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Comment Have We Lost the War to Quid Pro Quo Complacency? (Score 3) 295 295

Time and time again I see news articles that seem to herald the idea that users are willing to sacrifice something like privacy for the use of software. Take Facebook for an example. You get a robust and snappy storage and website for communication at the cost of control over your life and privacy. And as I try to explain to people the tradeoffs most of them seem to be complacent. Even I myself use GMail, there's just no better mail service. Even if there were, I'd have to run the server from my home to be sure that I'm in control in it and it's truly free (by your definition). So given that much of the populace isn't even prepared technologically to harness truly free software, don't you think they have slowly accepted the trade offs and that the pros of your arguments -- though sound -- are only possibly realized by those skilled enough to edit source code or host their own mail server from their home?

Comment Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 5, Interesting) 295 295

I found your piece on selling free software to be pretty logical on paper. However, has it ever worked in the wild? Can you name companies or revenues that currently operate on this idea (and I'm not talking about services or support of the software)? I simply can't come up with a widely used monetized piece of software licensed under the GNU GPL whereby the original software was sold at a single price and shipped with the source code -- free for the original purchaser to distribute by the license's clauses. Can you list any revenue generation from that? I must admit I'm not exactly enamored with paying for free software (as in your definition of free) before it's written yet I cannot think of any other way this would fairly compensate the developer.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score -1, Offtopic) 1129 1129

You know, I think Asian women are mostly beautiful. Especially Japanese. But they almost always have teeny tiny titties. And I just can't deal with that. Too bad, they almost had it all. I hear their men have small penises too.

Go to any torrent search site. Search for JAV. Download video. Have your preconceptions about small Japanese titties blown away.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score -1) 1129 1129

Shooting at the sky is bad. Falling bullets can kill.

This is a kind of overstated "fact" not really a myth but not wholly true. A bullet fired up at 90 degrees and then falling at terminal velocity is unlikely to kill a healthy adult

So we don't have to worry about kids or the elderly being hit by them, just healthy adults.

Comment Re:User scripts FTW (Score 1) 6 6

I'm not comfortable with what you wrote (yet). The easy route for me--right now--is to keep doing it the way that i know. I wonder though, which method works in more browsers (and versions) that support scripting?

Right now, i want to add a Home button to Memrise after a course review (maybe even during a review) or learning session. The top bar changes and it takes extra clicks to get home, even when the session is over.

(Source not shown to do "Filter error: Please use fewer 'junk' characters." And to think, /. used to be for geeks.)

So, the easy way out might be:

var review = document.getElementById('gardening-area');
review....= (add button here) + review.....;

What would you do?

Comment Re:More Bias. More experimental error. (Score 1) 500 500

forewarning: IDCWYDWOAITD (I Don't Care What You Do With Other Adults In The Dark)

If it wasn't genetic, that would make it their decision.
Would that make them "Pro-Choice"?

If it wasn't genetic it'd make 'gay pride' make a lot more sense, you know, taking pride in having made the life choice to be gay (being proud of an accident of birth is just dumb, may as well be proud of... having blue eyes).

As it is it really should be termed 'gay shamelessness' :P 'Shameless gay parade', waaaay better!

Comment Re:More Bias. More experimental error. (Score 1) 500 500

Not just Western science. Every culture on earth has some taboo on examining human psychology and physiology because of sensitivities, especially in the areas of sex and race. However this is constrained solely to homo sapiens studies. But I love how you somehow extrapolate this to troll physics research. Is the watercooler on the third floor still broken, Sergey?

Actually not every culture. I'd be more inclined to faith in Asian scientists when it comes to gender issues. Climate change though, thats just not an area for science anywhere really.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 1) 500 500

> IMO, as someone with a background in science, scepticism is the only logical option for science. I'm sceptical of all scientific results. Thats how progress is made, by not taking things at face value.

As anything in this life, scepticism is very useful during a phase when proofs are sought. If such proofs are examined and deemed valid, it would be foolish to continue using scepticism. Though, that is exactly what we observe -- even if just as trolling.

Of course, if one thinks like the original Skeptics, which seemed to believe "no real knowledge is ever possible", then it would be alright to doubt everything all the time.

(I was about to blast English for being different from my language and cripple words, but for once it seems "skeptics" is a more correct derivation from Greek roots... well, one cannot always win, I suppose).

Even when the results are examined and deemed valid one must always be sceptical otherwise theres the risk that some discovery that would find the flaw in these results might be ignored.

Comment Re:More Bias. More experimental error. (Score 1, Insightful) 500 500

It's amazing how little science exists within science these days. Everyone has lost touch with reality.

Western science is very unreliable. Take sexuality for example. It would be impossible these days, in the western world, for a scientist to announce a result that showed that homosexuality is, in some cases, not something that someone is born with. They'd never work in science again no matter how valid their results. There are certain areas in which western science is just not allowed to meddle. Our understanding of climate change is hopelessly fucked up and its doubtful there will ever be any useful scientific results on this from the west. Its all confirmation bias and covering up/ignoring unfavourable results.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 2) 500 500

The physics are most certainly NOT uncontroversial.

If this thing were to truly work, it would have insane implications to some basic assumptions about the universe - namely about the very laws of physics themselves.

This device working means that the laws of physics do vary by translation, which goes against every single other observation ever made. The science behind it is most certainly not clearly sound. Skepticism is the only logical option for this thing.

IMO, as someone with a background in science, scepticism is the only logical option for science. I'm sceptical of all scientific results. Thats how progress is made, by not taking things at face value.

Comment Re:User scripts FTW (Score 1) 6 6


I'm a quickie editor when something annoys me enough, so, i don't feel like learning it extensively, though admittedly, it'd be nice.

I ought to come back to this post before writing a new script though. Maybe some more interest will help me appreciate this information a lot more.

Thank you!

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