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Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 337

At a bare minimum we would have had both Pong and Asteroids. The rapid evolution of PC hardware and software in the late 80's and early 90's was staggering. Developing an OS to handle the rapid advancements in CPU architectures, memory handling, storage capacities, miscellaneous hardware accessories, and networking capabilities By the time you finished developing an application the underlying platform was damn near obsolete. Apple seemed to address these issues by using proprietary hardware which they could totally control while MS went with the commodity hardware model which limited their control over the 3rd party hardware. The vast majority of BSOD errors were caused by conflicts with 3rd party hardware drivers. The hardware vendors were faced with trying to implement API's that were constantly changing. Even the application models transitioned from client apps, client server apps, and the web and cloud apps being built today.

Comment Re:It can't. (Score 1) 105

"We need to stop warring " Since the dawn of time there has always been at least one war raging somewhere on the planet. Every border on the planet has been drawn in blood. Power and influence has been built on top of mounds of corpses. There are currently numerous wars raging all over the world providing the blood needed to redraw existing borders while also increasing the body count. Pleas for love and understanding are just empty words no matter how loud you shout them. Instead of solving the problems in the world today we only want to find someone to blame and thinking assigning blame translates into actions to correct the problem.

Comment Re:It can't. (Score 1) 105

"everyone was given equal opportunity" How would you go about doing this for 7 billion people? I guess one solution could be to wage world wide war until there is only a few thousand people left alive and they can restart the perfect society where everyone has equal opportunities. Since the beginning of human history civilizations and societies have been created by war and then eventually destroyed by war.

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Dude I was generalizing over the past 15+ years of MS operating system releases and upgrades. Yes, there were numerous changes in the .NET framework between 4.0 and 4.5 and if you were not smart enough to realize that before updating to 4.5 any problems you encountered in your applications were all on you. And why did you need to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.5 in the first place? Was there some functionality you needed that only 4.5 could provide or did you see a new shiny and just updated .NET? And anecdotal references to driver complaints, office issues, or Xbox are usually from people who say "Look there is a new update I best install it immediately!".

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

"existing custom applications are going to require significant updates when migrating to the latest windows versions" If it is one thing MS does well it is backwards capability. The vast majority of existing custom applications developed under XP will run under Vista, Win7, Win8, and even Win10. Hell I still have a VB application developed on Win2000 that installs and runs on Win7.

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

The costs associated with purchasing Windows licenses is cheaper than moving to another platform. You will need to come up with one hell of a sales pitch to get a company to move off a platform they have sunk millions of dollars into for some possible costs savings 10 years into the future. And complaining about the "evils" of MS is really not a persuasive argument.

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

"indispensible apps " How about the millions of custom internal and intranet only business applications used by companies around the world. Companies have invested too much money and time developing these applications to suddenly want to port them over to a different platform. There are also quite a lot of business critical 3rd party software purchased by companies that offer no alternative platform support. Companies also face the exorbitant costs associated with retraining or re-staffing IT departments to handle another platform so why would someone want to go through all the bother just to move off Windows?

Comment Re:See, NSA? (Score 2) 54

"We can use big data mining to uncover YOUR secrets, too!"
Every individual, major corporation, and government agency is already under attack every day. And those perpetrating the attacks are after personal information capable of inflicting great harm to the individual. And the government not only has to deal with domestic attempts to breach their systems looking for information but also attempts from well funded and very capable foreign agents. The US government has had legal access to a citizens personal information since way before the Internet age. Tax records, personal property titles, drivers licenses, and marriage licenses are just some of the sources of personal information the government has access to. Your tax records alone can allow the government to profile you in great detail.Your phone call history, which has been compiled since the advent of the telephone for billing purposes, is fairly harmless in the grand scheme of things. And didn't Congress specifically revoke the US security agencies authority on bulk collection of this type of data a few months back?

Comment Re:invalid data (Score 1) 337

I won't brush aside the statement claiming the US was built on the backs of African Americans but the mainly white immigrants from Europe did a hell of a lot more. From the minute their ships docked and they were enlisted in the Union army which had a role in defeating the southern slave owners. And you do need to prove yourself if you wish to be successful in life. Standing around bemoaning the hardships your ancestors had to put up with will not get you very far. Without a doubt racism exists in the minds of individuals but there have been great strides in eliminating institutional level racism. There are laws and statutes in place to provide recourse if you feel you are being discriminated against because of the color of your skin. The "All men created equal..." declaration in the US Constitution was BS as soon as the ink dried. However I look at the Constitution as a work in progress were the goal is to eventually create a society where those types of declarations become more than words on a piece of paper.

Comment Re:invalid data (Score 1) 337

One of the underlying themes in analyzing race equality is the assumption that there are no economically disadvantaged white people. There are white people living in poverty with criminal records, poor educations, and very few opportunities to improve their situation. I cringe every time I hear someone making rash generalizations when describing and labeling the residents of the US. The US is the most diverse country in the world when it comes to race, ethnicity, and pretty much every religion known to man. The elimination of racial strife will never happen until people start taking personal responsibility for their decisions, Laws, statutes, and government legislation cannot make the problems go away unless the individual attempts to make their own opportunities. The screeching lunatics and hardliners on both the left and right drown out the vast majority of the population and create false perceptions. There is racism in the US today but there has been progress in fighting racism. Just imagine if you lived in the deep south 40 years ago and someone told you a black man would be elected President of the US. I imagine both black and whites could not even imagine such a thing. And you do not need a college degree to succeed in life. Gates, Jobs, and Zuckenburg didn't need a degree and look where they ended up. I have worked in the IT field for 28 years and have found it is pretty easy to evaluate someones technical skills during an interview. Their formal education credentials are really not that important to me when deciding who to hire.

Comment Re:invalid data (Score 1) 337

Define fair. Race should never be used to deny opportunities which is the text book definition of racism. There are plenty of laws on the books that provide recourse for anyone feeling discriminated against. However using race to increase opportunities for a particular group is also racism.

Comment Re:invalid data (Score 5, Insightful) 337

Race is the most meaningless metric of all when it comes to evaluating an ideal workforce. The last thing minority activists want is for competence to become the deciding factor when determining who to hire. If competence can be overridden by the color of someones skin than that only bolsters the idea that there are inferior races that need to be graded on a different scale. And justifying a bias based on race to make up for some historical wrongdoing just perpetuates injustice. Why should someone today accept reverse discrimination for the actions of others hundreds of years ago? And releasing data to be "fair" begs the question of who judges what is fair and what is not? Standing around waiting for the world to be fair will only guarantee failure propped up by an appalling entitlement complex.

Comment Re:Zero-days are not "back doors". (Score 1) 82

Every single OS currently being used has 0-day exploits just waiting to be found. So by your reckoning I guess all the developers involved in creating and maintaining these OS's are incompetent? The real incompetence is in all those companies calling themselves security experts. These deep-think groups of geniuses are always 2 steps behind those creating the exploits. They publish white papers containing postmortems on exploits that have already reeked havoc. And the vast majority of exploits today are caused by social engineering tricks, negligent system administration, lack of codified IT practices, and of course reckless and click happy users who have never seen a hyperlink they wouldn't click on.

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