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Comment Re:If I read this right (Score 1) 443

1) Jesus brought a new covenant, so yes we ignore the stuff from the old testament.

2) Jesus was using a metaphor. There are tons of them in the bible (did you know the Kingdom of God isn't literally a mustard seed?! Huh!). You'll notice also HE brought the (metaphorical) sword. He did not give it to his followers, and he never used it. He strictly forbade his followers from using the physical sword.

Now tell me how many people Mohamed murdered and crucified? This is the horror of multiculturalism: you cannot tell the difference between christianity and its exact opposite islam.

Because of this, the Mohammedans, who do not give a shit about your whiny multicultural bullshit will behead you and rape your women. I'll be fine though. Even in ISIS lands they're not killing Christians so long as they pay the jizya.

Comment Re:If I read this right (Score 1) 443

You forgot that one important factor: Islam. Of course you can't even say it because the official religion of the US is multiculturalism, the belief that "no beliefs" is the One True Belief and that all other beliefs are both inferior and equivalent. Hence, no one can ever say "just maybe, wrong and stupid christians don't go nuts because their book says "love your enemy" but muslims do because their book says "slay the infidels.""

Instead we're just going to sit around while muslims keep killing people and then tsking about how the problem is "religion."

Comment Re:I would like to say for the record... (Score 1) 443

As an engineer, once you start applying engineering principles to society, you recognize the New Testament as the greatest piece of social engineering ever. Once you start analyzing a beautiful machine, you get to understand the engineer who made the machine. Then you go "oh..." and start heading back to church.

Comment Re:18 million for someone that was NEVER Charged?! (Score 1) 336

The AC is right. The Swedish criminal justice system is different than the US criminal justice system. They need him in Sweden so they can question and then charge him. They cannot charge him in abstentia. In the US he would already be charged, and the purpose of the extradition would be for arraignment and trial.

Comment Re:Yeah, makes perfect sense... (Score 3, Insightful) 336

Can we please end this "only wanted for questioning" deception every time Assange comes up? The Swedish criminal justice system does not work like the US criminal justice system. In the US, "questioning" is just questioning, and comes at the beginning of the investigation, followed by charging, then investigation, then a trial. In the Swedish system, charging comes at the end, and is preceded immediately by questioning so the suspect has the opportunity to say "no, copper, you got it all wrong!" And that can actually work, because the Swedish investigatory system is inquisitorial rather than adversarial. But once the questioning happens, the "right to a speedy trial" bits kick in, so they cannot simply question him without the ability to immediately charge and try him. Which is the goal, as they believe they can convict him of rape.

In the US, Assange would already be charged, and they'd be trying to bring him in for arraignment.

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