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Comment Re:Umm... WHAT? (Score 1) 112

...new injection ... long-term birth control options for humans.

What could possible go wrong? Did some government police state / apocalyptic scenarios run through anyone else's minds when they read that?

If Australia had this in the 1970s there would be very few Aborigines left today.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 246

Some Chinese I met think the TPP will be the opportunity of poking the China bubble, forcing the economy to crash, hence removing the last similitude of legitimacy of Chinese Communist Party's one-party authoritarian rule. They're all for it.

But one can easily see the countless logical holes in this line of pipedre^H^H^H^H^H^H^H reasoning. In slashdotspeak, it's like

1) TPP
2) ...?
3) Liberty!

More like

1) TPP, crash of Chinese economy, billions of Chinese with nothing to lose
2) ???
3) 3rd world war

Comment Re: ROT13 in the WW-II era.. (Score 0) 64

What if you were constantly being threatened, denigrated or otherwise being made to feel that you're inferior because of your brown hair ? I would applaud you for holding your head up and announce to the bigots " I'm proud of my brown hair, you're the one with the problem". We're around and we're brown; get used to it.

Be proud of your achievements, not your sexuality.

If you've stood up to oppression visited on you because of your sexuality, be proud of that!

But if you believe that your sexuality itself is an accident of birth, being proud of *that* would be conceited. Of course, if you've *become* gay and chosen this lifestyle, well then you could be proud of having made that decision.

There are a lot of people out there who, and I'm sure this will amaze you, couldn't care less about your sexuality. They neither approve nor disapprove; its not our business what you do in the bedroom, its not our business if you kiss your boy/girlfriend in the street. But when you start to harp on about it, this creates a bad atmosphere and actually turns people against you who would otherwise be neutral. Can you believe this??

Be proud of your achievements but don't lay it on with a trowel, you would just be making people sick of hearing about it.

Comment Re: ROT13 in the WW-II era.. (Score 4, Insightful) 64

wth. why not be proud.

turing substantially helped the war and was one of the key figures who defined modern computation

and they harassed the poor man until he killed himself

the fact that some small fraction of the worlds gay population can celebrate and not cower in fear
is a huge advancement. and you can fuck off.

Pride is something you feel about something you achieved not an accident of birth. Is it an accident of birth, something over which you have no control? If so then pride is entirely inappropriate, just like being proud of the colour of your eyes.

If I were proud of having brown hair wouldn't I be conceited? How about being proud of being heterosexual, proud of not being gay? Is that ok by you? No? Get over yourself.

Don't be ashamed of what you are but reserve pride for your true achievements.

Comment Re: ROT13 in the WW-II era.. (Score 0, Flamebait) 64

... and by the time the war broke out, they had already switched over to much more complicated systems that still fell under the name enigma . but again the rightest Slashdot posters with their anti-gay propaganda pushing very misleading information to minimize the accomplishments of a gay person (or something like that. I have no idea what the fuck you are even talking about).

Gay pride is just as bad as gay hate. Gay pride just amounts to conceit; its not an achievement, its not something amazing they've done with their lives, its not even a lifestyle choice. Be unashamed but don't be 'proud'.

Comment HSBC are worse (Score 4, Informative) 324

I have had serious problems with the aggressively incompetent HSBC 'fraud' detection.

The 'best' was when they claimed the reason they had (again) blocked my card was that a whole batch of cards had been compromised and it wasn't just my card.

Sadly for the liar at HSBC was I'm a tech journalist, so I immediately contacted their PR department who denied any knowledge of the breach.

It was just made up to make me go away.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 563

100% juice implies that none of the colors or flavors are added. But since it comes directly from a fruit, it's absolutely truthful and not misleading to call it 'juice'. If someone can't tell from the sweetness of a pineapple or orange juice that it has sugar, then one is a certifiable moron!

I do sometimes see juice thats labelled as "Not made from concentrate", those are hopefully the only actual juice one can buy. The rest are effectively cordials (or squash) which should be diluted.

Comment Re:Even if it isn't some blend (Score 1) 563

Most fruit juices have a lot of sugar. Fruit contains a lot of fructose, water, and fiber. So squeeze out the water that contains the fructose, the fiber gets left behind, and you have something that is by volume and weight a tons of sugar.

Apple juice is a good example. If you go and have a look at the Simply Apple stuff at a grocer you can see easily. It really is 100% pure apple juice. They don't add any sweetener or anything else, they just squeeze the juice out of apple and bottle that shit up... and it is as high calorie as soda. 180 calories per 12 oz (355ml). For comparison Pepsi is 150 and Mountain Dew is 170.

I love apple juice, it tastes fantastic, but you can't fool yourself in to thinking that because it is juice it is magically good.

In NZ back in the 1980s I literally could not buy orange juice in the shops. It was *all* apple and orange juice. All juices in the shops were apple based.
They probably still are but can get away without saying it, just saying "Orange juice. Made with 100% real juice!!!" Its true and false at the same time :)

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