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Comment: ICYMI: Frontline's Secret State of North Korea (Score 5, Informative) 60

by eldavojohn (#49171137) Attached to: Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement
This exact same topic was covered in Frontline's special on North Korea over a year ago. Their point of contact was Jiro Ishimaru of Asiapress who was sneaker netting USBs over the border. They even took a video of people trying to watch on a tiny screen and having to shut everything down whenever they heard someone outside.

The documentary also touched on humanitarian issues as much as it could using a secret camera. Sad stuff. Great thing to watch. Occasionally you can catch it streaming on Netflix but it seems to not be available right now.

+ - Scott Walker Leads the Pack for GOP Nomination->

Submitted by Brad Eleven
Brad Eleven (165911) writes "Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has jumped ahead of his hypothetical competitors for the 2016 GOP nomination, a new poll shows.

"The Badger State Republican got the support of 25% of likely Republican voters nationally, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.

"Walker, like all of the other prospective candidates, hasn’t yet formally announced a 2016 campaign.

Yes, it's the New York Daily News, which is always more of a story itself than anything it actually publishes. I'm personally hoping that Walker is the GOP candidate. I hope he plays dirty and wins ugly in the primary election. After that, any outcome is OK with me, given the propensity for hyperbolic mistakes from this specimen. Bonus points for loss of composure and/or repeated Twitter mistakes, double points for both at once."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Obama vetoes jobs (Score 4, Interesting) 431

by Brad Eleven (#49123155) Attached to: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

The XL pipeline would provide only temporary jobs for the construction of the pipeline. It might require a few dozen permanent jobs for maintenance and other costs associated with any ongoing concern. Then again, the US firms (if any) charged with maintaining the pipeline once it's built may not hire anyone new for these roles.

I get the impression that you're joking, but it's more important than at any time in the past to correct false assertions: Most everyone has lost his sense of humor, and facts are routinely confused with personal or group truths. It will be more important to correct false assertions tomorrow -- why not procrastinate in order to ramp up the significance of your unfounded exaggerations?

Better suggestion for you -- from Len Grossman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment: Re:BS aside, is the K-XL a good thing or not? (Score 1) 431

by Brad Eleven (#49123075) Attached to: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
Net bad overall for these United States. The pipeline's route includes one or more Nebraska refineries, but all of the petroleum is destined for the Gulf Coast, i.e., to be shipped elsewhere. I have yet to understand what the US has to gain by building a pipeline which does not benefit the US. All I can see for the US with this pipeline is risk -- and a few thousand temporary jobs.

Methinks the fix is in, whether it involves Tom Steyer or other interests who are only anti-this-pipeline.

FYI, my brother-in-law sells pipe for pipelines (and the SCADA to go with it). He says that sales have strictly increased since the pipeline was first publicized in 2008.

Comment: Re:Could argue the exact opposite (Score 1) 532

by myowntrueself (#49096873) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

People love to hate on aggression. Aggression is not just the desire to hurt. It is also the desire to act - to explore, to create, to save, and the desire to fight back against evil. A world without aggression would make those idiots that talk about people being 'sheeple' correct.

Does aggression cause problems? Yes. So does complaisance. I for one am glad people have aggression, as opposed to being a bunch of complaisant, laid-back lemmings.

The problem is not excess aggression. It is insufficient self control. The inability to put off current desires in order to obtain greater rewards later on.

This is really a basic tenet of what might be called 'Nietszcheanism'.

Its possible for humans to live a life of 'poverty, dirt and miserable ease' ie where their life is awful and boring and drab but at the same time its so easy and safe that they can't be bothered doing anything about it. Its aggression, dissatisfaction and greed that gets them to step up and demand more from life and to live beyond that state of miserable ease.

Comment: Re:Actually (Score 1) 532

by myowntrueself (#49096803) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

Man's biggest failure may be failing to stand up to aggression, but get RID of aggression? Not going to happen, and not a good thing if it did. Leaders are aggressive.

Aggression, along with greed and selfishness are absolutely essential to the existance of life itself. They are at the very root of life. No living thing exists without doing so at the expense of another living thing and must be selfish, greedy and aggressive to survive and propagate. Even cyanobacteria exist at the expense of other cyanobacteria; occupying space that another cyanobacteria would like to occupy.

Get rid of aggression, selfishness and greed and you get rid of life.

Comment: Re:Would it matter? (Score 1) 576

What makes you think it is so limited? Perhaps they have matter replicators on-board that only require power and they can refuel at any star.

The ship itself becomes a self-sustaining factory that runs forever, making anything you need, including spare parts for the ship.

The external power source is any nearby star for fuel. With enough fuel, there is no supply chain, just the ship.

The example I was responding to involved M1 tanks and the US military of today. I don't think that the US military has replicator technology.

Comment: Re:Would it matter? (Score 1) 576

Well of course, but that misses the point. Aliens traveling across space to come here would of course bring their supplies with them. If we traveled back in time a few hundred years, we'd of course bring supplies with us.

The point is, if the US military today decided to invade... lets say the North Sentinel Islanders, how well do you think that would go for the Sentinelese people?


My point is that bringing supplies with you is not a supply chain. Its a limited resource. So with those limited supplies you bring with you, you better hope you can finish the campaign before they run out. Or, like I said, those tanks will just be hard cover.

Comment: Re:What's the matter with Canada? (Score 1) 116

by myowntrueself (#49090901) Attached to: The Disastrous Privacy Consequences of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill

I used to think Canadians - even those out in the forsaken, endless prairies - were far more wise and progressive than us USians, but no. How long has GOP-backed and advised Harper been in power now? What happened? Was it tar sand greed? Pure apathy? The assumption they were all as 'funny' as Laughable Bublefuck Rob Ford?

Quite sad; I thought the Canadians were better than, well, just about everybody, but now no different than the rest of the Right-Wing Police State, Might Makes Right, Western world. [le sigh]

Honestly I wouldn't expect anything else from a 5-eyes nation.

Comment: Burst Forth, Publish Your Policy Report! (Score 5, Insightful) 213

If you look at this list, the majority of these problems are man-made. Other than a super volcano and an asteroid impact, the solution seems pretty simple. We must abandon all technology and kill all but a small percentage of the population. And those that are left must live in isolated groups. That way there will not be a world wide disease outbreak.

Yep, that's the only option. There's nothing between doing nothing and that option. It's all we have. And if anyone starts to talk about mitigation strategies, planning ahead of time or devoting a single cent of taxpayer money toward preparing for it, we are just all going to have a meltdown and throw a tantrum with teabags on our hats. Thank god we have these strawman arguments for what these ivory tower Oxford elitists are telling us to do: eliminate the human race to protect the human race. I cannot believe they would actually come to that conclusion but there it is, right in the article. Those environmentalists will have us starving in mud huts by the end of the month if we just sit by and let this academic report go unabated and without criticism!

*tortured sigh*

Comment: Re:exactly (Score 0) 232

by myowntrueself (#49047559) Attached to: Iowa Wants To Let You Carry Your Driver's License On Your Phone

You hand them the license not the wallet. Ive even seen cops tell drivers to take the license out. They don't want to fumble with your wallet. It is the potential to drop something out of it or get accused of stealing from it.

I thought stealing was just normal for cops in the USA? They call it 'civil forfeiture'.

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