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Comment: Re:Equal Protection? (Score 1) 397

by multiOSfreak (#26904441) Attached to: Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Makes His Case

It also stems from the fact that we don't lock up innocent people in the western world.

Say what?

Given that in America, at least, the *ideal* is to hold all charged with a crime as innocent until otherwise proven guilty, how would you explain the situation at Gitmo? There are people who have been incarcerated there for years now without even being *charged* with a crime, never mind having had even a bullshit kangaroo-court trial.

I'm a believer in habeas corpus: either put up, or shut up.

Comment: Re:Pretty much (Score 1) 397

by multiOSfreak (#26904341) Attached to: Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Makes His Case

Well said, Sycraft.

I run into the same situation at my job. Some people just refuse to accept that no matter how dedicated they are to their job, at the end of the day, what the CEO says is what must get done. Even if it's stupid, it still must get done. Try reasoning with management, if you must/dare, but do what it is they ask regardless of how idiotic it might seem at the time.

If you want to call all the shots at work, start your own business. Otherwise, do what the check-signers say (unless it's patently illegal).


+ - Over One Fifth of Windows Installs Non-Genuine?

Submitted by
snib writes "Microsoft disclosed Monday that, according to reports collected by the notorious Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool on millions of users' PCs, 22% of all Windows installs do not pass its validation tests and have therefore been deemed non-genuine. From the article: 'Since WGA launched in July 2005, over 512 million users have attempted to validate their copy of Windows, Microsoft said. Of those, the non-genuine rate was 22.3 percent. 56,000 reports have been made by customers of counterfeit software, which grants that user a free replacement copy of Windows.'"

+ - Wal-Mart taking advantage of the Microsoft-Novell

Submitted by
AlexGr writes "By: Martin LaMonica, CNET News.com, January 22, 2007 Microsoft and Novell announced that Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, became the latest customer to take advantage of the new interoperability collaboration between Microsoft Windows and Novell's SUSE Linux. Wal-Mart is a long-standing Microsoft partner and intends to expand its infrastructure using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. http://news.com.com/Wal-Mart+eyes+Microsoft+for+We b+build-out/2100-1017_3-6152247.html?tag=nefd.top"

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson