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I Name My Servers After:

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People I know
  641 votes / 2%
Fictional people
  7868 votes / 33%
  612 votes / 2%
Functional names
  9907 votes / 42%
I don't name my servers
  4224 votes / 18%
23252 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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I Name My Servers After:

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  • by Ksevio (865461) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @07:35PM (#36494460) Homepage
    Talk about lack of options - if you name your servers using any other category, there's no option - not even CmdrTaco's imaginary friends.
    • by artor3 (1344997)

      Not to mention that a couple of the options they do have are pretty bad ideas. If you work in any remotely large company, you're gonna run out of pets before you run out of servers. And I never, ever want to risk reaching a point in my life where I have to come to grips with knowing more computers than people.

      • by wvmarle (1070040)
        So that'd be "functional names" for you.
      • When has being a "bad idea" ever kept something out of a business environment? With 3 major employers over the course of 17 or 18 years in IT (God, am I that old???), only one division of one company used descriptive names for their servers. It was the only time I walked into a company and knew instantly which machine did what without needing some sort of reference sheet (which was always several years out of date). Of course, virtualization and "cloud" designs make that rather difficult these days.

      • Yeah, because "bad ideas" never get implemented in a business environment. :)

        I encountered functional names once in nearly two decades of IT work. Everything else was Greek gods, superheroes, cartoon shows, cars, animals, etc. Of course, with virtualization and "cloud" designs that all the kids are into these days, it's difficult to have functional names.

        • I used to go with functional names at home but then I realised that Fucking Hangs at Boot, Crashes Sundays, and Shits Itself on Lan Access aren't useful to anyone else so I went with whatever sounded cool at the time.

          • Here's how I might name some of mine according to your system:

            Gaming PC: PowerGuzzler / Electrons2Heat / DustTurbine

            Mom's awful POS work laptop (a massive "desktop replacement" that is somehow slower than shit): TrashBarge

            Sister's netbook: Glutton4Punishment / DieHard (it runs Linux, has passive cooling and the only moving parts are in the hard drive, BRING IT ON!)

            Home server (contains beat up, ancient parts and is built to survive failures and stay running): ZombieApocalypseServer (a play on ZAV, a car guy

          • Functional names aren't really a good idea for the home. They are interesting when you have more than a dozen servers to name, and those servers don't do many things at once. None of that applies to a home environment.

        • by vlm (69642)

          Of course, with virtualization and "cloud" designs that all the kids are into these days, it's difficult to have functional names.

          Why? When a whoppin big sun server was $25K we needed to put multiple things on it for justification. Or when a winders license is $500 or whatever, it costs too much to put only one service on it. A blizzard of paperwork and meetings are required all the way up to the CEO, all just to start using that brand new "subversion" VCS thing.

          But now a days if I want a GIT VCS server, I just copy and light up another virtual Debian image, edit its hostname and static ip addrs, apt-get install git-core gitolite g

      • you're gonna run out of pets before you run out of servers.

        I guess, then it is time to get a couple of pet rabbits...

      • All of my pets are named "Eric", but I have several servers. What am I to do?
    • Never mind Servers, what about all the other devices littering our personal LAN's? Is it going to be called the kitchen computer, the study computer? Personally I found this idea to be a bit dull, so the functional name thing seems to lack appeal. I went with Cities or Countries I had visited in the main. Stockholm, Norway, Finland.. er and I cant actually remember what they are all called and certainly have trouble figuring out which one is which. So maybe the functional name would have been a better idea

    • by MrHanky (141717)

      I use the names of songs by one of my favourite musicians. Since he's got several bands, I use one band per CPU architecture. This is a functional system, so I voted 'functional names', even though it's clearly bullshit.

      (Oh, and all these are personal computers, so it's not like I'll run out of songs.)

    • by kyre42 (1522563)
      I *ask* my servers what they want to be called. *Sheesh*
  • Spacecraft (Score:5, Interesting)

    by JPLemme (106723) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @07:43PM (#36494532)
    Windows Boxes: Soviet spacecraft
    Linux Boxes: American spacecraft
    Mobile Devices: Space probes
    Wonky Mac: Odyssey (Apollo 13 CM)
    Wonky Print Server: Ariane5 (French rocket which blew up)

    I used to use the phonetic alphabet, but it was too boring.

