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Comment Re:Cookie storms (Score 1) 404

Okay, the comment with link back to Chandra:

Also, in previous comment, I neglected to mention that I have RequestPolicy also running as plugin in Firefox to further prevent 3rd party content.

I see I do have a couple scripts allowed to run there, NoScript is giving options to Forbid scripts from:

  • is not allowed.

Oddly, RequestPolicy doesn't show nor in neither the "Allowed" nor "Blocked" lists yet NoScript give the choice to Forbid them both at that site.

I'm now suspecting some kind of JS confusion, perhaps the main site not being able to run JS but the other two can contributed to the storm.

Anyway, that's a little more about my situation - if only I had a 2nd pc or even a working VM that I could re-visit Chandra from to test. As I don't, I really don't want to risk a logout or crash since this pc is also doing some other functionality (server stuff) I don't want to interrupt.

Comment Re:Cookie storms (Score 1) 404

That link only wants to set two cookies. One is from them and the other is from How'd you get 30 of them?

Excellent question. I merely followed a link posted in an Ars Technica comment.

I'm blocking all the third party cookies (except it lists the ones blocked - there's just one) but, and this might be important, I'm blocking all the scripts from third-parties on that site.

I have Ghostery and NoScript running, so 3rd party elements shouldn't have any effect.

The reason I take the time to type this is because, well... You might have a problem?

I appreciate the effort, but honestly, I don't think so.

It's rare that I get these cookie storms, am running FF under Linux (no Windows box), exclude scripts and 3rd party elements, ...

I'd be curious as to why you're getting whacked with 30 of them and I'm seeing only two. I'm not even seeing attempts to load more. Err... I can screen shot an example site and the site you linked to, if you want? Do you still get 30 attempts if you disable ads?

Most ad servers are black-holed at my DNS, but since you've taken the time to look into it, I'm going to do a little further looking.

I do recall clicking "Allow" on the first cookie pop-up, 'cause Chandra has to be trust-worthy, I didn't use my usual policy of "Allow for Session" (or "Deny" if not as trusted as Chandra).


So, I figured I'd share the discrepancy and see if that'd help you find out if there's a problem with someone injecting code into your IP stream or what.

Thanks again - I'm going to look back at it and see what happens. Although I'm kind of hesitant to subject myself to the "storm" again, I might risk it.

Off to Ars to find the link and re-click it...

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 346

Rubio is the one who is currently running a campaign ad that ends with his talking about sending the military to fight ISIS, shipping anyone that they capture to Guantanamo Bay, and how "they'll tell us what they know".

Yes, that's right, we have a candidate for president who openly admits that he plans to commit war crimes.


Well, at least he knows his constituency - one has to think it'll gain him more votes than it'll cost him.

Comment Cookie storms (Score 3, Interesting) 404

I fucking hate sites that cause cookie storms.

I got hit by one today, at Chandra Observatory, of all places.

Set your cookies to request always and prepare for > 30 of them:

However, it doesn't seem like this solution of Mozilla's is a great one if one were to take the new default into consideration.

But it's why I'm still on v39.0 - can't keep up to all the changes

Comment Re:Cap on comment scores (Score 1) 1828

I actually like the current 5. If something has 5, it's enough to notice and probably worth reading. Other moderators can then spend time to up or downvote other comments, rather than pile on the bandwagon.

I'd upvote this to +5 but have already commented.

I completely agree.

There's a reason they capped positive moderation back in the day and it'd be folly to forget how we got to where we are.

Comment Re:No more paid posts by Nervals Lobster (Score 1) 1828

Check the department.

This raises a point of irritation: when the comment link got moved to the top (instead of below the story on the front page - a bad move IMHO), the Department ended up getting truncated most of the time.

For example, I see this:

Posted by whipslash on 2016-02-02 17:42 from the

It'd be nice if the link to comments were moved back to below the story so we can read the story and never have to scroll back up to click on link to see comments.

Thank you and I wish you a lot of luck with the future of Slashdot!

