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Comment Re:Folding@Home (Score 1) 48

Really? Did they print it themselves?

No, they spent it themselves.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that a consumer economy is funded by the consumers? That the labor and productivity and earnings of people pay all the bills? Is this some artifact left over from the supply-side economics of the '80s?

No exceptions.

Comment Re:Folding@Home (Score 1) 48

This is so completely wrong. The customers paid for a drug. They got the drug, and now the money they paid for it isn't theirs. Big bad pharma then took the money that belonged to them and paid for the research.

Let me know when the day comes that a pharmaceutical company chooses to spend money on research and not recoup it from consumers, plus profit.

It's always consumers that pay, in front or at the end, it's always consumers.

Comment Re:Ignorant fucking asshole (Score 3, Interesting) 161

You know why?

I think a big part of it is because the guys who flew RC aircraft over the years have been serious hobbyists and not "I bought this on Amazon" goofballs.

I walk my 15 year old dog near a park where a lot of these guys fly their rigs. I've never met one who wasn't thoughtful about what he was doing and respectful of others' safety. They don't fly over the kid's playground, they don't fly over the traffic on the surrounding streets. They're human beings. A lot of them bring their kids and teach them the same appropriate behavior, while getting the kids interested in a cool hobby.

Comment Re:Folding@Home (Score 2, Insightful) 48

Zero. It was 100% funded by big bad Pharma that you guys all claim to hate.

Wrong. It was funded by the customers of big bad Pharma.

Remember, all corporate research is ultimately funded by customers. Before you go giving them some humanitarian award. don't forget it's always the customers that pay the bill.

Comment Re:Best and Brightest (Score 1) 264

We're tired of being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs.

For the record, here was the entirety of my post:

"Stories about women in tech always bring out the best in Slashdot readers."

And the AC takes this as "being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs". You just can't be nice to some people, I guess.

You are false data.