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Comment Re:Perhaps this explains my Garmin (Score 1) 131

If you are running on a track your Garmin watch is accurate enough to underreport when worn on your inside wrist and overreport when worn on your outside wrist.

If you are running on a track and the polling frequency of your GPS is too low (not a factor with my Garmin) you also get the problem of underreporting due to chording the curve.

Comment Re:Military funding to thwart this threat? (Score 3) 273

I'm on-board with Military funding to thwart this - let's fund the military and have them lay down 200 redundant cables. It's absurd how few of these we have.

2 cables or 200, it doesn't matter when talking about exposure to intentional sabotage by a state actor. Destruction of such assets is inherently asymmetric.

Comment Re:Does anyone care? (Score 5, Interesting) 92

and outright accusing them of fraud simply from the act of posting consumer reviews to an e-commerce site.

She averaged, what?, three book reviews a day, for years. Mostly new books too, it isn't like she was sitting in front of her computer writing reviews for books she had read decades before.

Unless you're suggesting she actually read all of those books the fraud accusation is just, and unless you knew her personally to have read all of those books the suspicion of fraud is reasonable

Comment Re:Physical store advantage? (Score 1) 203

Yes, Walmart has a huge and efficient distribution system, but can they really leverage that for online sales? When stocking stores, they ship large quantities to each store. For online sales, it's small quantities of a much larger variety. You have to support the customer who is the only one in the area buying that item just as well as you do the customer who buys the most popular item. I doubt their distribution system can adapt to that model.

What you're missing with this line of thought is the proper comparison.

Walmart's huge and efficient distribution system, which you rightfully point out is efficient at moving large quantities, is not competition for the Amazon business model.

It is competition for the Amazon + UPS/USPS business model.

WalMart can leverage their back end to get products very close to customers very cheaply. They then simply need to solve the last (5) mile(s) problem. Amazon relies on external companies (UPS/USPS/FedEx) to do this and while they are creating same-day delivery infrastructure in-house in major metropolitan areas they have nowhere near the population coverage WalMart already has.

Comment Re:There Is A Single Answer (Score 1) 222

First of all, rotors don't "warp" in the sense that you're implying. Vibrations from a "warped" rotor aren't from deformed metal, its from uneven brake pad material deposits that can come from improper bedding procedures or operation outside of ideal operating temperatures.

Says someone who clearly has spent more time reading about rotors than working on rotors.

Or are you suggesting 8/1000ths of invisible pad material?

Comment Re:Spread To Sub Thermal (Score 0) 142

Just about every one of your claims about how GPS (and SA) works are wrong.

I'm telling you that you're an unfounded ass rather than downmoding you. Just so you know,.

Seriously, I don't know many things, but I know the back-end mechanics of GPS. If this is how you talk out-of-your-ass repeating shit you may have heard elsewhere w/o comprehension or understanding you need to evaluate your life.

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 1) 54

What should I see (and where) in the interface if I do have those magical mod points to give out?

You'll have a notification on every page's sidebar that you have points, and a drop-down under ever comment (in threads you haven't posted in) if you have points. There is no mystery. If you are uncertain then you don't.

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