    /And yes, the poll is deeply, fundamentally broken
    • At work, servers are named with functional names.

      At home, all my machines and networks are named after constellations, Lyra, Eridani, Andromeda, Vulpecula and so forth
    • Wonky Print Server: Ariane5 (French rocket which blew up)

      54 sucessful launches, two failures (and two partial failures) is "blowing up" now? Hm. :-P

      • by JPLemme (106723)
        Well, in fairness to the Ariane, most of my print jobs get printed. It just eats some of them. ;-)
  • by angel'o'sphere (80593) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @08:04PM (#36494692) Homepage Journal

    ... in case it is a Server/Desktop.

    After Goddesses if it is a Laptop. My mobiles are called Tricorder and get a number ;D Next will likely be an iPhone called Tricorder III.

  • by Cidolfas (1358603) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @08:06PM (#36494700)
    I name my servers after Greek gods (Hestia is the HTPC), my towers after titans (Themis is my gaming box), and portable devices after muses and other members of greek mythology. All my apple stuff is named after Japanese mythology and pop-culture (pretty much just my macbook Omoikane).
  • At my current job, its domain/sitecode/type/### (e.g DKLWNAVMH200). The three digit number corresponds to what its purpose is - e.g. servers in the 100 range are email servers, 200 = file/print, 300 = citrix, etc. Its nice having a decent convention

    Previous places of employments used sitecode/windowsedition/###. It was pain in the ass when they switched to 2k3 and 2k8 but didnt update the naming convention to cope (it was written when 2000 server was king). The windows edition was specified as '2K', which c

    • Another used planet names (not an issue as long as you dont have many servers).

      Not any issue at all any more as long as you are willing to use exoplanet names.

    • At my current job, its domain/sitecode/type/### (e.g DKLWNAVMH200).

      BORING :)

      But in a large environment this makes a lot of sense.

  • by thatseattleguy (897282) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @08:08PM (#36494722) Homepage

    For a while it was the Muses (Terpsichore, Thalia, Melpomene, etc.). Ran out of those and used the Fates (Ariadne, Atropos, Klotho). Now it's on to others in the pantheon (Pandora, Psyche, Hestia...).

    If I have to name a windows server I'll probably start on the Furies. :)

  • Any of my personal Linux boxen (server or desktop) have been named after breeds of penguin, for what should be fairly obvious reasons. So far, I've used macaroni, emperor, humboldt, and littleblue, with rockhopper next up. Ignore the fact that emperor was a FreeBSD box.

    Although I got disillusioned with them after only one, I decided that all Macs I had would be named after fruits that are NOT apples. Hence, my (only) MacBook was named pamplemousse, French for pineapple. Er, grapefruit. I mean grapefrui

  • I never have more than 3 or 4 computers at a time, so I've been using characters from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for my *nix boxen since 1997 or so. I'm almost done with those, so I'll be using characters from 'The Tempest' next.

    I've never bothered to name my Windows installs.
    • by hedwards (940851)

      I always name my Windows installs, but I have to think of something else to call them so that the boss doesn't yell at me for cursing.

      • Kind of like the way my cat thinks his name is "Hey f---er," like "Hey f---er, get off the table!" or "Hey f---er, quit knocking stuff off the counter!"
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and count characters from the 100-acre wood as "fictional people". Let's see, I've had pooh, eeyore, tigger, rabbit, kanga, roo, owl, saunders, heffalump, woozle, and even gopher (he's not in the book, you know!) I think piglet is the only one I'm missing (I should have given that name to saunders, but it's too late now). Pretty soon I'm going to have to come up with a new scheme.
  • Here are our colocated server names:


    The pattern will continue as we expand, though some letters will be tougher than others =/

    • ghost/goliath

      Wasn't so tough.

  • I guess they're all "fictional people" - Bugs (Bunny), Daffy (Duck), Marvin (the Martian) ... Taz (oh, that's a Tasmanian Devil). OK so they're not people.

    Wait! I forgot Elmer (Fudd). HE'S people!

