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Comment Re:Do Canadian Scientists respect the public? (Score 1) 197

Sounds like something a Klan member might say. The Klan uses different slurs against different groups, but otherwise the message is about the same.

It's an illegal fire hazard to stack up that much straw in here sir.

To put it in a way that your warped political view can conceive of:

The Harper Regime told tax payer funded scientists that they could not discuss the results of their tax payer funded studies with ... tax payers.

Because the government wants their agenda pushed through despite little things like "facts". Sort of a power grab.

Now does it make sense? You and your "gummint == bad" crowd should be all over this as it's a clearly non-partisan issue.

Comment Re:Scientists and media both happy (Score 1) 197

That sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of a totalitarian regime. Probably why the liberals got a 'surprise' win

Actually, in the previous election, Harper Regime told the national media that they were limited to five (5!) questions per day.

In that election, the media barely squawked about it, and the Globe and Mail ("Canada's National Newspaper") even endorsed the party that told them that!

Worse, Canadians gave them a majority win putting them into a far, far stronger position than they'd been in prior to them being found in Contempt of Parliament - which triggered that election.

I guess my point is that not only should it have been a definitive win (it was), but it should have happened 4 full years earlier.

That it wasn't clear from the writ dropping that the Harper Regime was going to be wiped out (and the fact that it wasn't actually wiped out) is still pretty discouraging and shows that Canadians' apathy runs pretty damned deep.

I think Conservatives assume all other people are as stupid as they are.

I think it's worse - they know how to get the stupid vote but they aren't stupid themselves (well, not all of them). It's pure Machiavellian manipulation.

I'll never vote for another one as long as I live.

While I agree mostly, it's entirely possible that a GOP of reasonable conservatives arises from the ashes of self destruction that the current lot seem intent on inflicting on themselves.

Get rid of Gerrymandering & get campaign finance reformed, in a couple decades there might well be a conservative party worthy of consideration.

Comment Re:Cloak and dagger (Score 1) 289

That pretty much leaves one other semi-realistic scenario, which is that a repair made a long time ago has failed. Again, that is very unlikely, because a structural failure of that kind would happen when the plane is under maximum stress - during the take off and climb. Not when the plane is at altitude and cruising along with very, very little stress on the airframe.

When the plane hits cruising altitude is when the maximum pressure differential between cabin and outside occurs, hence when an explosive depressurization is most likely to occur.

From the excellent Aviation Today article on CAL Flight CI-611:

In this case, maintaining the pressure differential of 8.6 psi for flight at 35,000 feet may also have put a final decisive strain on the cracks in that tail strike repair.

A fascinating, if slightly morbid at times, read at the quoted link.

Normal disclaimer(s) apply: I Am Not An Aeronautical Engineer, etc. ad nauseam.

Comment Re:Maybe we should copy them (Score 2) 64

Buggering up the routing of most of the traffic from China and a few other places to the rest of the world might be a good idea ...

Seems like the traffic out of Cuba is indirect, but the traffic back in is truly messed up.

And that seems to be entirely on the American side.

Not that I disagree with what you said, it's just that that's not what is happening here.

Comment The wealthy and the telephone sanitizers (Score 1) 286

It makes it tempting to fake an apocalypse, just to get the obscenely wealthy and the telephone sanitizers to disappear into their shelters, which then can be sealed from outside so that the world can continue on fine without them.

Since we all have our own phones now, I don't foresee a comeback for the sanitizers, so this won't be at all similar to the Douglas Adams (?) story.

Unless the phone-borne virus is in non-updated Android phones?

*scary music*

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 1165

Finland has guns, but little gun crime. I suspect Finland has neither a melting pot of people that the US has and that it has a much better public health system for the poor and disadvantaged than the US does.

Well, not sure how the "melting pot" plays into this, many - most! - shooters are born & bred in USA. And it doesn't seem many are particularly poor and disadvantaged, at least in the sense that the homeless and / or truly destitute are the ones carrying out mass murders.

The United States doesn't lock up its crazy people and doesn't provide a reasonable option for their mental health treatment.

All western countries have been de-institutionalizing their mental health patients to varying degrees of disastrous consequences.

They don't have monthly mass shootings either.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

I guess it means they were trying not to get shot, trying to establish a safe place, and rejecting the primacy of the gun.

Yeah, and look how well that's been working out for them.

Yeah, since shootings have never happened on military bases or anywhere else where someone may have a gun, it's obviously because of "gun-free zone".

Canada has mass shootings every damned day due to this gun-free zone shit. If only we were all fetishizing gun ownership and had a few weapons each, then mass shootings of innocent civilians rarely ever happen.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165


Yes. The campuses — including this one, the public schools are all legally gun-free. A pop-tart eaten to the shape of a pistol is enough for a kid to be kicked out.

That cinema, where "a joker" killed 12 people — that movie theater was not closest to his house, but it was the only one within a 20-minute drive, that declared itself "gun-free".

In denial much?

Maybe it was the only theatre showing that Batman movie that night?

And do you really think a darkened room full of amateur gun owners opening return fire is going to in any way lessen the death toll?

Against a gunman with body armour?

Retard much?

Comment Re:Except GM and BMW executives dont know..... (Score 2) 535

Plus knowing apple, they wont try and make a giant sedan to appease everyone. they will make a city car that is small and fits in some kind of legal limbo hole like the 3 wheeled cars and golf carts that are legal to drive on the road.

Knowing Apple, they'll build a 4-wheeler, get a design patent on "a revolving device placed at or near the 4 corners of the vehicle" and one on "a round device in the passenger compartment, placed off centre to be used for modifying the vector of motion" then sue Hyundai or Toyota for billions of dollars for infracting their precious IP.

And people will buy the shit out of them.

Yes, and rave about how revolutionary the design is and how Hyundai / Toyota are just a bunch of cheap imitators.

Comment Quebec: Quiet Revolution. Canada: Silent Coup (Score 1) 85

Canada has had its reputation torn asunder and its democratic principles trampled under this Harper Regime.

How long does it take to un-break an egg? The damage runs deep and I'm not sure how we can undo the damage internally and on the international stage.

Vote ABC (Anything But Conservative). And hope that this time the election fraud is minimal.

Maybe the UN should have agents monitor the elections in Canada like they do in other stumbling democracies.

Comment Re:In Canada... (Score 1) 263

We do have some issues with our healthcare system though, such as extremely long waiting lines (6 hours is normal), and some people having to wait months for diagnostic scans.

But that's not as frequent as some make it out to be.

My Mom called the doctor's office last week at ~3pm and got in at ~4:30.

She often has such "luck".

Also an entire battery of tests from blood work to bone marrow tests, all free, all timely performed and analysed.

I spent at most 2 months to get in to an allergenist -- a good one who's also a prof at UBC.

Couple weeks to see a dermatologist.

It may be anecdotal, but she has a lot of experience such as this.

My mom was told she can't have new knees until she is 55 because they only last ten years or something like that.

How badly does she need them? Seems the doctors didn't find it too pressing an issue, although it's mere speculation on my part.

Not sure how long my mother waited for hip replacements, and I think she was over 55, but it was relatively promptly done, and free to boot.

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