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Comment Re:Why is Blackmailing illegal? (Score 1) 190

I can totally see why someone would be furious if someone was threatening to release embarrassing information about them, but what I don't see is why it's not a crime to just release the information, but it is a crime to agree not to release the information (in exchange for something from the other party).

Say I'm in a mostly-empty public place and I see someone who thinks they're alone doing something really embarrassing, like picking their butt or something.

I laugh and say I'm gonna tell everybody what a ridiculous butt-picker they are. That's legal, right?

If they say "no, please don't!", and I take pity and agree not to, that's still legal of course.

But if I don't agree, and they say "I'll give you $20 if you just keep your mouth shut!"...?

If I say "no" and tell anyway, we're back in case one which was legal, but if I say "ok sure"... now that's not legal?

Or maybe that is, but if I say "nah I'm totally telling... unless you make it worth my while not to". Now that's a crime?

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 4, Insightful) 440

I've met plenty of women who've bemoaned their ability to get laid.

Of course, that's because they have standards, and aren't willing to sleep with just anyone.

A man who's willing to sleep with just anyone, including women he finds from attractive, can get laid with the same frequency as women with those same standards.

Seriously, go find a lonely ugly fat girl somewhere, don't call her a lonely ugly fat girl, and insinuate that you would like to have sex with her. Pretty sure shot at getting laid.

That's about what a woman has to do to guarantee she gets laid too. Just drop all standards and be open to fucking anything with a pulse, and bam, boorish contemptible assholes will be all over her, terrible people she hates, but at least she's getting laid right?

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

It occurs to be that the solution to this problem is simple, but you're not going to like it.

First thing I do when I get my hands on robots is build an army of killbots capable of telling anyone who threatens me to fuck right off. And then I stay here and happily get ignored while my robots service me.

Of course everyone else is going to do the same thing and humanity will go extinct in a robot apocalypse.

Unless we fix the fucking problem ahead of time and avoid the need to have killbots telling people to fuck off and die.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

Do not reply to me again you thick-headed stupid fucking troll who apparently has nothing else to do but sit on Slashdot all day (seriously, five fucking pages worth of comments since yesterday?).

Your reading comprehension problems are too fucking thick and your UID is too low, you punk-ass fucking kid. Get a fucking job and shut your ignorant fucking pie hole.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

You still don't fucking get it. This isn't hunter-gatherers vs farmers. Read the fucking large print, and get it through your thick fucking skull:




I'm arguing that when everybody shifts to "farming" instead of "hunting and gathering", we can't let some people claim all the arable land and kick everyone else off of it. YES, let's fucking farm instead of hunting and gathering; but NO, you don't get to say that ONLY YOU get to farm, and everyone else has to die because you won't even let them keep hunting and gathering on "your" farmland. IT IS NOT YOUR FUCKING LAND. THE WORLD DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU.

And you especially don't get to say "then get some farmland of your own" while actively hoarding it from everyone else. THEY'RE TRYING TO GET FARMLAND OF THEIR OWN, SO WHEN THE AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION HAPPENS THEY CAN JOIN IN ON IT TOO, AND YOU'RE KEEPING IT FROM THEM.

Now why don't you fuck off and die yourself you goddamn genocide apologist. I hope someone skins you alive in your sleep you despicable filthy fucking monster.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

I'm not challenging the freight train, I'm challenging the guys who pushed me onto the tracks and are keeping me there at gunpoint.

And you're probably on the tracks too, facing the same gunmen, and too fucking obsessed with the train to realize you'll be shot when you try to step out of its way.

Unless, as I'm beginning to suspect, you're one of the gunman keeping everyone else there, in which case I hope someone murders you as slowly and painfully as possible you despicable worthless waste of oxygen.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

I am not saying I personally am going to make all of the necessary changes to save humanity myself right now.

I am urging other people to realize what is necessary if they don't all want to die when the time comes, and to collectively do something about it now while there's still time.

And you seem to continue under the misunderstanding that I'm advocating something against robots. Not at all. I'm pointing out a socioeconomic problem we already have, that we have a bandaid over, which bandaid will go away when the robots come, so we need to fix the underlying problem before that happens.

And you also fail to realize that I'm advocating largely the same endgame as you are, and only highlighting a problem with the means you propose. "Get to high ground", yes -- by the time the robots here we all need to be financially independent or we'll die. Well right now the high ground is guarded by men with guns who keep most people from getting to it. I'm not trying to bargain with the title wave, I'm saying both "goddamnit, let the fucking people up the hill already" and "hey everyone, if they don't let us up the hill we're gonna have to do something about it soon or drown else when the tidal wave hits"

You're ignoring the armed guards obstructing the way up the hill and telling people "just get up the hill" like it's simply a matter of choice and if they don't then they were just too dumb to live.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 316

In this scenario they're not attacking you. They're ignoring you. And because you can't live with them ignoring you, you will attack them because they have resources you need.

No, they're not, and repeating that and ignoring when I point how how they're not just ignoring me doesn't change the facts.

Let's look at my case in particular here to illustrate. I own everything in my possession and have no debt to anyone and paid for it all with cash that I got from trading my labor fairly to other people in exchange for that money. I even own the structure I live in. But I don't own the land under it. So long as I keep giving some of the money I make from trading my labor to the guy who owns that land, he ignores me and leaves me alone. I am paying him off to ignore me, to leave me alone and let me be. What I want is for him to continue ignoring me. That would be great.

Then the robots come, and let's say I can even afford one, and I no longer have to pay anyone for services anymore, but nobody has to pay me for services either, and I lose my job. For the most part that's OK because everything I would get with the money from my job, I get from my robots instead. Except now I'm not paying off the landlord to ignore me and leave me be, and he stops ignoring me, tells me I have to leave, and eventually police(-bots) are sent to force me to go somewhere else.

Except everywhere else will do exactly the same thing, because there is no unowned land; if there were, I'd already be living on some of it instead of bribing someone else to ignore my existence on his. So anywhere I go, even if all I want to do there is exist alone inside my home and let my robots serve me, someone is going to come and threaten my life, because it's "their" land, not mine.

That's not ignoring me. That is forcing me into servitude at gunpoint and then telling me that my services are no longer required so here comes the gun. All I want is to be released from that forced servitude and allowed to just fucking exist somewhere.

If all I was being threatened with was being ignored, that would be no threat. But that's not the case, and sticking your fingers in your ears doesn't make it the case.

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