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Comment: A Lebanese guy made his own gunshot detector (Score 1) 215

These systems could be rather simple. Here is a guy who have made his own.

He states "Ohh gunshots, we love them actually in Lebanon :P gun shots on special occasions, gun shots when families fight, gun shots for civil strife. BIG gunshots when israel tries to f*ck with Hizbollah. Every one in Lebanon has a gun of some sort, or an RPG launcher. Oh well, the empty bullet casing should be our national symbol :P"

Comment: Two (Score 1) 316

by mogul (#37085702) Attached to: Do you take a print newspaper at home?

I pay for one, an intelectual/political thing, and then I swap a tableoid with my neighbour. (think he'd better get informed about more than just sports and scandals)

And then we can have a raging flamewar outside discussing things we won't even try to understand. (and who gived a damn about sports anyway?)

Comment: Re:Cheap theater (Score 1) 932

It's clear what's going to happen. We'll raise the ceiling into the indefinite future and we'll continue to spend more and more into the indefinite future, until our deficit becomes so large that it topples over and the whole country is done. There will be a breaking point, eventually. We have to get control of this bullshit, sooner rather than later. But... we won't. And so we'll get what we deserve.

Or you will start a war to rob some other country its wealth. Soon or later it will look like the easiest soloution to you.

Comment: Re:I don't get it. . . (Score 1) 76

by mogul (#36298042) Attached to: World's Largest Amateur Rocket Prepares For Second Attempt

3 facts:

Well, they have almost no money, everything is hand build by them self, almost.

Denmark is pretty small, we don't have a Nevada desert where we can play with our toys.

Having build a submarine, you know how to build a sea vessel, a floating launch pad is "just" an other level of fun added on top the whole project.

And I think the "Its Danish Engeneering" is a goal goal too.

Our business in life is not to succeed but to continue to fail in high spirits. -- Robert Louis Stevenson