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Submission + - What's wrong with online comments?->

mosb1000 writes: "CNN has an opinion piece about online comments in websites. The author bluntly asks "Have online comment sections become 'a joke'?"

He then proceeds to shoot down a number of common suggestions: having editors and reporters engage their readers in the comments, requiring readers to post using their real names, giving other commenters more power to "up-vote" or "down-vote" posts, etc. And he ultimately suggests that the authors themselves should chose comments to be posted. I don't think that's a real solution, and I've noticed that the comments on Slashdot are generally more useful than those found on other sites. How can we export what Slashdot is doing right to other parts of the internet (and can we)? And what can we do to get rid of the all the useless comments on Slashdot itself."

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Submission + - Bradley Manning formally charged with aiding the enemy.->

mosb1000 writes: "Bradley Manning was formally charged with aiding the enemy on thursday. Although aiding the enemy is a capital offense, the prosecution is mercifully seeking only a lifetime sentence for leaking thousands of sensitive documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and US diplomatic cables. No concrete evidence of harm as a result of the leak has come to light, nor any evidence that Manning intended such a result. If they prosecution gets it's requested August 3rd trial date Manning will be receiving his speedy trial after little more than 800 days in prison."
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Submission + - Siri fails to show up for work.->

mosb1000 writes: "You may have noticed that Siri didn't show up for work yesterday. CNN has an article about the outage. From the article:

Siri needs to communicate with computers that are in the cloud to understand and process voice commands, leading observers to believe something went wrong with that system. Apple hasn't commented on the outage and did not immediately respond to CNN's request for information.

Is this kind of behavior understandable since she is a relatively new hire, or is it time to start the disciplinary process?"

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It's time to boot, do your boot ROMs know where your disk controllers are?