  • Really pathetic options there, guys.

    I name my machines (servers or otherwise) after people, but I really don't think I am ever likely to know Alan or Grace, what with them being dead and all, and even getting to know Ken, Dennis, or Brian seems fairly unlikely even if they are still alive.

  • So we get: Quake, Quake2, Jitter, Shudder, Tremble, Fibrillate, Oscillate ..
    along with:
    Whirlwind, Tornado, Hurricane, Tempest ..

    I seriously believe that the first midrange server 'quake' was named that for the.. ahh.. alternative.. application running on it.. apparently the joke continued when the second midrange server came in.. but went downhill when 5 servers later general managers were getting upset with reports stating that "Jitter and Shudder had to come down and there is a concern that Fibrillate w

    • by mikael_j (106439)

      Now they are all named after where they actually physically are... except that causes interesting problems when servers are moved between datacenters...

      That's what CNAME records are for.

      Sure, the server's real name might be picard, aristotle or sagan but there's also a CNAME record pointing (or something like that) at the A/AAAA record(s). When other machines talk to it you'll generally want them to know it by its CNAME, so when picard moves to a new datacenter and sisko takes over the role of primary DNS for the head office you just change the CNAME record for to point at sisko.

      This means you'll spen

  • Back when I ran the Infrastucture group, I chose to name most of the servers after Camelot characters (Arthur, Guinevere, Merlyn, Lancelot, Pellinor...) and then a second range known as the "merry men" (Marian, Robin, Alan-a-Dale, Friar-Tuck, etc...). No spoonerisms allowed.
  • Before they imploded, the main theme my employers used was names of cars. My first workstation was model-t (yes, an editorial comment there... :-), but when I got a new faster box I named it twingo. When I started playing with Linux I cleared tatra with a formerly Czech colleague. Our powerful new server was the fastest car the sysadmin could think of, veyron. My main development box is crude and simple, but powerful. The obvious choice was monaro.


  • Since I love ants, I use ant species names. Mostly common names and not scientific names. :)

  • I started off with waste, fraud and abuse since my first job was with a DoD contractor. I then added more boxes with names of bend, fold, spindle and mutilate. When I boot my laptop to Windoze, it takes the name fubar, the normal CentOS boot takes spindle (see above) and when I boot from the external hard disk to Backtrack, it takes the name petard.. I recently set up a six core box for running multiple virtual machines and christened it snafu. The VMs get named by the OS since I just use the collection

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward

      My desktop boots as either jekyll (Linux partition) or hyde (Windows partition).

    • Your posts reminds me of a computer lab at CMU where the machines were all named for blender functions. Mix, stir, blend, whip, crush...

  • At the moment I have Xenogears, Weltall-2, Crescens, Regulus, Andvari, and Grandgrowl. In the past I've also had Fenrir, Siebzehn, and Amphisbaena, and probably others I can't remember.

  • On my home network, I use characters from the Winnie the Pooh/Christopher Robin stories:
    Kanga and

    I'm not responsible for naming servers at work, there are a few systems with girls names but most new servers now have nice functional names that encode geographic location and purpose. Much easier to know what each machine is/does. The one issue with this, I find, is that there's a need to use trailing numbers wherever there is more than one type of server in one location. E.g. It's a lot har
  • by j-turkey (187775) on Sunday June 19, 2011 @11:40PM (#36496318) Homepage
    I name my computers after missing Slashdot Poll options.
  • I name all of my machines, servers and clients, after Ages and characters in the Myst series. Atrus, Todelmer, Serenia, Tiana, Voltaic, Stoneship, Aspermere, Tay, Amateria, Channelwood, Tomahna, Spire, Kveer, Jnanin, Lakiahn At work several of our servers are named after characters in M*A*S*H. Radar being the main file server, naturally.
  • naming them before I purchase them simply seems wrong - getting into a whole naming genre - then having to purchase machines that fit their names as they come up on the list.

    nope - for me, each machine gets its own name based on the personality it exudes as it gets configured and loaded...

    major IBM server for a customer ended up as "rock" - it was big, fast, solid.

    another customer simply wanted huge storage and didn't need fast - theirs ended up as "behemoth"

    my workstation is the first of many to ha

  • I've tended to name all my machines after characters in television shows that I like. Unfortunately these shows tend to get cancelled rather quickly, so people don't usually get the references.

