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V'Ger Source Code Released 44

Posted by samzenpus
from the build-your-own dept.
One of the biggest hurdles to interstellar domination has always been the prohibitive cost of proprietary software for ships or super-weapons. That is all about to change thanks to a surprise move by a mysterious alien race of living machines who have released V'ger's source code. While you'll still need a way to generate a "twelfth-power energy field," this opens the door to many would-be conquerors and ultimate weapon enthusiasts. The release has been praised in terms of increased security and reduced costs by most, but some worry that cheaper, more secure super weapons aren't what the universe needs at this time. Federation spokesperson Lieutenant Ilia disagrees saying: "This is in the carbon units best interest. Many worlds have been infested, You will listen to me."

Comment: And it was really bad in the new SW movies (Score 1) 297

by Sycraft-fu (#49384399) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

The actors had nothing to react to and nowhere to go. Basically the whole damn thing was shot on green screen, with a two camera setup. Lucas could just park his ass in his chair, look at the monitors, and do nothing. Makes it hard when you are not only having to imagine the entire set and everything you are supposed to be seeing and reacting to, but also are on a small stage and can't even more around much.

Comment: Also in the original movies (Score 1) 297

by Sycraft-fu (#49384377) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

He had a lot of people he was answerable to. Sure he wrote the script for the first one (other screenwriters did the second and third) but it wasn't the Lucas show. The producers worked for the studio, not him, he had others who would question his decisions, make changes, etc. He was in charge only in so far as being the director, who does have a good deal of control, but still plenty of limits.

Not the case for the new three. It was an all-Lucas team. He was in charge, surrounded by yes men and did whatever the fuck he wanted. The result was really bad.

Comment: Re:I'm all for abolishing the IRS (Score 1) 321

by magarity (#49381479) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

in the fair tax book which explains the proposed system, they explain that the initial rate is designed to be revenue neutral. adjustments that you suggest are for future revisions.
some degree of debt/deficit is not automatically bad. debt/deficit is degrees of bad depending on what it's spent on and what % of revenue it represents. current levels are bad but automatically precluding any would be bad in its own way.

Comment: Re:I'm all for abolishing the IRS (Score 1) 321

by magarity (#49373383) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

Taxing "profit" ? Surely you jest...

How about a "consumption tax" that exempted food, clothing and medical expenses? Everything else would be subject to a sales tax.

Because as soon as you have an exemption, politics will put severe pressure to add more excemptions. This is why the Fair Tax plan just gives everyone a rebate based on typical low income consumption of essentials but sales taxes everything.

Comment: Re:No they don't (Score 2) 221

by magarity (#49371083) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space

You know what makes even more sense than that? Putting solar panels on fucking rooftops or on the ground.

It's a vicious circle; Have you not seen the pictures from Beijing? There isn't much solar energy getting through the existing smog for panels to cut down on the coal power to cut down on the smog....

Comment: Maskirovka (Score 1) 262

by jfengel (#49357937) Attached to: How Professional Russian Trolls Operate

So much so that they even have a name for it: Maskirovka. The term was originally used just for camouflage, and the uses of it seem entirely in keeping with ordinary warfare. The disinformation campaign around D-Day would have been a brilliant example of maskirovka.

But the Russians do it before a war, and even during active hostilities as a way to demand that they be treated as if they were non-combatants. It's going on right now, pretending that they aren't engaging in war against Ukraine. It's so traditional in the culture that it's not even really something we can blame them for, exactly. But it means that our actions and reactions have to be calibrated around the fact that this is part of the way they view the world.

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