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Comment Re:Spread To Sub Thermal (Score 0) 142

Just about every one of your claims about how GPS (and SA) works are wrong.

I'm telling you that you're an unfounded ass rather than downmoding you. Just so you know,.

Seriously, I don't know many things, but I know the back-end mechanics of GPS. If this is how you talk out-of-your-ass repeating shit you may have heard elsewhere w/o comprehension or understanding you need to evaluate your life.

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 1) 54

What should I see (and where) in the interface if I do have those magical mod points to give out?

You'll have a notification on every page's sidebar that you have points, and a drop-down under ever comment (in threads you haven't posted in) if you have points. There is no mystery. If you are uncertain then you don't.

Comment Re: I've always said (Score 2) 241

The Saudis are forcing OPEC to keep producing oil because they have the cash reserves to operate at a loss for a good while and are trying to drive the US oil producers-who rely on fracking-out of business. The problem with that strategy is that fracking is becoming more efficient, which lowers the break-even point. Basically the Saudis are playing the long game in order to try and shore up their monopoly status.

That's 2007 thinking, and likely incorrect.

1 - The Saudis have already lost the battle to prevent US frackers from drilling. Even if no new wells are drilled and nobody touches the significant fracklog of drilled-but-not-fracked wells there is more than enough surplus production to last through 2020 when:

2 - The Saudis don't have enough cash reserves to hold out more than ~5 years at current spending levels and $60 bbl oil. At current prices (and look at the futures market) they're going to run dry early.

And note how futures prices have decreased even more since.

Thus they are not playing the "long game" they are playing a very very "short game" of "spend on the military so the ruling class doesn't get beheaded and hope we can hold on".

Comment Re:Once again the weak link is people (Score 1) 44

Once again the weak link is people

If you had read the article and not just the summary you would have learned that the first problem of bribed field technicians has a technological solution (dual key/user required for hardware or software modifications) which most likely wasn't being used.

And that the second problem, the company in question most likely is a criminal shell corporation, no need to bribe its employees, fraud is their business.

Comment Re:Vehicles interfering with each other? (Score 1) 122

It makes sense this can be flooded

Flooding is very possible.

- just pick up the signal and send it back amplified, and it seems there's something really close.

But what you're describing there is impossible. By the time the light reaches you, the attacker, it is too late to create a false target which appears closer than you (assuming a time-detect lidar system). An attack must presuppose and be delivered before the target pulses are sent from the transmitter.

Comment Re:Furthermore, Saudi Arabia must be destroyed (Score 1) 399

The idea that Saudi Arabia is "the single most destabilizing force in the region, and perhaps in the world" is ridiculous. Until the American's second invasion of Iraq the region was amazingly stable.

So however much intent you wish to lay at the feet of S.A. they clearly were impotent.

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