  • by Rylz (868268)
    Do Pokemon count as Fictional People or Pets?
    • by pyser (262789) *

      I count them as fictional people.

      Nice thing about Pokemon is that as your servers evolve, so can the hostnames. Upgrading Caterpie with faster CPU? It's now Metapod. Add a few terabytes and it becomes Butterfree.

  • I name my machines *mostly* according to their function, although some are now dual or triple boot, I name them according to the OS they were first used with.

    -Network is TRANSFORMERS

    -Windows machines are Decepticons (Main rig is STARSCREAM, Media Center 2k5 is SOUNDWAVE, file server is DEVASTATOR (multiple drives), The PC running my security cameras is called REFLECTOR, Win98SE PC is SKYWARP)

    -USB keys are LASERBEAK, RUMBLE, FRENZY & RAVAGE (Soundwave's cassettes), although formatted in NTFS.

    -Macs are Au

  • karma, misery, and serious are all found on my network. And at one time or another, each had a role in my life :)

  • Robots from Futurama. Duh.

    *reboots Crushinator*
  • I used to name servers after Australian mountains. But i'm pleased to say i don't have to name servers any more.

  • ...such as buddha, jesus, muhammed.

    Fictional people in other words ;)


  • Server = Howard (from the Mighty Boosh days)
    Laptop = Bollo (again, Mighty Boosh)
    New server = Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)
    New PC = Sheldon (same)

    Originally I had all surnames from The Simpsons but got sick of trying to spell Nahasapeemapetilon.

    • by MoreDruid (584251)
      hmmm lemme see, mine are people I admire from the past (1 exception).
      • tesla
      • davinci
      • einstein
      • michelangelo
      • dante
      • nostradamus
      • butler (break from the norm, it was my internal do it all server - file, print, p2p, itunes etc. that is why it was called butler)
      • galileo
  • I don't have any server to name, but if I did I would start with the planet and ship names from Master of Orion.

  • Every time I connect a new server to my home network (be it either a PC, a router, or a printer) I buy a good bottle of wine, and the name of the wine is given to the new server. When the bottle is empty, I carefully remove the wine tag and stick it to the server.
    Some of the server installed in my network:
    • brunello
    • malvasia
    • gewurtztraminer
    • barolo

    Now I just bought a new network printer, and I have to find a new wine for naming it. For sure it will be easier than selecting the printer to buy...

  • In my home LAN, my 'computers' are named "server", "desktop", "laptop", "phone", "htpc", "ps3", "wii" etc. My various virtual machines on the server are named after the apps they are running, for example "p2p" (running sabnzbd and deluge), "web" (running a simple web server) and similar.

    Previously I used to name them after C64 games and once they were all named like good, evil, mediocre, stupid, fancy, bad, cute, and so on. A few years ago I settled with simple, descriptive names. Made my life easier.

  • Why just fictional people?
    You have plenty of names from sagas (Star trek, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Borges' novels ...)
    And, yes, I do confirm, whatever they put in this poll stuff there will always be at least a trivially missing option.
  • Where is the other?

    This is discrimination against people who have other.

  • This might be the first /. poll I've seen that I can't vote for.

    Our servers are named after rivers in Ontario. Welland, Niagara, Feeder, Don, Grand, etc.

    • Interesting, as bodies of water is how the Northern Armies during the U.S. civil war were named: The Potomac, The Tennesse, The Mississippi)

  • by bkmoore (1910118) on Monday June 20, 2011 @06:52AM (#36498426)
    I've always named my Windows computers after famous shipwrecks: Titanic, Lusitania, Andrea Dorea, Rex, Bismarck, etc.
  • I name mine after various venereal diseases I've enjoyed, some that I haven't enjoyed and some I haven't had.
  • Servers at work always get functional names - domain/site component, role component (code detailing either it's sole function or group of functions) plus number, and then a virtual/physical/cluster indicator. Only way to name things if you have to deal with a large team of people, most of whom probably don't know as much about $sci_fi_reference as you and your team-mates.

