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Submission + - Text 2.0: the book that knows it's being read (

Barence writes: The future of eBook readers could be text that knows it's being read, according to researchers. Text 2.0, developed by Ralf Biedert from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, uses an eye tracker to monitor your progress across the page. When your eye hits certain keywords actions are triggered — Latin text in Dracula, for example, is complemented by a brief translation, while antiquated words are bolstered with an explanation on the side of the page. "People talk about the end of the mouse and the keyboard, but that's not necessary, they're perfect at what they do," said Biedert. "Technology like Text 2.0 makes the computer smarter and more empathic. It's a way of giving authors, or maybe a new type of artist, additional tools to create an entirely new type of book." He also claims that as the software gets smarter and the hardware smaller it could ultimately find its way into eBook readers, or devices such as Apple's iPad, paving the way for an entirely new type of reading experience.

Submission + - How much did (will) you donate to charity in 2009?

StefMeister writes: poll options:
- nothing
- between 0 and 50$
- between 50 and 200$
- between 200 and 500$
- between 500 and 1000$
- between 1000 and 2000$
- more than 2000$
- CowboyNeal stole all my lunch money

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.