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Comment Re:Nope, getting uninstalled (Score 1) 50

You know that it's based on Chromium, right? Opera stopped being opera a long time ago.

My question is, why would they (the Chinese) pay so much for the name (it's not like they're paying for the code - Chromium source code is freely available), unless it's to put their own brand of spyware into it.

Comment A feature that all android phones are missing... (Score 1) 113

Let me block a number with wildcards


Those three will block a bulk of worthless calls to my phone. I already have an app that kind of works but I would rather hav ethe phone do a connect and then instant hangup, or better yet play the universal "disconnect" tones that phone companies use for a phone number that is not in service to knock my number off a computer list.

There is no reason at all for the base OS telephone functionality to have built in blocking with wildcard support.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 2) 297

You guys need to advertise that far and wide. The reputation was earned from the scam tactics of the previous owners, and nobody will come back to see if it has changed if you dont make it a core part of your advertising.

The new sourceforge, under new management and it is back to the pure form with nothing shady going on.

Comment Re:Not Progress (Score 1) 420

When we were test driving new cars for my wife we noticed that the turn signals on 2015 Fords were different. The switch had the typical lane change feature (push down half way and it will return to neutral and flash the indicator three times), but even on a full actuation the switch returned to neutral. The signal kept flashing until you turned or canceled the signal by actuating it again. I remarked on that to the salesman and he said yeah Ford was getting a lot of complaints on it.

We otherwise liked the car so a few weeks later we wound up ordering a new one, but by then Ford had switched over to the 2016 model. When our 2016 came in the first thing I noticed is that the turn signals now functioned more traditionally. Lane change is still there but when you push it all the way down it will stay in that position.

Comment Misleading headline. (Score 3, Funny) 202

When I read "The Sexual Misconduct Case That Has Rocked Anthropology" I was thinking that it would be something about neanderthals and apes having sex or whatever. Sexual misconduct among modern humans in positions of authority is still shocking?

To the tune of "when the moon's in your eye, like a big pizza, pie, thats's a-mor-e

When the local priest does it
And then the pope hides it
That's a-mor-e

When the cellmate you call Bubba
Says "on your knees, sucka"
That's a-mor-e

When the guy at the bar
Slips you ludes, goes to far,
That's a-mor-e

When the cop says "Let's say"
"We can make this go away."
That's a-mor-e

Humans are really, really f*cked up
Say it's not rape, you're a slut
And claim its a-mor-e

Burma shave

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