    My home machines are always named after various Shakespeare characters, and the role of the character usually has some (often oblique) ref

  • at one place I worked. Every morning we logged into the Korurangi domain server. I gave my workstation the faux god name of "Weewee." Seemed to fit.

  • I name all mine after female anime characters. At the moment I have Doremi, Mahoro, Ran, Fate, Rei. Have had dozens of others over the years since I use a new name when I replace a server.

    At my previous work we inherited a bunch of old servers in a buyout that were named after radioactive elements, and I continued that naming convention there.

  • At home I went for the "annying computers of SF" theme: orac, eddie, hal, holly ... Mind you, it's a good job I don't have many machines: the next name I can think of is "computer" from ST:TNG. I guess I could also add marvin and data. A windows machine was called frogstar because it was particularly stupid.

    At work (a University meteorology department) we used to use cloud types (cumulus, cirrus, stratus ... ) and there are now a few other naming schemes dating from when we merged several departments in
  • US aircraft carriers for mine, Axis capital ships for family.

  • We have thousands of clients and hundreds of servers, so our naming convention is dull but very functional.

    The first two letters are the country (e.g. UK, FR, IL, IE), the third letter is the class (S = Server, D = Desktop, L = Laptop), then there's either a unique ID or a role or a combination depending on the mood of local IT when they name it and optionally a location. So, we might call a file and print server in Ireland IES001FP.

    The key thing is the first three letters.. why? Well, simply because if

  • Well, bosses from Mega Man is what I'd use if I had servers. At work, the boss is a big bicycler and fan of the sport, so they're named after Tour de France winners (dopers and all).
  • I use babyzoink (Score:3, Interesting)

    by gregor-e (136142) on Monday June 20, 2011 @09:25AM (#36500026) Homepage
    I use Baby Zoink [] for all my naming needs, whether it's a server, an appliance or a MMORPG character.
  • by christurkel (520220) on Monday June 20, 2011 @11:26AM (#36501786) Homepage Journal
    I name mine after places in Middle-earth. Our main Windows 2003 server is named "Mordor". Only us geeks in IT get the joke.
  • by jrifkin (100192) on Monday June 20, 2011 @12:37PM (#36502874)
    I used to name our general purpose Linux servers after flowers and trees:

    aster bluet crocus daisy eidelweiss flax gladiola holly iris juniper k? lily marigold nasturtium oak poppy quince rose sunflower tulip umbel violet wisteria x? y? z?
  • by Xtifr (1323) on Monday June 20, 2011 @01:22PM (#36503630) Homepage

    I know I'm not supposed to complain, but can I at least make fun of the idiot who came up with this ridiculous set of options? I mean, seriously, "people I know", but no historical figures (scientists, artists, kings). No astronomy (stars, constellations, planets)? No geography (cities, rivers)? No fictional places (barsoom, narnia, mordor)? Has the person who created this ever met a nerd or sysadmin? :)

    The scheme I'm currently using at home is: one-word song names by a particular band, e.g.:

    * starless (currently typing from)
    * red
    * thrak
    * exiles
    * neurotica

    Fifty Cowboy Neal Genitalia points to the first person to name the band. :)

  • by mbenzi (410594) on Monday June 20, 2011 @03:23PM (#36505304)


    Um, gotta go, suddenly I'm hungry.

  • by dave562 (969951) on Monday June 20, 2011 @04:24PM (#36505980) Journal

    I have a simple naming convention. 3 letter company name abbreviation + 3 letter functional abbreviation + 3 digit number. For example XXX-SQL-001, XXX-WEB-001, XXX-VM-001, etc.

    The guys in the cage a few cages down from us seem to name all of their servers based on Simpsons characters (Milhouse, Nelson, Krusty, etc).

    As cool as random character names are, I think naming servers like that shows a lack of professionalism. If I get hit by a bus, I have good documentation and I want whoever has to replace me to be able to look at the server names and have a good idea of what function the server provides.

  • by Atmchicago (555403) on Monday June 20, 2011 @04:28PM (#36506032) Homepage

    Starting with alanine.

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. -- Wernher von Braun


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