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Comment: Re:What a bunch of pansies (Score 1) 303

Do you really believe the USA governments health agency carries an US citizen into the US if it was not perfectly safe?

Umm, YES! Damn, you're that incredibly naive to believe that line of bullshit? How many many politicians for that matter have promised one thing only later to either admit they fucked up, or blatantly flat-out lied?! Sorry, but oops doesn't count as an excuse if they fuck this up.

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by DigiShaman (#47582301) Attached to: China Confirms New Generation of ICBM

That, and the fact both the US and Russia thought it was a good idea to have multi-thousand warheads pointed at each other during the Cold War. It's the original DDOS attack. There is nothing new about this approach; and you're right, this is just a political excuse for China of something they were going to do anyways.

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Up to 22 days without having any symptoms as I recall. So what happens when someone breaks out into a fever and puts their sweaty hands all over hand railings, desks, kiosks, and whatnot? How long does Ebola last once it's on the surface?

There's a reason animals (and humans) are paranoid about shit we don't understand. From a survival standpoint, it's an advantageous attitude to have. And right now, I'm pretty fucking paranoid about being anywhere near people with Ebola!

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by DigiShaman (#47573901) Attached to: Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law

...and they were finally expended and discarded like a used husk.

China and their government isn't a mystery, enigma, or anything of the such. Due to the Cultural Revolution, their entire society was "rebooted". As such, both nationally and culturally, the modern Chinese are younger than America! The government further reflects this with rampant corruption and the two-faced attitude that comes from it. Today they 're your best friend; tomorrow they stab you in the back. That's China!

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by DigiShaman (#47573607) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

While I admit that it's a bit of a chicken / egg problem, there's no reason for an African American to not get both the training and education required to land an interview and do the job.

As with all the race-baiters and those that fall for their BS, he's conflating race and culture. I still contend that as with women in IT, African Americans don't want to be a part of the IT culture too. So why force the issue as a corporate responsibility? That's the underlaying issue I have with his message.

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by DigiShaman (#47568863) Attached to: Quiet Cooling With a Copper Foam Heatsink

It still is. The physics of oil cooling is good, but it's not practical in terms of the effort it takes to both administer and replace/upgrade hardware. If left in an enclosed system like power transformer, sure. But then again, those are mainly "set it and forget it" devices rarely touched once in place.

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by DigiShaman (#47568547) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Reverse discrimination. Jesse Jackson is putting race, not skill level, as the priority imputes to employ more blacks. In his world view, society must bend over backwards to cater to the African American.

Hey Jesse!!! Yeah you. They don't want to be an Uncle Tom. The idea of "white" culture (a culture of being educated and the further pursuit thereof) is what may of the blacks are against. Those that you represent value ignorance over everything else. For them, they derive power through victimization; and the liberal society is all to willing to go along with the coddle-fication of victimization attitude!

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by DigiShaman (#47565645) Attached to: Comcast Confessions

So a client of mine uses Comcast Business as their ISP. I drove on-site to configure a SonicWALL. Their modem was in bridge mode with the only option of turning into "pseudo bridge mode" (something like a DMZ). Also, the modem wasn't yet provisioned for their assigned static IP pool. Only Tier 1 answers the phone. If you require Tier 2, a call-back within 24 period IS THE ONLY OPTION! And most of the Tier 1 guys don't know how to do anything other than provision modem, basic reboot troubleshooting, and scheduling a truck roll for physical coax connectivity problems. Or put it another way, I can't schedule in advance (proactively) to setup a business gateway firewall. You have to wait and be reactive, then drive X amount of mile on-site all while the customer is left offline with a business that can't function (IE losing money!!!). But it gets better; Tier 2 will configure the modem and reboot the unit without calling first. Epic fail!

Problem 1: I can't get a modem that will drop down to true bridge mode

Problem 2: Business class support is inharently reactive and not proactive with regards to scheduling downtime.

Problem 3: Tier support of all levels wildly range in competency.

Problem 4: -fill in the blank because I'm sure I missed something here-

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by DigiShaman (#47563265) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'


You credit history is based off a low ratio of revolving credit and never missing payments. Paradoxically if you're constantly zeroing out the card balance, you're not really establishing how well the borrower can manage debt carried over. So essentially, credit is built on having low debt ratios that's being managed conservatively (low risk) and consistently.

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