#49053373) Attached to: The Blind Spots In the Nuclear Test Monitoring System

They won't. Last time I checked China does't have a mutual defense treaty with NK. Plus NK is a pain in the ass for China. NK rhetoric and vitriolic threats have weakened China's security. Thanks to NK the US has beefed up it's anti-missile batteries along the US West Coast and helped increase the military preparedness in the South Pacific region. The deployment of more anti-missile batteries to protect against a NK missile attack can also be used to intercept missiles aimed towards the US west coast. Instead of downsizing the yearly US-SK naval exercises NK threats have resulted in expanding the size of the exercises. Without NK there would be no reason for the sizable US military presence in SK which also threatens China.

Comment: Re:Blind spot? (Score 1) 39

by cavreader (#49045017) Attached to: The Blind Spots In the Nuclear Test Monitoring System

If NK (or any one else for that matter) launched an nuclear EMP attack there would be retaliation and China be damned. Seoul can always be rebuilt if it is destroyed. Just look what happened when 3000 people were killed on 9/11 and you can pretty much imagine the US response to a nuclear EMP attack.

Comment: Re:Oops! (Score 1) 255

by cavreader (#49029245) Attached to: Jeb Bush Publishes Thousands of Citizens' Email Addresses

I think HW Bush was one of the more recent Presidents who did have the skill set and experience needed to be an effective President. He seemed capable of making independent decisions without being overwhelmed or maneuvered by those close to him. His served in the military in actual combat, was a US Senator, was the US UN Ambassador, was head of the CIA, and spent 8 years as the VP. That is an impressive resume even if you did not agree with his brand of politics or decisions.

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