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Comment Three headed outlets and two surge protectors. (Score 1) 99

It sounds like you are traveling with only passive adapters, and so you would need to protect each and every device separately.

So own two single-outlet surge protectors, for they are quite small and as mentioned elsewhere they must be voltage-specific and make your chain thus:


This will pack quite compactly, as the N Passive Plug Adapters get replaced with N/3 Three Headed Outlets

Comment Re:Seems overly optimistic (Score 2) 259

Mobileye is collision avoidance and Tesla is enhanced lane following.

Which is why I believe Tesla is claiming coast-to-coast driving.

Autonomous vehicles going from A to B on the well marked, (mostly) pedestrian free interstate highway system is relatively easy. And with Tesla charging stations at some rest stops all one needs to do is add a few mapped "delivery lots" at popular exits and one has created a first-grade autonomous vehicle route.

Comment Re:I need to start drinking more. (Score 1) 274

Two standard units a day should not cause a lasting mental fog for any adult over ~100lbs.

Unless someone is consuming said alcohol via a method bypassing the stomach it is possible, but extremely difficult to get legally drunk with two drinks. For the liver sees it first, and absorption rates aren't instant, so there should never be a period with one excess ounce of alcohol in the blood stream.

If an adult feels anything two hours after two standard drinks they probably should have their liver function checked.

Comment Re:Mature Product (Score 1) 117

I'm still using v2.81, it does exactly all it needs to do.

What I came here to say. 2.81 was everything I wanted out of a media player. 3.x was crap, everyone agrees upon that. 5.xx was an attempt to be 2+3, and it did fix most the glaring issues with 3, but was never compelling to much of anyone as end-game 2.x had already sealed the deal.

Comment Re:Perhaps this explains my Garmin (Score 1) 131

If you are running on a track your Garmin watch is accurate enough to underreport when worn on your inside wrist and overreport when worn on your outside wrist.

If you are running on a track and the polling frequency of your GPS is too low (not a factor with my Garmin) you also get the problem of underreporting due to chording the curve.

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