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Comment: Re:i left reddit in protest of bad treatment by mo (Score 1) 340 340

I never left. /.'s been my home page for 15+ years. But, it does not encompass everything I want to discuss on the internet, so I want a general purpose discussion forum, too.

Sadly, though, while /. is a shadow of its former self, it's still better than any of the alternatives. And yes, I'm a subscriber at soylent, but there's nobody there.

Comment: Re:Its because she refused to censor a question (Score 2) 340 340

Who knows. But I hope this turns into something really great for her. She's proven over and over again that she's a dedicated, talented, hard working employee who believed in her job, and earned the trust of the public, politicians, celebrities, everybody. I hope she has job offers pouring in.

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 4, Insightful) 340 340

And people have loyalty to the mods and the other posters on the sub, not the admins. If the mods of /r/IAmA or /r/AskScience said "fuck it, we're going to voat," lots and lots of people would go with them.

Comment: Re:linux hard to install and use for desktop users (Score 1) 171 171

8 months ago I installed Linux Mint on my wife's grandmother's computer and on my grandfather's computer. Since then I have received 1 tech support call from grandpa (couldn't find his bookmarks in Firefox) and 2 from grandma (mainly related to not understanding how Skype works. But that's an application issue. The OS recognized and worked correctly with the camera and mic instantly). It's just not that hard anymore. Things are stable and far more intuitive in desktop land.

To be fair, Windows is also much better today than it was 10 years ago (well, 7, anyway, or 8.1 + a skin to get a regular start menu, and we'll see about 10). Come to think of it, it's only OS X that's gotten markedly crappier in my opinion.

Comment: Re:"Software" has no opinions of race. (Score 1) 349 349

I seriously, seriously doubt, that Google, a global company that sees the world as its target market, only trained their algorithm on white people. They're Google engineers. They are not morons. It probably occurred to them to build a diverse sample set.

What happened in this case is, well, go look at the pictures. They're underexposed with a blue/gray color cast, making their skin look more "gorilla fur black" than "human of recent African ancestry brown." The low angle makes it look like they're slouching. The guy behind the girl makes it look like she has extra broad shoulders. And then she's making a monkey face at the camera, puffing up her cheeks and furrowing her brow. I'm not shocked.

Now give it a correctly-exposed image of a black person making a normal face and have it say "gorilla" and then we can talk.

Comment: Re: It's an algorithm (Score 1) 349 349

White people are easier to photograph, particularly with digital cameras. These are positive media, so the more photons that strike the sensor, the cleaner the image will be (within the range of sensitivity). White skin reflects more light than dark skin. Regardless of what the algorithm is trained on, if you take the real-world photos people are actually making on their phone cameras, the pictures of white people will be better exposed and cleaner than those of black people. Better data in...better results out.

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