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Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 136

I don't think you quite get the seriousness of the issue. It boils down to if you have access to a windows box where you can create and execute a file on it, you can own the box relatively trivially regardless of your privileges. This is why MS always appears to have whack-a-mole security patches. If you look at the CVEs over time, you'll start to think you're Bill in Groundhog day.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 136

The problem with DLLs are that there are many versions of the same DLL that often need to run at the same time. Which means that you can substitute one version for another, and hijack a program. Nothing new here.

If only it were as benign as that. You can even inject DLLs into a system process, and then have code executed as that process unless things have changed dramatically in the past 4 years.

Comment Re: Flash won already (Score 2) 168

Until SSDs are less than 50% more expensive than spinning disks, spinning disks will still have a place. Fast enough for large backups, large enough to hold multiple backups, no need to spend a premium on those for performance. They will die out eventually, but it will be a few years out still before I'd start saying they're going to be dead. However for anything under 2TB you can pretty much write the obit.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 310

It's not as simple as how many flops can you do.

This is why I quoted 3 sets of tests. The Top500 is pretty much flops focused, a very specific test for a very specific workload, which is what all supercomputers were originally targeting back when that benchmark started. While Intel can compete in this arena, as soon as you move to what we might call more realistic workloads, Intel's weaknesses spring out everywhere. You speak of latency - Intel's x86 base architecture has huge issues with process/thread switching compared to any of the RISC entries. Those effects are what kill Intel in the Graph500 list. The Green500 is just a bonus for showing how horrible these processors are, yet as of today, they are the most likely hardware most of us will run. It's kind of like being tied to the current set of inherently dangerous nuclear reactors when a better design has existed for decades, but no one wants to spend the extra cash to get one operational.

AMD also suffers from the process/thread switching costs as originally they were x86 based and I'll be honest that I've not kept up with what they've done since the developed their RISC like core, so can't comment on to what extend they're suffering from those effects today.

Comment Re: Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 310

A well developed & deployed os+compiler

well, that answers the question about Windows portability....

Do you think the hills in China really look all that different from the hills of Nebraska?

Depends, even hills in one part of Nebraska can look look different than in other parts, provided Nebraska actually has "hills" ;)

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 310

It's pretty funny in a sad way that today we're only discussing x86 for "high end" servers, when x86 pretty much sucks at it. Take a look at the Top500, Graph500, and Green500. You'll see an interesting pattern very quickly, and it's not pretty for Intel. It also doesn't matter, since Intel has priced out much of the competition at this point and all formerly viable architectures have been overwhelmed by the "good enough" intel chip. Just don't go thinking it's a great chip, because it's not. It's a cheap chip that can do the job, not as well, but good enough. Think of it as the VW Bug of chips in a world of Lambourghinis, McLarens, and Ferraris. The bug sold a lot more even though it's not as good in any sense, but it gets the job done.

Comment Re:Intel's biggest competitor: Intel (Score 1) 310

IOn the software side of things, Microsoft can force people to Windows 10, but Intel can't force people to, say, go from i3 to i5.

I think that's why Intel has partnered with MS on Windows 10 with the hardware statements. Intel will be sure to mod the CPUs, making older version obsolete, forcing new OS/Hardware cycles. It's going to happen, you just know it.

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