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Comment 1973 (Score 2) 76

I first saw Minsky give a presentation in 1973, at MIT. It was full of confident assertions that, as soon as we had sufficient CPU power, say by 1980 or so, we would have true AI. It was just around the corner and we would have to get used to its implications, etc.; all it would take would be a few megaflops and more RAM, and that was all improving rapidly.

This was not the last confident presentation I have heard from an AI researcher. It all gives me a certain skepticism about confident AI predictions.

Comment Re:Would make sense for a military base. (Score 2) 101

"let's not forget that they [China] intentionally created a whole bunch of dangerous and unwanted space debris back in 2007 with an anti-satellite missile test. Nothing peaceful about blowing up satellites."

As in "no other country*1 would do that"?

*1 Except, of course, USA.

Well, the Soviet Union did it too. We and the Soviets at least had the taste to pick satellites orbiting closer to the atmosphere, so the debris wouldn't be around for a century or so.

Comment Re:Slashvertisement (Score 1) 33

You still need a couple security guards so someone is always on-site. Hardware repairs can be contracted out to Dell/HP/etc. And then your own techs only very occasionally need to stop by.

I have been to a lot of data centers with key card entry and no guard. Equinox always has a guard, but that's more security theater than anything else.

Comment Really (Score 1) 33

I have been in plenty of data centers and they are generally unmanned, especially after hours. Generally, if there is a person there, they are either a security guard, site manager or a local sales rep (i.e, they may be physically there, but they are not techs). Even if you have some sort of "warm hands" service (i.e., a guy you can call and get to push a button to restart your server), they will generally be offsite and will have to drive to your location. If there are techs around, it is likely to be because someone is doing a buildout or other work.

In other words, this sounds a lot like what EdgeConneX is proposing, so I am not sure what's supposed to be new here.

Comment Fools. (Score 2) 287

Only a fool or an idiot would think that the people who run things are going to allow themselves to be replaced by machinery. As almost all laws are written by lawyers, there really isn't anything more to say about this.

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