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Comment: Warrants (Score 2) 406

by mbone (#49121187) Attached to: NSA Director Wants Legal Right To Snoop On Encrypted Data

the U.S. should be able to craft a policy that allows the NSA and law enforcement agencies to read encrypted data when they need to.

I don't know how someone so ignorant got to be so high in the bureaucracy, but there is a mechanism for this. It's called a warrant. One of the reasons we have this system is as a failsafe precisely in case that someone so ignorant does happen to get so high in the bureaucracy.

Comment: Re:disclosure (Score 5, Interesting) 438

by mbone (#49103317) Attached to: How One Climate-Change Skeptic Has Profited From Corporate Interests

'He has accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose that conflict of interest in most of his scientific papers. Im a little curious if it is standard practice to not disclose this type of relationship. If it is, it is wrong. I see an ethics issue at hand

  Id like to see a breakdown on which scientists are getting paid and by whom in all their works.

Most of the scientists I know make a salary and that's it. A $ 100 honorarium (say for giving a talk to the public) is regarded as a big deal.

Comment: This is politics, not technology (Score 2, Insightful) 389

by mbone (#49073495) Attached to: What To Do After Robots Take Your Job

When will people get it through their heads that this is really all about the acceleration of the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, and is fundamentally a political matter, not a technical matter?

From TFA "The report calls for a long-term plan to make economic growth inclusive." We had that. It was called the New Deal, and it was dismantled in the 1980's by the Reagan Administration.

Comment: Secret Agreements, bah. (Score 5, Insightful) 154

by mbone (#49052279) Attached to: Trans-Pacific Partnership Enables Harsh Penalties For Filesharing

I personally don't care what the TPP terms are, the process is irredeemably corrupt. It is an attempt for corporations to obtain in secret negotiations what they could never obtain through actual democratic processes, and should be opposed by anyone who supports our system of government.

If they want to enact this, publish it, and submit it as a Treaty to the Senate for ratification. We have a Constitution for a reason, quit trying to do an end-run around it.

Comment: Muon images of the shadow of the moon (Score 5, Informative) 68

by mbone (#49049853) Attached to: Cosmic Rays To Reveal the Melted Nuclear Fuel In Fukushima's Reactors

Muon shadowgraphs of the Moon, a signature of the Moon's cosmic ray shadow on the upper atmosphere, are a common way of testing neutrino detectors buried under a km or more of rock. (Muons from the atmosphere tend to be the major source of confusion for such detectors; that's why they frequently do best looking down, as muons can't go through 12,000 km of rock.)

Oh, and archeologists have used muons to look through the Great Pyramid.

Comment: NIAC != NASA (Score 1) 119

by mbone (#49029333) Attached to: NASA Releases Details of Titan Submarine Concept

NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts is a way of giving relatively small amounts of money ($100,000) to outside researchers to begin to flesh out advanced ideas. One hundred K is not going to buy you a fully designed Titan submarine. So, this is a idea, but not much more, and may have little or even no resemblance to NASA thinking, NASA plans or anything that is actually done later.

Comment: Don't buy the fracking TV's (Score 2) 309

by mbone (#49017767) Attached to: Samsung SmartTV Customers Warned Personal Conversations May Be Recorded

Don't buy the blasted TV's - or, if you do, don't connect them to the Internet (and put some metallic tape over the camera).

It makes me feel like an old codger to say it, but I really don't understand why this is even an issue, or why anyone on the planet would want these "features," except maybe for use in prisons.

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