Comment Re:Still on 2.6.32 because of Distro (Score 4, Informative) 116

I still run an old Ubuntu LTS install with Linux 2.6.32, but that is mostly because so that I would not have to run a Ubuntu version with that abomination called "Unity" or Gnome 3. I could not see that Ubuntu had offered any upgrade path to another LTS release that would not force any of that crap upon me.

My mom runs 10.04 and is a long way away, so I tested in a VM


Which brought the VM to 12.04, then I ran it again, bringing the VM to 14.04.

Then something like

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop

And it worked. I did the entire process multiple times to be sure, and documented it on a web site somewhere.

One issue was in trying to remove Unity via sudo apt-get remove unity.

In one instance it caused an issue, in another it worked. Might have been a mistake I made.

But there is an update path available.

also did not want to get a system that was a mix of installs from different sources.

I did have to add the Mate repo if I recall, but they're pretty trust-worthy; I wouldn't consider it problematic.

Worth a try!

Comment BBC often down too: related (Score 2) 149

I've got to wonder if BBC's issues are related to Linode being hit, or if BBC is the target and Linode is suffering for it?

I've seen BBC have issues in the past, but never as bad and for as long as since Christmas.

As recently as a minute ago I couldn't get a page to load.

Comment Re:good, please stay there! (Score 1) 214

You made your point in 256 characters excluding subject; less than two tweets.

What a predictable and trite response.

No need to get snotty about it.

Your point was made, and it was brief & concise, that's all. Seems like a good thing, no?

a point can be made in 140

Some car trips are also shorter than a mile; that doesn't mean that a car that has a range of just a mile is actually a useful car.

The analogy is a bit strained I'd suggest.

There are modes of transport with very short ranges, but are have very useful in limited scenarios.

Elevators for one.

Even forklifts - no one has ever taken one to the limit of its range, but wouldn't want to unload a truck without one.

Gantry cranes could be seen similarly - they only move back & forth a short distance, but no one could unload modern ships without one.

So twitter is good for some things.

Expressing political views? Not so much. But with a bit of wit, and thought, I imagine one could express a political though succinctly.

But who cares, I've never sent a single tweet in my life. If you don't like it, do what I do: ignore it.

Comment Re:good, please stay there! (Score 1) 214

I hope Twitter will be around for a long time. It's a honey pot for people who think they can engage in social or political commentary in 140 characters or less. The more these people are distracted and kept away from the rest of the Internet, the better.

You made your point in 256 characters excluding subject; less than two tweets.

Not sure if

  1. That proves your point (140 characters would have been too brief),
  2. Disproves your point (brevity can allow for insightful posts),
  3. Or if, in solidarity, I should just wander over to Ars where comment lengths are longer than Slashdot.

(I jest. I have no opinion on Twitter. LoLtards, etc. can make fools out of themselves in 2 or three characters, a point can be made in 140.)

Comment Interesting: what next? (Score 4, Insightful) 189

This is an interesting move.

Will others follow suit and a crisis in online advertising ensue?

Or will ABP leverage this to extract gobs of cash from the ad industry to allow a lot of ads through, rendering it relatively useless?

I shall remain behind my DNS-based ad blocking here at home and watch with interest.

On a side note, some YouTube ads are sneaking through on a mobile device. Anyone know what domain(s) they're being served from? It's a fairly recent phenomenon; something's changed on their end it seems.

Comment Re:Rsync could have done this too! (Score 2) 150

I was wondering what this offers over a (theoretical?) inotify+rsync app.

In the comments at the linked-to Ars article, Jim discusses just this approach.

Basically, and from memory, he determined that it would just be too much work to re-implement something that already works solidly (ZFS) and comes with a huge amount of other features out of the box.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 1) 147

If they actually cooked the food properly instead of leaving it luke-warm, this wouldn't be a problem.

This has nothing to do with cooking. This is raw produce picked by farmworkers that didn't wash their hands after taking a dump.

Can't it be from, say, bird poop dropping onto the produce while it's in the field as well / instead?

In fact, that seems more likely to me - if that's a possible vector.

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