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Comment Re:Solution? (Score 1) 146

Yaknow, I've been around enough British people and frankly I think that their 'sarcasm' is frequently not sarcasm at all, but bitterness and hate directed outward. Then, when called out on it, you just say "I was just taking the piss mate" and pretend to be offended. 30 seconds later, right back to making horrible comments. I really don't think it's sarcasm.

Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 134

You realize that today even the poorest of the poor live like kings compared to Neanderthals? What were gay rights like under Neanderthal rule? How about women's liberation? Yeah, that's what I thought. Another left-wing fanatic who who won't change his mind and won't change the subject.

Comment As others say, common sense... (Score 1) 571

I've had my GPS lead me on "scenic routes" a few times, and realized it fairly soon, even in an area I was unfamiliar with (a dirt road is not likely an optimal route). Usually I followed it to see where it would go, at least for a while, but if it didn't get back on track before I got bored with it, either backtracked or cut over to where I knew it would get there.

Comment Re:Some people don't get it either (Score 1) 146

If you said that aloud, it would probably be, based on your tone and body language, clearly sarcasm. When it's in written form, though, you are mistaken--it is NOT clear. If, for example, this was being said by Rush Limbaugh, it would obviously be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Trump, but otherwise straight communication.

Speaking as someone who overuses sarcasm, I've found that no matter how clear *I* think I am being, others do not always see it that way.

Comment Re:The U.S. is much more civilized (Score 2) 40

Thanks for taking an interesting topic about a fascinating country and changing the topic to America. Again. Seriously, you people are not always first on the agenda so SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN ADULTS ARE TALKING ABOUT ADULT TOPICS. Sheesh, it's just embarrassing how single-issue you uneducated people are.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 40

In the Islamic Republic of Iran (that's the country's name, folks!) the Islamist candidates are legitimately popular with the lower classes. "It helps the iranians remember whom to elect." how utterly snobbish. As if there are right and wrong choices in a free election. There is only "agrees with me" and "doesn't agree". The people of IRI like their government and support it.

Comment Re:How about this (Score 1) 667

Their magazine was also--in my opinion--a triumph of printed media. It wasn't just newsprint, it was thick, glossy paper. The pages were packed with content in new and interesting ways, and sometimes they'd try some dumb printing thing and it would flop, but at least it was interesting for a month. Wired was such a good magazine, back in the day. Honestly, it's still a good magazine now--it's just a really mediocre website. I was even subscribed to the iPad version for a long time before I realised it was a struggle to find time to read that much content from one place all at once.

I may consider subscribing to the site for $1/ long as I'm allowed to choose the weeks as I wish. Most weeks, I don't visit. If I want to read a story on some random week, I wouldn't object to throwing $1 their way for a week's worth of access to read a few articles.

Comment Re:The downside (Score 1) 84

The downside here is that means you can't just get rid of CPU intensive ads by disabling Flash.

Like the HTML5 video tag, that was supposed to free us from evil Flash, but just brought forth the unblockable autoplaying autoloading multimegabyte video ad, this isn't as great a piece of news as it might seem...

Guess I got to stick with obsolete IE. With corporate IE I do not have to worry about HTML 5 support :-)

But seriously why can't an adblocker block it? They can do domain checks on hte video links for cross site or not execute them if they are run from a javascript. Yes this will block fine content working today but it can be done.

Comment Re:File a grievance with who? (Score 1) 220


What will your kids being doing with that business degree? It will be a lousy $15/hr job living with you as you can't survive on that being an assistant manager at the local grocery store.

IT pays more than anything. Face it times have changed. In the old days a bachelors degree meant senior level management jobs making 70k fresh out of school when adjusted for inflation. Today a business or economics degree means being a secretary or answering phones at a real estate office somewhere oh the boss wanted his decafee with Soy Latte. Get it right next time ok?

I am just now a tech who does some AD work because some idiot on Slashdot 10 years ago said to not major in IT. DUH! My buddies who did are rich and own homes and I am in a crappy studio apartment but am happy as I make more in my office sadly except for the directory and 3 managers.

Name one profession that is not being killed by H 1B1 visas and automation? Factory workers? Accountants? HR? Accounting or book keeping is GONE. It has been replaced by quickbooks and Excel macros with some Indians doing the finance part. HR is done by Taleo now. The website picks candidates so HR doesn't have to (yes I know it was designed for this but money talks man).

Really there is nothing we can do but adapt and IT is the best place to be as not everyone can do some of the jobs we do. Most people with simple basic intelligence can do 85% of the rest of the white collar jobs. So why should they pay more for an American or human to do them? $15/hr is the best you can get which is minimium wage historically for college grads

Comment Re:another obstacle for HSR in USA? (Score 1) 218

It works great in Japan and Europe where towns are closer together.

That makes no sense--with high speed rail, you want fewer stops and longer runs, not stops that are close together. One of the challenges is that every town with rail running through it wants the HSR to stop there. Once it does, it's not "high speed" anymore.

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